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scott wurcer 5th December 2012 01:47 AM

TV show "Fringe"
These guys keep sneaking in old audio references LP's etc. but they don't quite get it. The mix of YES was so obviously off of a recent CD and the guy playing it said, "first of the psychadelics", is there no one in Hollywood that has a clue anymore?

mlloyd1 5th December 2012 02:18 AM


I noticed that too. I think they're just too young nowadays ...
Still, I'll miss the show when it leaves. Nothing much going for SciFi these days.


scott wurcer 5th December 2012 02:52 AM

How true, BTW I sort of miss the ham-fisted engineering on the original YES albums. :)

scott17 5th December 2012 03:13 AM

Well they did go back to 1970 David Bowie on the most recent episode.

Enzo 5th December 2012 03:17 AM

AH well, even if you are 30 years old, you still were only born in 1982. They have no reference to the 1960s other than shows they watch. Just as I have no real idea what the big band era of my parents was all about. I know songs like String of Pearls, and Pennsylvania 6-5000. How many of us, even the old ones, could really put together a roughly accurate story of the 1920s? I was born in the 1940s, so much of what preceded me was something from dark history. I remember the Korean war, it was on the TV all the time in the 1950s. But to that 30 year old, the Kennedy assassination, Woodstock, Viet Nam, Kent State, all that stuff is just a few mentions in history class or maybe some real old songs on the radio. If some movie made reference to "the famous Kennedy assassination announcement at Woodstock," would anyone under the age of 50 have reason to doubt it happened? We all have heard of Einstein and Babe Ruth, but quick, no google, when did Einstein write his famous theories? What years did Ruth play? 1925? 1935? 1945?

We all like to find little errors in shows. My wife watches NCIS all the time, and it takes place in Washington DC, where i grew up and even drove a taxi. Now and then they find a "dead marine" at some location address that couldn;t possibly exist, but sounds good to anyone not from there. The other day they rattled off an address north of the Capitol, and said "Oh, that's in georgetown." Well, no it isn;t, but who would know outside of locals?

Give them a break. Otherwise they have to go all Ken Burns on us, and research some dumb entertainment show for months ahead.

freax 5th December 2012 03:44 AM

the tv industry is becoming more and more fordised, this doesnt suprise me one bit.

In saying that I watched curb your enthusiasm for the first time last night and enjoyed it a lot.

There are quite a few good movies and shows from the 90s that have yet to be watched by me, I don't like the new dr who it all sounds like gobbldy gook to me and I'm someone who enjoys watching star trek, well at least star trek is more within the realm of reality than the new dr who is.

and then of course there is always classic dr who which I am fond of.

I have had great results with music videos that are released on laserdisc, I had a david bowie from japan laserdisc and a zz top one too, both had good fm and 768kbps digital soundtracks.

you cannot beat vinyl though, laserdisc is not a scene I would be interested in getting back in on, paying $20-30 for a single disc to be imported from the usa is just not worthwhile anymore, I had a collection worth over $1,500.

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