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And also the body naturally produces methane gas, so combine that with the firework and the exploding effect with methane's flammability
The scientist in me keeps having visions of bend-over Bernouilli.

Did you guys also stick firecrackers in dog turds when you were "little" ?
Hasi bo best
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Old 2nd December 2006, 03:30 PM   #502
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Originally posted by keantoken

My brother and I just listened to a part of one of David Hudson's lectures. Insane Stuff. Superconductors and ORME/S-ORME stuff... Just like in your sig, KBK. I should have known that you put that in your sig for some strangely linked insane stuff... What''s even stranger is that that guy sounds like someone I know who is probably just as smart.


Just be sure to maintain an objective standpoint. Nothing is gospel, not even so called 'gospel'. One should have an open attitude, but not a foolish one which follows any old emotionally satisfying story, just because it feels good to do so. (even then, I fully advise against diving - into anything. Walk. It's safer.) That is the essence of self-delusion, and one of the cornerstones of some religious groups, and so-called 'cults'. Ie, use your own head, keep looking, but don't dive into things without serious premeditation. Stupidity and blind emotional based postioning is for sheeple, well thought out postioning and considerations are for intelligent people. When 'positioning' and 'considerations' start to slide into 'beliefs', that's when the nightmare of gospel and emotion bring blind insanity to the table. Only one of a million ways to state it.

To be sure to assuage the requirments of this board, the above stated by yours truly, is my OPINION.
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Originally posted by jacco vermeulen

The scientist in me keeps having visions of bend-over Bernouilli.

Did you guys also stick firecrackers in dog turds when you were "little" ?

No. No exploding dog turds. However, we did have powerful enough firecrackers to blow bark off trees and to blow wood blocks apart. Exploding dog turds sound quite amusing, though.

How does Bernouilli (sp) get into the picture? Wouldn't it be better to have it stuck in Dupont/Nobel's butt?
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My usual morning coffee fueled mental ramblings.

Once again, this just in:

I was just reading an article on the findings of our DNA, in terms of the human genome. The article was about the fact that our DNA and 'genome' is not any more complex than that of a mouse, and does not have anywhere near enough information within it to 'organize' or create a human being out of that given DNA information.

This leads to the obvious conclusion, that something vitally important, is still missing from the scientific picture.

The article also metioned the fact of new findings that the individual variations of DNA is on the order of 10%, or greater. Ie, I could have 12% or more DNA information within my particular DNA signature than the next guy. Or less.

Now. Extrapolate that to the idea that this, like most scientific testing, is a result of SAMPLING..and the TRULY anomlous people have not yet been found. What is THEIR DNA differental?? Hhmm?? And what the heck does that mean, exactly?

For example, if you go by the idea that IQ tests cover the idea of a numerical equivalent of a 'IQ' as expressed on a bell curve, that on that bell curve, only about 5-10 people with IQ's in the 200+ range are alive on this planet today. Another possibility is that these folks have such a difficult time screening reality and 'holdng it together' due to that complex mind..that a few of our BEST may be incarcerated in medical faculties, ie the nut house. Psyhciatric facilities. And the consieration, that this extreme level of intelligence, is not recognized by the scientific community due to it's complexity and orientation. We may be missing them altogether, the testing may be wrong, and there may be FAR more of them than we may understand. For, essentially, we DON'T understand. We are literally blind to that aspect. It is looking more and more like it is going to turn out to be something along the lines of what the 'common' man is going to see written up as a 'holographic' and 'multidimensional' expression of complexity. Ie, verging on and encompassing the idea of spirituality. Full circle.

For example, Tesla, like the ideals and considerations the buddhists chase after, said he saw only 'gaint geometric and ever changing complex shapes' when he closed his eyes. Fractal gemoetric patterns. I was gratified to hear that, it fit in perfectly witrh my personal experiences.

In the personal sense, when I was meditating and reaching Kundalini, as the spiritualists like to call it, I felt my IQ, under the influence of that midset, was increasing on a daily basis, a total positive feedback system of ever increasing scope. I estimated it to solidly be in the 200 range. It fades. Meditation, exercise, etc.. brings it back.

