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ryzaa 23rd August 2012 12:18 PM

Advantages, Disadvantages and Issues in Loudspeaker Design
Hi guys,

I have a large amount of butchers paper that I often put up around my house when studying, with basic concepts and ideas about what it is that I am studying, and then room and textas for me to add notes, ideas, etc as I think of them, or as further information is learnt.

Im looking at doing a similar thing, but with loudspeakers.

I am a hobbyist, looking at expanding my knowledge, I enjoy modelling, testing, building and learning more. I use audio as the hobby to keep me interested in my degree at uni [Physics] and I try and apply what I learn in this hobby and at uni together.

What I hope to do is to gain a better understanding of the different compromises involved in loudspeaker design by having it all written out together, with pictures, diagrams etc, in a way that I can read, see and put all of the information together.

So what I am trying to cover is:

-Advantages, disadvantages, drivers that suit, when to use and what it does of every different enclosure I can think of.
So this will include, but isn't limited to Sealed, ported, transmission lines, horn loaded, line arrays, etc.

-Issues, compromises, etc in loudspeaker design
What I hope to cover with these are things like, lobing, diffraction, phase, crossover issues, polar response, etc.

Driver Parameters, what materials affect these, what changing different specs does, etc
Basically want to cover what it says above, anything from paper resonates around this frequency, which does this, to a pole piece does that.

What am I asking for?

What I am asking the DIYAudio community for here, is their links to articles, papers, etc on anything remotely relating to these things, you will know if the information is useful to me if the author cites references, has objective tests, examples, real world applications of what they are trying to explain, etc.

I have quite a large amount of information myself, but it is always good to put out feelers and see what other people have stashed away.

Thanks ahead for any information that people have to offer.


bear 23rd August 2012 01:24 PM

Vance Dickason's Loudspeaker Cookbook.

Start there.

JAES Speaker Anthology books, I think they have 4 volumes?

Read the threads here in DiyAudio.

Get some good sim software.

Come back in a year or so of full time study? :D

Btw, I like the idea of the rolls of Butcher's paper!
Try to find a place that sells that stuff around here - not so easy.


PS. objective tests may be misleading in some instances, it depends critically on WHAT actually was being tested vs. what was intended to be tested. Imho.

ryzaa 24th August 2012 06:29 AM

Hi Bear,
I have The Loudspeaker Cookbook, as well as Testing Loudspeakers by Joseph D'Appolito already.

As for the JAES Speaker Anthology, I can't really find much information anywhere about that, any idea where I could find it?

I have some basic simulation software, but am saving up for a better mic and some better software to go with it. I have been studying this for a while now, just to try and keep me sane, but I just want to try having as much of everything written out as I can, reading it only does so much, writing it all out in your own words helps so much more.

It also helps to have it all written out on things that you can add your own notes to, instead of books and the like, its how I come up with a lot of my own ideas and the like, just by having it all where I can see it, you can join different ideas and theories together so much easier :)

Thanks for your suggestions, and I put in the objective tests and cited references etc, as I don't want people just putting in what they think, and this thread derailing and turning into a full range vs multiway vs horns vs OB, etc thread :P


tvrgeek 24th August 2012 07:24 PM

Your house is not big enough to list the tradeoffs!

I have the anthologies 1 through 4. Great papers. They used to be on sale through Old Colony Sound. I suspect the best bet is to join AES or watch Amazon. Besides D'Appolito, I have Collums. The history of Speaker Builder Magazine, which used to be on CD has a lot. Like most research these days, google, google, google.

Zaph has quite a bit he has published. Linkwitz a lot of valid information. John Murphy, and the list goes on. Many of the OEM's have produced very good papers, but much of it is just marketing garbage.The trick is separating the "Madison Ave" engineering from the real stuff.

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