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mainscablesrus 31st December 2011 05:58 PM

Mains Cables R Us Silver Plated Mains Block
In his last ever edition as editor of HI-Fi World David Price kindly reviewed my silver plated 6 way mains block, heartily recommended was his final comment.
The block received what I consider a glowing recommendation (and the amount of sales since testify to this) and for anyone who does not read the magazine here is the item in question:-

I take the basic block and remove the light, all internal rails and connectors including the screws which are removed first are silver plated to 15 microns by a
plater who has over 50 years experience, re-assembled and wired with belden 19364 cable, terminated with my reference silver plated mains plug and silver plated fuse,
David said in his review better solutions are available but you will have to pay serious money for these when this particular item does so much for so little.

Available now on my website. 65 plus shipping for 1 metre version.

ticknpop 31st December 2011 06:32 PM

Does plating it with silver mean we get silver oxide rather than copper oxide , except where the mains plugs scratch the silver layer off? Not sure what the silver plating gets you on AC plugs.

mainscablesrus 1st January 2012 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by ticknpop (
Does plating it with silver mean we get silver oxide rather than copper oxide , except where the mains plugs scratch the silver layer off? Not sure what the silver plating gets you on AC plugs.

Oxidized silver is still a good conductor! Difficult for this item to oxidize when its enclosed in plastic, also when 6 plugs are connected no air can get to it. The plating does not scratch off, 15 microns is quite thick for a plating.

There is an article on my website about conductivity of metals used in hi-fi if you care to read it, thanks for your questions.

Oh forgot to mention that silver is the best conductor known to man so if all else is equal plating with silver will improve conductivity. :)

Satchmoeddie 9th August 2012 12:03 AM

I hope they wire buildings better in the UK and Europe. America uses the unbalanced 120 VAC 60Hz and plugging a silver plated 99.9999998% silver or silver plated copper into the wall is like having a Ferrari on a fire road, so I have to ask: Do people who buy $600 mains cables rewire the outlet the plug into as well? After doing live sound for years I found many things that cause noise in mains, and cryogenic superconductivity will not make any difference unless you either run an isolation transformer, dedicated line or preferably BOTH! Taking 20 amps to get 8 to 12 is hard to swallow, but it works, and it weighs 70 pounds per 8 amps continuous current draw. In Europe or the UK you would not need as much weight for the same amount of power. American power distribution is a nightmare. That was my day job. So when someone buys a high dollar power cord wouldn't rewiring a dedicated outlet at least be warranted? I know the UK has much higher standards than the USA. We just shut down the old 25Hz plant in New York 15 years ago or so. See what 25 cycles does for ya!

Satchmoeddie 9th August 2012 12:11 AM

By the way self cleaning silver plated or solid silver toggle switch contacts were the best investment I ever made. Back when I played guitar in the 1980s, in bars, pubs, clubs, and even large venues, everyone smoked to excess. (not just tobacco either)Normal cheap switches would gunk up really fast. I put $140 in Augat ALCO SSC mini toggle switches in a Les Paul 27 years ago and never looked back or even thought about them again. Before that I changed them 3-4 times a year. I assume that just unplugging and plugging in again will scrape enough oxide off a plug and or socket to make it work well enough. I do have 240VAC in my shop, but we are 60Hz here in the "New World".

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