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Wavebourn 28th November 2012 09:40 AM

How to deal with migraines?
Opening the topic, to avoid off-topic in John's thread...


Originally Posted by john curl (
Hey, Joshua! What have you been ADDING to the audio signal? Can I have some? '-)

I would be glad to add something if it stops migraine... Yesterday consumed a bottle of Hennessy. Knocked me off for a while, now it is 2:30 am, woke up again... Usually stops after throwing... But it does not come.

How do you deal with migraines? When I was young it passed much faster. Now it is 1-3 weeks of mild headache, then knocks me down for 2-3 days...

lolo 28th November 2012 09:58 AM

well, I stopped drinking all this nasty things and stick to organic wine now, with no sulfur if possible. two bottles go easily down and no migraines. ;)
the last really bad one was in Madagascar with home brewed Rum, I thought I would die..

powerflux 28th November 2012 10:01 AM

a) lie on the bed in a dark, silent room for the rest of the day, hope it doesn't come back the next morning.
b) if you can feel it coming and it's not too late: take 2 ibuprofen, drink coffee, stay calm. no brisk movements, no TV. you might get lucky and it will only be a normal headache.

when i was <18yr i had an attack at least once per week. now, some years later maybe only four times a year. Getting decent glasses and returning to the optometrist until you're satisfied (and not just accepting the prescription and trying to "get used to it") is also my advice.

Alcohol? worst thing to do. Drinking a whole bottle will only get you hungover. A hangover doesn't even begin to compare to a true migrane attack, but it will add to the pain.

lolo 28th November 2012 10:10 AM

also bear in mind the hangover is two sides: headache due to lack of water, always drink a liter or so before going to bed, and liver working hard to digest the alcohol. Worst thing to do is eating greasy stuff the next day, you just make it work even harder..
a bottle of spirit will likely take 10-12 hours to be digested.

Wavebourn 28th November 2012 10:11 AM

Yes, now it starts mildly 2-3 weeks before, and ibuprofen helps. Then suddenly knocks down, pills don't help anymore. No more "dark spots" in the center of the vision, like when I was young, but lasts longer. I took alcohol because did not know what do. Except to smash the head on the wall.

DF96 28th November 2012 12:29 PM

I only get mild migraines, but I find paracetomol helps shorten both the visual disturbances and the subsequent headache. Relaxing in a comfy chair helps too.

I have to be careful not to eat too much chocolate, as that seems to be a trigger. If I have chocolate in the house (e.g. following Christmas or Easter) I don't eat too much on any day, and have a day or two with no chocolate to give time for whatever the active substance is to reduce in my body chemistry. A nuisance, as I really like chocolate!

lolo 28th November 2012 12:48 PM

sorry, I did not understand the alcohol was the remedy to the migraine.. :snail:

freax 28th November 2012 12:59 PM

It could be a cluster headache if its coming from your temple.

I get them occasionally and what works for me is a healthy japanese style diet, no caffeine except for once or twice per month tops, even then thats pretty high for me.

miso soup.
raw fish.
coconut milk.

you might want to try getting a massage too or accupuncture, thats what works for me, what is causing pain in the head isn't necesserially caused by something in the head, it can be blood vessels pushing against nerves in the neck or back.

make sure though you get one from a professional with credentials.

Charles Darwin 28th November 2012 01:25 PM

As my doctor recommended coffee/caffeine helps. It kinda takes the edge off a wee bit.

Alcohol never did anything for me at all. I eventually got rid of my migraines by not eating any cheese. Sounds a bit weird but a consultant later told me that migraines can be due to a (sometimes temporary) cheese allergy.

lousymusician 28th November 2012 01:25 PM

I've had migraine since age 4 or 5. Back then the MD prescribed barbiturates to knock me out for 12 hours to break an attack (!). Ice packs or hot packs may give some temporary relief, some folks find one works better than the other.

Ibuprofen is a dicey thing for me, It does help the pain, but I tend to get a bounce-back headache from it the next day, and is can take a few days of tapering off of it to finally lose the headache. These days I try not to take it unless I really need it.

Alcohol? No way!

Do you use caffeine? If so, consider getting off of it altogether (hard to do without a solid week of bad headaches). Otherwise manage your caffeine addiction carefully, same dose at the same time every day. Miss a dose and the body will kick back at you.

Chocolate is a big trigger for me, as are oranges, tangerines, etc. No OJ for me. Some aged cheeses, too, Cheddar being the worst. I stopped eating all of those nearly 30 years ago, got many fewer headaches.

If you really need to break an attack, talk to your MD about Imitrex. It's strong stuff, but for some folks it can be very effective.

I feel your pain!


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