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FullRangeMan 7th September 2012 07:36 AM

Curious Mars Photos from Curiosity Probe
First image show 3 small black objects on sky far away on top side:
On other similar photo the objects gone:
A piramid shape stone at left side named N165:
Various huge triangle & square shapes print on the ground at everywhere on center and right side:
A huge piramidal crater at center/top:
My favorite is this image from an early mission, at bottom/right there is various rectangles on ground as streets or crop fields and a perfect square shape like a wharehouse:

M Gregg 7th September 2012 07:57 AM

Just looking at,

The tracks from space..I think they should make some crop circle shapes and write a message some thing like "don't call us well call you"..

Or please dont walk on the grass...:D

M. Gregg

DF96 7th September 2012 09:46 AM

I suspect the 'fields' in the last photo are solar cells on the lander itself. The eye sees what the brain wants to see.

FullRangeMan 7th September 2012 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by DF96 (
I suspect the 'fields' in the last photo are solar cells on the lander itself. The eye sees what the brain wants to see.

OK, this is right, thanks for inform.

M Gregg 1st March 2015 07:35 AM

I was just looking at this image..

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity scales new heights | Astronomy Now

The reason I posted is because after looking at the picture for a while, I get these feelings..The Earth is getting overcrowded and as if the opportunity is just waiting for us to make a move. (OK not a one way move) however just look at the picture. When are you coming? Its here come and get it! a bit like the siren's and the sailors. Just look a whole planet just waiting for you..I don't think we have a choice.

To feed the greed look at all the real estate...think of the money to be made..just think if there were resources just ripe for the picking.. a bit sad isn't it..I wonder what would happen if they found gold...:D Perhaps it needs greed to fuel the transition.

Just think people with vision could leave earth and live in peace watching the earth fight it out..and then put up a big sign..YOU HAVE NO CHANCE COMING HERE>>>STAY THERE AND DIE! << LMAO I guess we are asking for it really.

Are we looking at the ARK in space?
Lets add some scifi for fun..then the people of mars (Earth colony 1) sent a germ weapon to earth and wiped out the humans animals were effected
After 10 years the new race returned to the home planet and peace was restored..The people of Earth did not know that this had been planned for decades and the weaponry was transported with them as the colony was set up.

Next question who is getting there first? Remember Quatermass and the pit..

Would't happen..just a bit of fun..

M. Gregg

M Gregg 1st March 2015 08:23 AM

I remember in Quatermass the comment we are becoming the Martians,

They planned it and set it up while man was living in the caves and mud huts..

The people of Mars are our fiends ...aren't they?

LOL we can't even live between countries..perhaps we are the Martians?

War of the Vs us..

Again just for fun..:D

If you want to take it a step further..mankind sent more and more robot vehicles to mars using AI to control the seemed like a good idea to let the machines colonise mars for us but something went wrong..

Again its interesting scifi..but it still is us Vs us..

M. Gregg

SY 1st March 2015 11:24 AM

Earth land surface area is roughly 2 * 1014 m2. Population is about 7 * 109. So that's about 30,000 sq m each for every man, woman, and child.


Or is this just another one of those dorm-room-and-bong-profound-revelation threads?

kevinahcc20 1st March 2015 12:34 PM

The only way significant numbers of humans will end up on Mars is to be born there...the energy and financial costs of moving a human to Mars make this a non-starter for more than a few dozens.

M Gregg 1st March 2015 03:12 PM

How many think this is a Non-starter?

Mars One

M. Gregg

Ken Newton 1st March 2015 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by M Gregg (
Quatermass and the pit...

A very good SciFi story in it's original BBC serial teleplay, BTW. One of the key elements (which is underemphasized in the Movie version) is the addressing of why it is that humans are so prone to being violently hostile to those who differ, even slightly, from the norm. Including, our lust for waging organized war over those differences.

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