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bigjppop 18th February 2011 11:03 AM

miniDSP setup with apple TV
I just stumbled upon miniDSP and I think it might be a perfect solution for my setup. I'm thinking about the miniDSP/DIGI combo and would like to make sure I'm on the right track.

I'm planning on running my Apple TV as a music server with its digital out to the miniDSP/DIGI. From the miniDSP how would I setup the rest of the chain?

I have a tubed Pre (Bottlehead Quickie) and am using a Tubelab Simple SE as my power amp driving a couple of small Omega 3i bookshelf speakers. I'm planning on building a couple of small subs and will be powering them with some kind of two channel amp (probably something used/commercial, thinking Adcom, Parasound, Emotiva, etc). I think I'll be fine with something in the neighborhood of 2x100 wpc for the subs I'm using.

Anyway, just wondering where the miniDSP will land in this chain and if the miniDSP/DIGI is the correct choice for this setup.

minidsp 22nd February 2011 08:34 AM


Indeed using a miniDSP + miniDIGI combo will get you a 2way speaker configuration. Since you have some two channel amps, you can easily connect them to the four analog outputs from the miniDSP (i.e. input digital, process digital, output analog to your amps)

At the end, the miniDSP/miniDIGI will seat in between your Source (Apple TV) and your amps.

Hoping this information helps

Colin 23rd February 2011 08:47 AM

If I may, I'd like to jump in with a question as I'm slightly baffled by the MiniDSP (almost certainly my fault, not yours).

If looking to do something similar, e.g. digital (optical) input, electronic crossover, analogue out to two power amps per channel (i.e. an active two-way speaker per channel), which modules would I need and do I use a separate MiniDSP per channel (one for left, one for right)? I already have the power amps and am looking to build a system using active speakers and optical in.

minidsp 24th February 2011 03:11 AM


In answer to your question, a miniDSP + miniDIGI will indeed allow you to input audio into the miniDIGI optical. Then use the miniDSP to process the signal with the 2way crossover plug-in for stereo, 2 x in from the optical, 4 analog out to your speakers.

To summarize, your system would need:
- 1 x miniDIGI to input the optical signal straight in
- 1 x miniDSP kit to process and output the signal analog
- 1 x 2way Advanced plug-in for processing

With this configuration, that's all you'll need to get a stereo crossover (for L & R).
Please have a look at the application section for more info.

Hope this info helps.

Colin 24th February 2011 08:37 AM

That's very helpful, thanks. It might be helpful to have a few block diagrams on your site, showing popular configurations. I've signed to your newsletter to keep up with the latest.

A final question (for now): is it possible to implement remote input switching and volume control on MiniDSP?

minidsp 28th February 2011 05:20 AM

Colin, you can have volume control on the miniDSP with a pot and source switching between analog/digital when using a miniDIGI.

This is all documented on the user manual so please have a look, it will help. :-)


Colin 2nd March 2011 10:58 AM

OK thanks for that.

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