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jeff mai 29th April 2006 01:03 AM

I don't understand the difficulty. If I recall correctly there are multiple examples of allowing "group buys" to occur against the wishes of those who first introduced an idea to the forum. There are several examples of DIYAudio authorising such controversial "group buys" initiated by the very person who now finds his latest "group buy" halted and the subject of this discussion.

Are we seeing a policy reversal? Preliminary actions seem to indicate so.

I have NOTHING against group buys or any persons involved in this particular discussion and I don't believe that ideas shared here are protected as IP (a little courtesy would be nice though), but as I said nearly two years ago there needs to be much more restrictive rules around what qualifies to be called a group buy.

For one thing it is RIDICULOUS that any group buy be allowed that is run from an eCommerce site or any external web site. All of the organisation, ordering and support can and should be done here in the group buy forum. If someone can set up a web site they can set up their own product support forums on that site or they can pay for a thread in Vendor's Bizarre here. That something is not run at a monetary profit does not matter, a profit is still made in name recognition that could later have trade value. If a sanctioned group buy must have a name on it, it should be and ONLY

Also, a group buy is a ONE OFF. Anyone carrying or replenishing stock is not running a group buy even if they are not making a profit. If additional runs of the same group buy are desired, by rule a different person should have to organise it each time - the Gerber files and all other docs from the previous buys must be posted to the forum, so anyone should be able to run it. There should be an ample supply of volunteers from the group buy itself. That's the definition of a group buy.

I have some other ideas for rules, but I doubt anyone is interested in hearing them.

jh6you 29th April 2006 01:48 AM

I think that diyAudio is getting dark and ugly, protecting commercial copiers and allowing safe sales of them inside diyAudio. As long as this continues, diyAudio is a coal of bottom quality.

In my impression, moderators moderate diyAudio into this direction, at the same time forcing members into a big confusion about fairness.

Am I misunderstanding you . . . ???

jeff mai 29th April 2006 02:45 AM


Originally posted by jh6you
Am I misunderstanding you . . . ???
I don't believe there is a grand conspiracy. Is it necessary to have evidence of one to request reasonable and transparent rules?

SY 29th April 2006 05:15 AM

If you don't mind, I'm splitting off a bit of this into a separate discussion. I'm quite interested in suggestions about how Group Buys should be regulated without making it too difficult and inconvenient to actually put one together..

jh6you 29th April 2006 07:02 AM


I understand that the question was not about the group buy.

The question was about the rulers.
Some measure it as 10cm, 7Cm or 3Cm . . . from the same ruler.
Small deviation could be acceptable because nobody is perfect.
But, if too big standard deviation . . . too big to trust persons reading the same ruler.

If you try to change the subject, means no intention to face the subject . . .


peranders 29th April 2006 07:15 AM

If you have forgotten my personal guidelines for groubuys, take a look here.
The key is openness I think. A groupbuy should also be limited in time and this has not always been the case.

I think you should remember that those who are shouting the highest would never pull a groupbuy through. The groupbuy organizers are good people with a certain drive and the great mass just collect and 100% of the collectors are satisfied. is unique when it comes to groupbuys.

What do you think of my guidelines?

jh6you 29th April 2006 07:28 AM


Originally posted by peranders

What do you think of my guidelines?

Very good for your own forum . . .

Netlist 29th April 2006 07:52 AM

Hi jh6you,
Didn't sleep well last night?
Looking forward for your positive contribution. My mailbox is open if you need a shoulder to cry. :)


jh6you 29th April 2006 08:09 AM

I slept ok. Thanks.
I am just not always yes man. :)


jeff mai 1st May 2006 03:18 AM


Originally posted by SY
I'm quite interested in suggestions about how Group Buys should be regulated without making it too difficult and inconvenient to actually put one together..
My suggestions make it just as easy to put one together as the status quo - the key word being ONE.

No comments on my suggestions from anyone? SY?

I guess no one cares.

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