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Default Alpair 6P Gen. 2 (paper) introduction

Alpair 6P intro - First run of Mass Production drivers.

Hi Guys,
Finally found the time to put a thread together and properly introduce the Alpair 6P (paper cone) driver. Essentially, its an all-new driver. The only cross-over parts from the first series are the magnet, and front washer, all other components are new or re-designed. There’s allot of info on the proto thread so I’ll keep to the essentials:

1 - Cone - mixed paper with a specific treatment (hence the colour). Note its profile, more shallow than previous A6 cones + lower mass. The main benefit is a wider dispersion.

2 - Power-train. I’ve been busy chopping chunks of weight out of every part (ala Colin Chapman - Lotus school of engineering). The coil is super light with thin a alu body. Its winding is alu/copper coated (CCAW) while the spider is a super-thin Nomex weave. The front suspension has also been “tweaked” to increas its compliance over the first 2.2-mm. of travel.

3 - Frame has also been modified to take the new style connectors with their remote cabe fixing extensions. The frame’s polymer mix has also been “tweaked” to increase the damping factor. There’s a re-design of the frame legs to increase rigidity.

This Alp6-P is 2.0dB more efficient than the Gen 1 model. The wider dispersion pattern comes in handy as it broadens central stereo imaging. Frequency pattern is “Fenlon-esque”. The audio guys that know my work will recognise the trademark built-in BSC compensation, lowered mids to reduce vocal shout and rising high for on/off axis alignment choices.



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Here’s the parameter and graphs. If Dave has time, he’ll post easier read versions of my graphs. Note, my graphs are RAW so please don’t directly compare them to smoothed from other makes.

T/S = LMS V4 Anechoic:
Driver 4.0 Ohm
Revc 3.80 Ohm
Fo 74 Hz
Sd 36.3 Cm
Vas 3.6 Ltr
Cms 1.97 m M/N
Mmd 2.20 g
Mms 2.32 g
BL 2.67 TM
Qms 1.78
Qes 0.57
Qts 0.43
Levc 6.94 uH
No 0.255 %
SPLo 86.0 dB
Xmax 5 mm (1 way)
Power 15 watts nom. 30 Max
Coil 18-mm dia. Alu-CCAW

Running in procedure:
This driver is designed to deliver optimum emittance from 300 hours onwards of normal service life on lower power amplification.
2 - First 30 hours, use very low volumes. Hours 30 to 100, gradually increase volume but remain gentle. 100 to 300 hours gradually into a variety of music including some bass.
3 - Remain gentle, sensible use of this driver will yield pleasing acoustic results.

Peak excursion:
The power-train of the Alpair 6P has a mechanical X Max (1 way) of 5.0-mm (in flux). This feature is only designed to handle non-linear “peak-shock” loads, for example the brief roll of a drum beat. For optimum travel of this power-train, linear loads NOT exceeding 3.00 -mm is within its capability for a single load period not exceeding 1.5 hours. The normal driven load should remain within 2.6-mm. For a driver of this size, this normal-load X-max is generous; Together with a well matched cabinet, a pleasing bass response can be generated.

General care:
Keep the driver away from direct sun-light as the UV will breakdown to cone structure. Very high humidity could affect the stability of the cone. Don’t use any wet cloths or very damp materials to clean the cone. A light gentle brush with a soft duster is sufficient.



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_henry_ is online now _henry_  Australia
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Hi Mark,

setting another accomplishment

why is the color similar like old dynaco and audionote's?

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Old 11th November 2010, 12:29 AM   #5
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Nice on and off axis results.

What's the price/availability like?
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Default Alpair 6.2P - Houston, we have a lift of

We got a set of Alpair 6.2P via airmail on Thursday the 4th and quickly got them installed in 4.5 liter box, we designed for it (it is a hybrid of a vented design with a hint of transmission line), we had to use it for a potential client on Friday, we sold him a set on the spot. We use Marks drivers in our hiQ design line of speakers, look here...

I am very impressed, the sound is somewhere between the Alpair 7 and the best of the small Fostex units. After about week of airtime, they begin to "wake up" (as usual with Marks drivers :-) ). It is less pronounced in the high-end than my all time favorite the Alpair 7, but now I am starting to doubt which is actually the better. The Alpair 6.2P is clearly a pleasure when you are close up to the unit, so for near field it wins.

What impresses me most is the 3-dimensional sound stage that I first really heard with the Alpair 7, the Alpair 6.2P has it as well, it must be the advanced cone design, the dispersion is excellent. When you move around in the listening room (even a small one), you still have that 3 dimensional orchestra in the right place. Classical music is a joy. I believe this feature is more important than most realize in every day life with a speaker. Often you are not sat in you sweet spot, your head 100% aligned and ears spread out.

According to Marks instructions I am not stressing the little fella's with serious bass, so I can't comment to much on that, but there are clearly hints of great impulse handling from the ultralight cone.

That's all for now, will be back with pictures and more details. Alpair 10.2 has also arrived, a set of boxes is in production, then we can say more about this one, can't wait!
When all else fails, read the directions!
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Originally Posted by gooki View Post
Nice on and off axis results.
What's the price/availability like?
Thanks Gooki,
I think you're in Auss or NZ so email me direct:
I can give you prices.
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It felt like an early Christmas, when the postman delivered a small package with pair of these new gems from mark in them

I quickly installed them in a pair of Needles and unlike Kurt I managed to have the patience to run them in over the weekend.

I have the gen.1 Alpair6 in my living for every day music (in my easter project, supported by a sub, x-over by miniDSP), so I first listened to some well recorded music there (like Yuri Honing's version of Walking on the Moon), and then moved over to the new Alpair6Ps (in the Needles full range, no sub). Long story short: this is one fine speaker, improved details over the old one, and these are reproduced in such an easy natural way, not a forced or enhanced detail sound, just music as it should be. Also the soundstage is truly excellent, as Kurt already mentioned probably thanks to the better off-axis response due to the new cone design. Singers are live in the room, you can almost hear the colour of the lipgloss And this image stays when moving around in the room, no change in timbre or image.

And the nice thing (for Needle owners and other with 12cm wide and somewhat tall speakers) it does this all without any baffle step correction. Thanks Mark, this saves some money otherwise spent on filter components. See the Needle thread for a quick measurement I made.
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oops, the Needle thread is over 60 pages long.. here's a direct link to my post on the Alpair6p:
Cyburgs-Needle for Tangband W3-871S
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I can hardly wait for mine... i already have a millSize box to try these in, it may need some tweaking for optimum performance, but it will allow 1st impressions.

The early, early ptototypes in that box now are certainly very nice.

community sites,, ........ commercial site planet10-HiFi
p10-hifi forum here at diyA

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