Internally speaking, I was always seeing only complex and huge, ever changing mandalas of fractal patterns. And as I opened my eyes..the complex fractal patterns..would slowly dissolve into finer and finer and finer and faster pattterns..and would slowly become and define themselves as reality, as we see it when we normally open our eyes. Internally speaking, a complete visulazation fo the inner compexity of multidimensional existence, the mathematical visualization of the truth of what reality is. From that, comes ANY understanding. A version of this is, of course, seen in the film, The Matrix .

There is no such thing as a co-incidence. There is truth in everthing, you merely have to grow or gain the eyes to see it. That is a preface to the remark that I find it interesting that I was born on the exact same day and only a few hours off from Keanu Reeves. And I am also an astrologer, via a desire to confront anything that seems ...interesting. Astrology has many questions and answers in it, and is -literally- the mother of all science.

(I'm listening to an ambient tune right now, that the only lyrics are.."Sometimes....I think I wonder...when you are going to wake up...". How fitting. This is the way the universe works.)

Astrology, in it's true complexity which the common man is not aware of, can reach the highest levels of Quantum physics and mathematical expression, but in a esoteric expression of complex human understanding. This, as a point of comparison of what the common man understands of the truth of the highest levels of math, physics and string theory. So, in essence, I'm trying to transmit the thought that Astrology, in it's higher and more comlpex forms, should not be treated with any derision, it is merely a subject that you do not understand, like most have no immedate capacity to grasp the complexities of string theory, quantum physics, and the more complex mathematics associated with such subjects. same-same. Both complex subjects. One linear thinking, the other far more human. Left brain vs right brain. In the end, both reach the same spot, oddly enough. As they both burst forth from the same point. Science was born of Astrology. And vice-versa.

Point being: The expression of Reeves astrological chart, is one of the public artist, while mine is that of the hidden scientist. We even share the same timing of powerful events in our lives, the events have a similar nature, and the time frames are similar. Down to the overall shaping of our hands and feet, and even scars we suffered through time as children and the like... and the personal demons like a penchant for durg abuse for the enlightnement factors. Smoking for example. I might find that if I look, he recently managed to shake it off. Not all things are identical, merely 'similar'. That would be a boring world.

The depth of astrology should not be shook off by anyone. Every scientist who has done deep investgation of astrology, in an internal truthful sense (ie, not lying to themselves), has found a overwhelming correlation of astrology, to reality. There are simple scentific reasons for that, which I will not get into here.

Where that leads to, is up to the individual to ponder. These are not ego expressions, these last few paragraphs, they are merely an attempt to show my own personal findings so you may understand such, and see the possibilites therein, for and to yourself, in your life, in your endeavors. Illumination. Share.
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Back to the DNA thing:

Food for thought. So NO, we are emphatically NOT created equal. Very messy thoughts, results, and directions, ultimately speaking, for the future unification of mankind, on this planet. Messy indeed. Nasty fuel for the wrong people, possibly. Good thing, I hope, if they are found to be the 'DNA wise', defective, or lessers. Justice. hah. Guys like Newt are likely to be found to be a genetic weaking, I dearly hope. It's written all over his behaviour. This particular bit of news does NOT bode well for the stability of mankind as a group of people who are 'all in this together'.

This particular aspect can hopefully be used to show the sociopathic for what they are. That would be a good thing. However, ther is an edge of a Pandora's Box of sorts that can emerge from these findings, not all good, like the coin that it is. It has two sides. Like life. Yin-Yang. Breathe in, breathe out. Good thoughts, bad thoughts. Negative-positve. Proton-Neutron, electron-nucleus. Lightness-and darkness. As above-So below. Microscopic-Macrosopic. You are merely a point on a load line....which you have yet to define. And on, and on, and on.

The rest of the article tried to illustrate the fact that the DNA does not contain enough information to fully extrapolate a human being, and tht 50% or our mass is in the arena of BACTERIA, and that what we call a human being, is a fractal expression of our DNA that does exist, laid out on top of that.

