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cross reference 12th January 2013 02:21 AM

Questions about running a limited batch of your drivers?
Hello Mark,

I hope all is well for you over in Japan :D. I have a few questions from a buyers point of view so please bear with me and please mark be understanding to my questions? I was looking to do a project with the Alpair 7.3 drivers. Now What draws me way from buy them is limited runs of your drivers. I can buy one pair but, in the future if they will no longer be made then I have to buy two pairs of Alpair 7.3's. Here's a example: I was looking at the drivers you made for bob at Css. So I went on his web site to buy them and now they are no longer made? Mark you make such good drivers that at times it can be very trying when you stop making a driver I would like to buy. Example like the Alpair 12 m's Bummer :( . So again mark its just a Bummer and I hope you can make some of your better drivers last a little longer in the long run. I would like to see you grow to the biggest fullrange company out there. Again I don't know what all takes place to get your drivers from point a to point b but,I thought you would like to know what was up. Thanks again for all you do for your fans and diyers. Cheers. C.R.

markaudio 12th January 2013 06:25 AM

Hi Cross Reference (Guys).
I know most Diyers welcome my efforts to develop and improve our drivers. I'm sure you'd take no interest in Markaudio drivers if they were ordinary, similar to other product, or made from raids to factory parts bins.

Referring to CSS (Bob), I assume your talking about the EL-70, a driver that until recent, has been available for 3+ years, plenty of time for planning and making a project using this unit. The EL-70 was made for CSS, I can't force Bob to re-stock it. Regarding the original Alpair 12, it was feedback from members of this forum who prompted the development of its successor, the 12P, as they felt the original unit lacked efficiency. I've only received 2 purchasing requests for the old 12 over the last 12 months, making it non-viable for further production at this time.

There's no "free lunch" in audio (or any other consumer product industry). If you want to have better alternatives and more choice, it has to be delivered at a pace that helps put a business enterprise ahead of the pack. You wish to see Markaudio grow, so getting improved drivers into Diyer's hands is the only way I can do this.

I'm 55 years old so can't hang around for several years waiting to introduce an improvement. I'm certain most Diyers wouldn't want me to deny them accessing improved product.


cross reference 12th January 2013 05:40 PM

Wow Mark your such a gentle man. Thank you for using kid gloves when answering my questions? I am so happy you were able to sheld some light on whats going on at your end of the drivers. I didn't know Bob from Css had his drivers 3 years? I have just growen to know about your drivers not long ago. Bummer :(. Mark I will keep buying your drivers for the way you treat me and other diyers. Mark you are more then helpful on your forum and this is what it is all about :). I wish we had more companys asking their followers what they could do change to better thier product. Mark your on the right track. Again mark your a very cool guy and thanks all you do :grouphug:. C.R.

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