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Old 8th May 2013, 07:07 PM   #21
chrisb is online now chrisb  Canada
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Bob: nicely stated

I believe you've mentioned miniDSP before, but had you changed music player software?

And just as easy a trap to fall into as debate over source / file formats/ amp type is the OS for computer based systems - some of us are unapologetic Mac users, and let's just leave it at that. I'm rather used to the front end of iTunes interface, but for seamless integration of player upgrades, there are a variety of options - and yes, there are websites dedicated to just that subject.
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And then there are those of use who just put a record on the turntable.

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Originally Posted by chrisb View Post
Bob: nicely stated

And just as easy a trap to fall into as debate over source / file formats/ amp type is the OS for computer based systems...
Indeed. I agree with much of what Bob has said.

Regarding OS, I think it makes very little difference in actual sound quality as long as it is simple enough to configure the OS and player to work together well (ie. disable software and OS resampling or other mangling of the audio data) and if digital manipulation of the audio is performed in the PC, care should be taken to ensure that the software is of very high quality (EQ in particular).

Then there is the DAC, of course, etc. etc.

At each step in the chain, there is room for another holy war. I've been through most of it and realized that it is primarily BS.

I recently did an experiment where I converted my entire collection from FLAC to Vorbis (Q7) just to test my "faith" in lossless formats. Weeks later, I am still listening to the Vorbis files and I can say without reservation that to me, they sound identical to FLAC. This contradicts everything I have believed for the past few years.

I believe the same types of shifts can occur at any stage and with any component, however I am pretty sure MarkAudio drivers will be the final device in my chain for the foreseeable future!

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Hi Bob,

My voice doesn't carry weight but I'll toss in my 2 cents based on my limited experience.

I have a similar setup and run computer to SPDIF to DEQ2496 (all digital domain) to Pre/DAC to TP-60 to Alpair 12P. I've moved a few times recently and consistently have room problems at 150Hz down. Without some boost and cut at certain frequencies it is listenable and enjoyable. After eq it gives the weight and consitency (not the right word) I desire, I'm not a base head and have to notch around 50Hz because of a large spike in frequency response (room related).

That said every setup I've had from pro-audio drivers to Rythmik Servo subs to fullrange drivers have had similar issues when in room. Since I'm not in the position to deal with large scale diffusers and absorption treatment, my options are limited. I also listen to music at a very low level so I've settled on a small wideband notch to closer mimic the equal loudness curve.

In all, a notch and small wideband notch is all that is applied. Sounds great for my purposes. The Rythmik Sub I have goes flat in room to 15Hz, but I have to start rolling it off at 30hz otherwise something bothers me. Currently I'm only running the 12P Superpensils in stereo mode. No sub required. Bass extends crazy low and sounds like I'm running a sub.

Nothing stopping a person from doing all digital eq then favorite Amp. The Alpairs are some of the flatest drivers out there so a pure analog implementation for notch and shelf is relatively easy for purists to realize (whether passive or active) if you are having room issues. That is the beauty of the Alpairs, minimal frequency shaping as Mark and team have done all the work.

Seems like there are many ways to get there and experimenting is the fun in DIY (for me anyways) but this is coming from a person that can't tell the difference in format from 16/44 and 24/96. All it takes is one CD to give you all the "space" "depth" "imaging" that you've been looking for, to prove the format of 16/44 is adequate for playback. I think I was listening to an XCD a while back that took me to the conclusion that mastering was where the difference was but I'm still looking at all formats because I like stuff to sound good!

I don't want to start format war either and this is not the thread so Bob, I think I've agreed with most of your conclusions! Thanks for sharing your information and opinions.

I'm wanting to try some valves in my system soon for more fun. Eagerly waiting the release of the new 10s! Thanks Mark for your amp comments earlier in the thread. It gives me a place to start looking, can't wait.

Feel free to cut this post if it's too off topic.

All the best,
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