This, of course, can lead back to the possibility that we may be an expression of the complex organization of the bacteria that made this planet's 'life' up. Then the idea that Bacteria is the real intellgent species of the planet. (The idea of DNA being but a doorway?) Which some propose. Only a fool, in his 'beliefs' would dismiss it. The 'possibility' within in the known facts, relate it, and create it -- as a possibility. Hey..that pyramid...and it's patterning of electrical arcing... hmmm?? WTF?

Browns gas:

My Brown's Gas generator has a real problem with silica, for example, as it becomes conductive at the melt point. The observed reaction slows TREMENDOUSLY. Before that point is reached, the silica is practically EXPLOSIVE. Which only lends creedence to my thoughts that brown's gas does INDEED cancel 'radiation' within very radiaoctively hot materails.

How? well the flame is supposedly conductive-electric-atomic in nature, due to the 'spin down' effect of the two 'electron orbit' deformed ingredients..monatomic hydrogen and monatomic oxygen, returning-combining back to their original 'water' state.

The balloon collapses. As easliy as it is created, with electricity- electrical pressure. Solomons's temple, monatomics, Manna, the philosopher's stone, anti-gravity, etc, don't seem so far fetched now, do they? Note that fine white powders are found at crop circles. And in Egyptian Sarsophagi. And on the temple at mount Siani. Literally -tons- were found there. And mentioned on Summerian tablets. And througout history.

For example, the Templars built the Notre Dame cathedral when they came back from Jerusalem. The story goes that they brought the Ark back (the reason they went - they knew where it was buried), which was supposedly a device for creating monatomics from the dead sea salts. Electrically driven. Low voltage, huge currents. Slow reactions. Electrically aided. Just like modern chemistry. Out of the Templars, came the alchemists. Searchers for the 'food of the gods'. The philosopher' stone.

The Notra Dame Cathederal.

Even today, you can take ANY architect into that building, and they will tell you the arches are IMPOSSIBLE. 100% so. Even with any of today's technologies. This, considering the structural considerations...of what they are built of.

The weights supported, BTW, are calculated to be off by the exact weight levels calculated to be within the mass changes when converting elemental gold, to monatomic gold. Or, the exact mass changes found to be calculated by scientists when going from a standard electron a superdeformed electron orbit. Food for thought. Once again, please leave your emotions at the door.

Back to brown's gas.

This spinning down and re-combinng to the elemental state interacts with the molecular issues of the radioactively 'hot' materials, and drops the radiation count to nearly zero. This testing was supposedly done by government officials (labs) in Canada, but that information is buried, as you can imagine. But the fact that it was offically done in Canada and recognized - remains. As well, it is calcualted, that the hydrogen and oxygen, if entering a superdeformed orbital condtion, a monatomic state..they will 'fill' the EXACT volume that they do, as a gas!! Curious, eh? Starting to make sense yet? No scientific errors here, only your disbelief is the issue. Once again, that monkey aspect of reaching for unkowns with the emotions, not logic and intellect. The foundation of how religion works. For most folks, that includes the politics and corporate ecenomics as well. Not good for the world in general.

Browns gas produces ONLY pure, clean water as an effluent, and puts NOTHING into the reaction, or action. For example, you can melt glass, and produce ZERO discoloration of any kind. With gasoline, it produces PERFECT combustion of ALL EFFLUENTS. No carbon dioxoide emission of any kind. Perfect for this issue with CO2 production that the world is suffering from (global warming-we must hammer this through-I'm taking on personal costs and dangers here-why don't you? Where's your balls, and common sense? wake up!), and a device to put on ever car that normally consumes gasoline or diesel, would cost no more than $300 per car. And it would be bulletproof, computerized, etc. Zero danger, the gasses are produced on demand. The electrolyser cell is less dangerous than the battery.

The car, from that point, would only produce a small amount of pure water as an effluent. The fact brown's gas will NOT boil 'conductive' water, only break apart the specific molecules directly touching the flame, is a obvious point to see, to understand this particular explaination. The water will not heat, and you can put your hand in the water, right beside it. It's electrically breaking the water, the immediate molecular manipulation creeates a themal issue or 'spin' (opposite) in the adjoining molecules. But Brown's Gas WILL sublimate tungsten, at over 10,000 degrees celcius, in a heartbeat!

