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linuxrob 11th June 2004 06:05 PM

Tinnitus.. anyone else got it?
Hey all...

I have tinnitus in my right ear from a few mistakes I made (turning on equipment during a mixing session without realizing a mic was on and turning on guitar amps with the volume all the way up.)

Yeah, I'm an idiot, and I'm only 18.
So basically I was wondering if there were any other people here with hearing disabilities and if they've learned to enjoy being an audiophile without becoming to self-aware of their hearing problems.

I'm just beginning to be an audiophile and I've noticed that I can hear the ringing in my ear more than ever after I listen to a really good pair of headphones.


Christer 12th June 2004 01:07 AM

Maybe it dependes on what music you listen to but I sometimes
listen to music in headphones to make my tinnitus go away
at least for a while. My tinnitus is very much correlated to
how tired my brain is, though, and the right kind of music can
refresh the brain so it gets less tired and can mask the tinnitus,
or however it works.

vdi_nenna 13th June 2004 03:04 AM

Some meds also contribute to increased ringing in the ears, like asprin.

Jocko Homo 13th June 2004 04:38 AM

And antibiotics.

And chemo.

Yep, that is my excuse.


benny 13th June 2004 12:30 PM

I have a mild ringing in my ears from too much loud music... and I'm only 17!!! i'm exposed to at least a few hours of craninum crushing volumes a week, and now i've started developing a ringing, i use ear plugs a lot!!! even though people might feel uncool, they're gunna save your hearing... i'm afraid of what my hearings gunna do when i get older, because aparantly you don't get the full effects of what you did as a teen until you're older... but i'm not complaining, i know a few other people who got it bad...

For a start, i know the keyboard player out of an old 70's band called 'the models' (anyone else heard of them?)... he works in a studio in melbourne now, but he is almost completly deaf in one ear! this is because he always used to be right next to the drummer, and with only one ear facing, you can imagine what happened!!!

then there's my mum! she has something called meniere's disease... it's a thing that stuffs up your inner ear, and it does stuff, like you can't ballance and you puke and crap when you get an 'attack'... but with this disease comes permanant tinitus. it's so bad that she has to listen to pretty loud music just so she can sleep, or else it drives her crazy! (i don't mean loud like cranked... but pretty loud considering she's meant to be sleeping!)

so there's my experiences with tinitus... so yeah... earplugs aren't cool and it defeats the purpose of loud music... kinda like speeding down a freeway with the brake on... but when you're playing with your band, they are essential, especially when jamming because you do more of this than gigs, and with loud guitars and drums in a little room, it's very loud!!! but they will save your hearing, and you're hearing is the greatest gift you have... treasure it.

keep it real.

buchignani 13th June 2004 03:53 PM

FYI, zinc supplements evidently help some people with this condition. Do an Internet search to see about this.

I don't have tinnitus myself, but nevertheless had occasion to take zinc supplements for other reasons. When I do it extends my very high frequency hearing range for a while. Why? Clueless on that. Norman

subwo1 13th June 2004 11:46 PM

I got mine from pounding metal with a hammer--be careful there. After 15 years of shielding my right ear from loud sounds, the tendency to ring has subsided a lot. It used to ring continuously, but with perseverance, there is no ringing in a quiet room, where I try to stay as often as possible. The threshold of pain has gone higher as well. It is still sensitive and vulnerable, though, and when I listen to music, I only go for selections with well-played bass content. I try to limit the midrange and above portion to about 90dB.

phase_accurate 14th June 2004 09:52 AM

Caffeine might increase tinnitus as well.

I by myself have a weak tinnitus at a very high frequency that is also dependant on how tired I am. I.e. I don't hear it during daytime normally (i.e. I'd have to concentrate on it to be able to hear it), even when it is very quiet.



Christer 15th June 2004 01:49 AM

Yes, caffeine, or coffee at least, make the tinnitus temporarily
worse. Unfortunately I am heavy coffee addict. :(

As for tinnitus itself, I have heard various explanations for
what causes it, but my own doctor, who herself suffers
from tinnitus so badly that she can only work half time,
told me about the most recent theory on it. The reason
is supposed to be a damaged and no longer functioning
har cell (is that the right term?) and this causes an effect
similar to when you amputate a leg, for instance, but still
can feel the leg that isn't there anymore. In the case of
tinnitus the brain learns to try masking this ever-present
false signal, but if it is tired or affected by caffeine etc.
it does a less good job at masking it. This is hardly a new
theory, but seems to be the currently accepted one.

One thing that can help against tinnitus to some extent
according to my own and other persons experience is
the Tomatis method. I have mentioned it several times
before on the forum, so search for "Tomatis" if interested.
I won't make any claim that it works, it is just my own
experience that it can give som relief, or at least make
you aware how it is related to the tiredness of the brain
and how listening to music can help temporarily. It is an
expensive method though, so it is not for those with only
moderate problems from tinnitus, and tinnitus was not
my reason for undertaking this therapy.

mikee12345 23rd June 2004 06:41 PM

i get a ringing after most dnb gigs.(1x a week for 6hrs)
im definately gona buy some plugs!

i do get a tone in my ear,but this isnt related to the loud music,i get it when im tryn to sleep but my brains very active:xeye:

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