If this does not pique your interest in this subject, I fully declare you 100% brain dead, right here.

This is the DIY crowd. These devices are dead simple to build. You'd put more effort into a Pass design or a El-84 tube amp.

Think about it.

The reason it is not being used, is that Brown's gas, is a 'over unity' technology, if properly applied, it leads to far to many technical freedoms within phsyics, in terms of current globalist control, and it also produces a 25-40% reduction is gasoline consuption. It knocks the globalist control structure all to hell...virtually overnight (two to five years, if implmented)

This means, these simple to produce devices (one of multiple buried -100's!!-- technologies) can put personal control and direction..back into your life. Far less banks and corporate-government intervention.

We run up against this all the time, in the fact that due to the layering of or design, in terms of a human phsyical and psycholocial, or phsyiological structure..that we FIRST reach into the unknown..with our EMOTIONS. Getting past that point of first having emotional considerations when confronting the possibilites of the unkown - the recogntion of that within yourself- is a HUGE step toward making decent judgement calls in understanding the universe in terms of the physical reality you desire to know it as-and analyse it as. The irony, is that, once done..and you get past that point..the numbers cease to be imprtant. Oh, the Irony! The humor is not lost on me.

PS: Then, the odd point..that...many materails are electrically conductive when liquified. current can flow through them. From that it can be hypotesized, that the earth itself, at the core could possibly embody..intelligence? What say you of the Sun, then? hhmmm? I dunno. Just thoughts, but the possibilites lie within the facts. However remote to my little emotionally based monkey considerations, the real possibility still lies within the known facts.

Would you like a peanut for your monkey?
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Part 3, more work avoidance

Just came across this site for the first time. Very interesting, but it doesn't tell me anything I don't already know. It is like reading a happy book, though.

But it DOES speak about the properties of lentz' law, when applied to molecular slurries that are electrically conductive. And how easy it is to use them to create gravitic effects, both attractive and replusive. Therefore, time, or temporal effects. These two facts, at a a minimum. Kinda like the earths core, huh?


Well, recall what happens when you dump a magnet down a copper tube. How slow it moves. Electromagnetic braking. Atomic structure in a 'frozen' mass, such as copper. In this case, copper, at 'room temperature', would correctly be seen as frozen. Recall that glass becomes conductive, an extremely EXCELLENT conductor as well, when liquid. the rotating mass of the earths core, does that create the tangental aspect of gravitation? Newman's patent on large inductors being used for 'over unity' via the issues I raised as to using a inductor as a 'Maxwellian Regulator, well, that doesn't seem so far-fetched now ....does it?

Back to this salient paragraph on the Thoth site, the current opening page. A quote:

A Natural or Man made Cataclysm?

Whilst we can demonstrate repeatedly that previously unknown ancient cities – and therefore civilizations, have existed in the past, that fact alone doesn’t prove that advanced technology existed alongside them or give any indication of what might have caused the cataclysmic event that led to their disappearance. It simply proves that our knowledge of ancient history is far less complete than the history books have led us to believe. When we start to search for answers to the anomalies we know exist we might arrive at a very different world view and a substantially revised timeline for that history.

Accounts of flight and nuclear warfare both are commonplace in history. Across the globe from India, Africa and the Americas there are pointers that indicate that ancient people may have been familiar with not just the concept of flight, but the experience of flight. Ancient texts such as the Ramayana and the Drona Parva tell of flying machines, called Vimanas, which were powered by mercury and enabled people to cover great distances quickly. In both Egypt and central America model aircraft made from materials such as wood and gold have been discovered by baffled archaeologists.

Vedic Literature is often thought of as being more mythical than factual by Western Scholars, although authors such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky have done much to promote the ancient wisdom and historical content of Vedic texts in the last 100 years or so. All too often, despite these efforts, accounts like the story of the city of Dwaraka are relegated to the status of myth and legend or even wishful thinking on the part of the authors. There will always be those that support this dogma until indisputable proof to the contrary is unearthed. The textural accounts of a nuclear war in India are certainly worthy of consideration as there is much evidence to support the theory that there have been catastrophic nuclear wars in the earth’s history. speak about the idea of mercury. A room tempearture, conductive molecular-atomic slurry. The KEY point. VERY KEY.

Nearly 1.5 or so years ago now, I sent a private email to Jerry Decker, of Keelynet. Jerry can seemingly be a bit..uhm..bipolar. I caught him on a good day. I mentioned an idea I had, and that brought up a minor discussion, which seemingly erupted (ended in?) into a article in NEXUS magazine, about 4-6 months later. I found it a bit amusing.

I told Jerry, that Mercury could, could be used, due to the tangental aspect of it being used in a rotating, spinning mass, as an anti-gravitic method of propulsion.

Remember the efficency of Tesla's Pump, Victor Shauberger's turbines, turbine pumps, water going down the drain in opposite directions at the equator - either side of it, how dynamos can be started up again with about 90% of the power it takes to originally start them, if they are stopped and started again suddenly, the mentioned video on the water pump showing over-unity... the effects of the Salvia Divinorum, and how EVERYONE taking it experiences the same corkscrewing down and away, counterclockwise (bet it's opposite in the southern hemisphere!!!) at the onset of the drug...and on..and on..and on....How much evidence do you need before you start to investigate a thing? Do I have to hold your hand the whole darned way?????

I told Jerry, one could arrange the Mercury in a Torus shape, and spin the mercury at high speed. A gravitic or temporal vortex would be created above and below it. Each with an opposite polarity. This, was likely communicated in his private email group. This then ended up in the hands of some scientists in India, who are not hampered by globalists and control systems who can't be looking everywhere, all the time. Remember that. They aren't omnipotent. You may have to remind yourself of that some day.

Anyway, point being, the knew of their own legends, and decided it was a worthy enterprise, in terms of doing a 'test'. So they did. Or, they were deep into their own work, realized that it was getting away from them, so publish or perish. They built a torus, filled it with mercury (Torus material has to be inert, likely). They spun it up to very high speeds and ....let it go... and it shot into space like a bullet! Out of the gravity well.....

This was the report in Nexus magazine. 'Cool' I thought. 'I did a thing'. I think. 'Hope it helps!'

Another thing. Mercury is the world's finest bearing material. Lowest friction of any material to be used as a bearing. Another anomolus point. Mercury makes excellent mirrors. Yes, that is known. But what is not too commonly known or looked at as a connective point that is odd', is this: Mercury can and has been placed on the surface of giant shallow dishes, and spun at super slow create the PERFECT parabolic mirror surface. Mercury as a perfect parbolic spinning mirror, for astronomical work. Mercury. Think again, or.....ponder it for the first time.

This month's Nexus magazine stars a 4 page article on Brown's Gas. Good stuff. Every word true, I can attest. I bought my generator off the guy pictured with the same unit I own. Geroge Weisman. Another guy on the front lines. Another unrecognized warrior. Applaud the guy. Celebrate his existence. For he fights for you. Raise a glass. Have the strength to do the same for yourself.

Back to the gravitic issues. UFOs. Note their nearly ubiquitous toroidal shape. Kinda makes more sense now, huh? Hutchinson's experiments with multiple frequencies of electromagnetics, or radio waves, creating gravitic anomolies. He has them on film. The co-joining of differing materials into one place or spot. Wood molecularly imbedded into steel. Philedalphia Experiment anyone? Kinda makes more sense now, huh?

Remember what I said about the Philedelphia experiment, and Einstien helping, seeing the obviously bizzare effects..and then "pulling" his 'unified field theory'...immediately!! "It's not complete", he said. Bull..utter bull. It WAS perfect. I wonder if mankind is still not advanced enough? I think it is not. But no matter, we are about to be crushed by folks who are keeping such things to themselves, and may employ such as a control mechanism. No choice but to take it public and let the chips fall where they may.

More evidence. There is a gentleman outside of Toronto, David Hamel, who engages in messing with the toroidal-tangental gravitic energies I speak of. (remember a motor can be started up immediately-from a dead stop- with a NOTABLE amount of LESS energy than it took to start it up the first time. This, with all heating , etc, taken into account.) He has a cone of solid cement, inside a large cement crucible..and then spins both up to terrific speed. He oscillates the base of the cement cone like a coin spinning down on a table, at the same time the cone is spinning in the cement crucible. At a certain point, the whole thing takes off into space like a shot, and cars are stalled on the highway, all along the major artery-highway outsid of his place. Then the Canadian military comes and takes his toys again. Then he has to build from scratch again. He sends tons of cement into space this way. Remembr the stories of UFO's killing car electronics, etc. Not so stupid now, huh?

And please, please, leave your emotions at the door coming in. Pick them up again, after the discourse in logical considerations, sure, but please investgate with head, not emotions. If you find merit, then exuberance and epiphanies can certainly apply.

PS. You might note that...Mercury has become EXTREMELY difficult to get ahold of. Yah gotta sign for it, fill out forms, etc. They want to know exactly who has it and where it is, what it is being used for, etc. Until last year, you could buy mercury on ebay. Mercury, is also part of the group of metals that can be altered into it's monatomic state. It is also the easiest to do such with...but is also the most dangerous. Many an alchemist died using the Mercury extraction method to obtain the white powder of gold from elemental gold. It's a short cut,and short method, but it can be disasterous if it goes wrong. Note you an also buy it (mercury) by the ton(s), if you are destoying the enviroment for globalists, ie, gold mining. But it's a bit tricky for the guy on the street to obtain.
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If you are paying attention, I just told you everything you need to know about over-unity, and gravity. From these simple things, which are merely a few ways, out of thousands of ways to explain it... you can have all the energy you ever want, and all the freedom from the earth's gravity you could ever desire.

Have fun.

Telling people these thing has never been difficult, but getting them to get past their own internal restrictions about checking them out, or attempting such, has always been the issue.

However, I have personally never dumped so much information in one spot before. Hopefully there is enough there for some of you to 'get it'. For in my estimation, everything right there. For like I said, it is not the individual, he can be easily viewed as a retard or nutbar, and stopped - and no-one would be the wiser.

We need an army of people with this knowledge in their hands and minds. The sooner the better. For it's getting crazy out there.

Storms be brewing.
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Default More work avoidance

You can do other things, though. Pulsed resonance modes of shaped cavities of molecular slurries of electrically reactive materials. But if you get that, with the effects that are marginally accessed in 'resonant mode refrigeration', as existant today, you might say, "Hey, that kinda reminds me of the stories of Keely", and realize that materials don't nesessarily have to be electrically sensitive to access resonant modes within their structure or reactance.

Read: elasticity-which, as an aspect of either molecular constitution, and that related to the mass aggregate as an isolated mass-physical geometric shape, with inherent resonant modes under a given positional or frequential excitation. Whatever. Some form of resonant firing, usually in a combination of all aspects. But dead simple. Keeley made the first Modern energy cannon. Cool. But realize I said modern. There were likely others in antiquity.

The mass considerations, combined with their electrial characteristics, combined with their lenz considerations.... then toss in maxwell....well..

That's the part that is neat. There is more than one physically existant method of gaining an electrically conductive metallic slurry, other than mercury. But it is likely the best.

But the monatomics seem very interesting, as a potential, in all ways. A whole different world.

Oh, I dunno. Repulsive field coils (torus or a reactive shape that works for the given application), maybe. Also, using up monatomics as propulsion devices, might leave a residue. Who knows.

oh yes. here's the part I keep forgetting to say. The mass characteristics, are not the magnetic characteristics, are not the voltage characteristics, and are not the current characteristics, are not the temporal aspects, nor are they the resonant modes. All forms are not completely tied together in lockstep . The atom to atom aspect of unchained motion, keeps the overall series of effects and points of manipulation, in a much more interesting aspect than we normally encounter. The capacity or ability to encompass or encounter a resonant mode phase change that can be utilized for the manipluation of the given material (in all forms possible) are greatly enhanced.
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Think of it this way.

E=MC^2. Mass x the speed of light, squared.

More than a bit simplistic. In reality, it is a bit more complex than that.

Tesla and many others have understood it. In an electrical arc, all of it's own volition, does the 'change' (if changed by force or by nature) in value be part of the arc , in terms of temporal aspects, or is the change a function of it's interaction with mass?

The only way to tell is to oscillate the value of an electrical arc, in a pure vaccuum. Reason tells me that an arc cannot exist in pure vaccuum. There needs to be a minimal mass component, for the arc is an interactive- in origin. The arc would have to be purely planar 2d, and thus would not protrude into this 'space', we call 'reality'. I dunno. Just a mental game here. Literally, it reveals itself to be 'action at a distance'. All that fun stuff recently about guys fooling around with different sparks and arcs,and haveing the signal arrive at the measurment point...300 times faster than the speed of light. Planar dynamics, it be.

Heavaside shortened Maxwell's original 20 equations in 20 unknowns, for simplification for engineers for motor design. For motor design, what was left was some anomolus characteristics that resulted in inefficencies and thermal issues, IIRC. This was due to the rest of the equations of Maxwell's work, not being taken into account. I susepct that this is the exact same reason that when Einstien's relativity is applied to planetary motion and postioning, the planets don't stay in orbit, they fly apart. If you reverse the situation so gravity is a push, not a pull (push or pull it would look identical to an outside observer, like a human), and add in maxwell's proper and exceedingly complex and nearly uncalculable (at the time) equations, then things make sense.

You get to the modern understanding of the fact that a single atom of a platinum metal group, or many other atomic structures, becomes 'superdeformed' in it's electron orbital. A slight tendacy ("Q" of an inductor, anyone?) to an elastic and deformed characteristic. Bouncy bouncy. Thus a mass alteration, as the whole thing is interactive in character. What is stated, is that when when a certain number, of the given atoms (whatever the substance may be, each is different) aggregate or are forced to agreggate, they can and will 'decay' into their 'elemental' state. Gold, for example, this occurs at two atoms. Two are needed to return to the elemental state, from a montaomic superdeformed state. This is unique in the table of elements, gold having only the one isotope, and it is SUPERDEFORMABLE. Incredibly malleable. extremely stable, and does not shed too many atoms, thus, most of the gold ever mined, is still in existence and use.

Other atomic structures require many more atoms to form into a elemental state from the superdeformed state,and thus, are easier to decay into a montaomic state, ie, less pressure is needed to alter them.

The story goes that there is a very large amount of monatomic rhodium in existence, but it has decayed into it's monatomic ceramic superconductive 2d planar (interactive) field state, and is represented within volcanic ash soils, to the tune of about 3% of that soil. Apparently, due to the ease with which it decays, the opposite is apparently true, that it is extremely difficult to return it to the elemental state. This particular ingredient, along with monatomic state Irridum, are considered to be the 'prime movers' in the function of energy exchange in living physical structures.

As the planar wave state becomes (within a given monatomic substance) a larger part of the interactive moment of the superdeformed electron orbit, and temporalities do not exist in this planar 2d field state, this can be seen to be the genesis of an understanding of the idea of 'action at a distance', the spooky stuff that quantum physics speaks of, and the seers, psychics and shamen of old speak of, within the context of that 'inner world'.

Thus, we end up with a monatomic structure that shows all of those anomolus effects we hear about in the world, and can finally be traced back to one spot. All tied together as a single, logical, real, explaination, that makes sense to every level of human endeavor. The monatomic state of matter shows itself as being with a 'foot in each world', in terms of dimensionality, and reactance, or interaction. The ancient uderstandings and their anomolies, the modern physicist and his anomolus issues, and the seer/shaman/psychic/visonary/remote seer/etc..all become satisfied via the one explaination of this particular aspect of monatomic matter, or even 'normal' matter.

What we seem to have lost with the destruction of Maxwell's work, is the ability or basic understanding that the mass aggreate of a given group of atoms do NOT react as 'one'. This, in a 'frozen solid'. What we would call a mass of room temperature copper, for example. Left over bits that don't fit the model. Heaviside's broken and simplified model. Not Maxwell's. Maxwell's works just fine. When you add maxwell's equations to the reactions within liquid slurries, you get anomolous temporal and gravitic effects, ie, tangental characteristics poke their nose they do in the traces seen on the slides of the results of atom smashers. Interesting little corkscrewing effect, isn't it? Atomic slurries or liquids are different than the solid when it comes to the interactives. The metallic ones are VERY interesting. Extra bonus resonance modes, and thus energy egress or points of manipluation, just for you!!

They react with the entering or egressing effect that is impinged upon them, and with one another, within the aspect of the amount 'time' it takes for the given effect to reach them, how it affcts their neighbouring atoms, how they are in return affected, etc, etc, etc. And the interaction of the surrounding complex fields and materials surrounding the phsysical structures in question. Thus..Maxwell's 20 eqautions in 20 unknowns.

This aspect, lost as it was, becomes the error in Einstiens relativity when applied to planetary motion, as noted in texts, if you are paying attention. Which becomes all of those lousy 'fudge factors' in the 'formulas of physics'.

Liquid (atom ot atomic motion, freely moving) slurries vs 'frozen structures' (metals, solids, etc). Shauberger's work with water, it's anmolus effects, etc.

Again, this explains to some extent, the things seen with brown's gas considering how it reacts to a solid, then a liquid, and once again, the left over thermal effects and losses in motor design and calculations.

To clarify a point that may be missed in a earlier post: If one takes the expansion of Brown's gas, from it's liquid original H2O (water) state, and then consider's expanded hydrogen, and expanded oxygen, the expansion of "Brown's gas" is off. By quite a bit. BUT, if one takes the idea of the atoms (atoms, as we are talking pure elemental states now) expanding to a 'monatomic' state, and the calculations which do exist today in physics for doing so, we end up with the exact expansion level of Brown's gas. Thus the idea of a re-combinant, resonant energy effect of the atoms returning to a water (H20) state and the resultant 'electical' seeming 'flame', which does not dish out or deal with energy in the same way as an exothermic flame. Electrical and endothermic it is. Thus the reduction in radiation when interacting with hot radioactive materials. Temporal flame? hhmmm? Do a bit of reading on 'eternal flames', found in tombs that have not been opened for milennia. Flames still burning, when the tomb is opened. Little tricks in physics---from the past.

Sometimes, when I'm remembering to take as much information as possible when analysing, what the heck went on back then, when Maxwell did his can get a bit odd.. He died, out of the blue, of stomach cancer. He never even finished his work. His body wasn't even cold when Heaveside modified his work down to 2 equations in 2 unknowns, and thereafter, all of his original complex and complete work went missing, and Heavesides work was literally labelled as Maxwell's. Then, the inability to access his real work, for over 100 years, and those rare copies or even bits of it, being sold for over $5000.00..if you could find such at all.

This is a very odd occurance to say the least, and it does mean that the possibility of real interfernce in his works, is on the table, as what some may see as a paranoid analysis. But in fact, it is not paranoid, it is merely a reflection of possible origins to the unfolding of the issuance of Maxwell's work and it's directions later in his life, and what occured after his death, and surrounding his death. It more than has the capacity to make one 'wonder'.

It becomes obvious that this, as an overall view or point to begin, can explain a Quantum physicist's issues of 10 dimensions, points of energy egress and flow, temporality, and gravity.

So in the end, There is good evidence as to the very strong pssibility that all this crazy (seeming) ancient psychic/physics stuff is correct and the modern quantum pyhsicist and scientists are correct too. What was and is missing is the understanding of the monatomic state, and Maxwell's proper equations, which allow for all of this, in the scientific sense. As a pure numerical, mathematical consideration.

I'm not a mathemetician.
I'm not a scientist.
I'm not a physicist.

But I DO understand the subject. I've done what I can. It is up to the reader to put in similar effort to reach a satisfying conclusion, in terms of understanding.
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Default Very Amusing

very amusing.
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