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mvd 3rd August 2012 03:31 PM

About the healing effect of Tube-Amplifiers
Yes, this is an Article from our local Newspaper today. Naturally its in german language, but there are enough Websites out there which can translate the text to english:

Mit 200 Kilohertz wieder sprechen und gehen Bückeburg Stadt Bückeburg Schaumburg /

It's a nice one, build in a chassis out of a massive sandstone, so i think it would be nice to share it here.

Best regards

jt1 3rd August 2012 07:15 PM

Cool looking amp...200KHz?

mburg > Bückeburg > Bückeburg, town Bückeburg, Germany/Porta / healing
Speak again with 200 kHz and go

02.08.2012 20: 21 Pm

October 3, 2008 has been the day for Jörg Stahlhut, which has completely changed his usual life. Suddenly he could no longer speak, his right side was paralyzed. Jörg Stahlhut is rock solid convinced: the 200 kHz and the thus perceivable overtones, as the amplifier itself built by him, have him helped that he can talk again and go after a stroke. Now, he has built a second copy for his physical therapist Elke Bernstein.

Bückeburg, Germany/Porta (rc). The doctors in the Hospital of Minden diagnosed brain hemorrhage, a stroke. Later was the forecast that he will never again speak could and probably always will sit in a wheelchair.
It's good that Jörg Stahlhut is a fighter and did not listen to his doctors. Today he can speak, although one still listens to the stroke him. Today, he can go, drives car even again. Although he his right arm and his right hand can still hard move. He was earlier left handed and at the age of six, was brought up to, will today benefit him.
He again can all the today 57-jährige trained electrical engineer comes that he has treated with overtones itself, is convinced that was until his stroke in the field for the glass industry.
Released from rehab, the ambition is to him. He wants to know how his brain works, can control despite the disability itself. By chance, he encounters the book of the sound researcher Jonathan Goldmann, an American. This is describes how he successfully treated patients with harmonic music. Overtones occur when speaking or playing musical instruments. Because they resonate with very high frequencies, they are not audible. "But perceptible", says Jörg Stahlhut in conversation with our newspaper. The sound waves can people positively allegedly by the response, he read. And: ill cells could regenerate. Stahlhut know immediately: "The therapy will help me." "My body responds to these overtones."
And he makes as a trained electrical engineer to work. An amplifier must be produced, which can represent up to 200 kilohertz overtones. Because the higher the frequency, the greater the opportunities for therapy, he has read. The problem: Conventional amplifiers are capped at 40 kHz. Circuit diagrams are developed, special materials picked out, he is deep in the matter. First attempts are discarded. Then the construction of the inventor is: a unique to the value of around 5000 euros. With a sandstone body, to soothe resonances and eliminate magnetic fields. This Silver for the tubes, MICA to isolate and quartz to the harmonisation. On top four old-fashioned tubes that provide a warm sound.
To get special boxes, known as speaker, which distribute the sound holografisch in the room: like a cone around - "and no direct sound", explained how the electrical engineer. This special, rich in overtones music like Gregorian chants or music with singing bowls is played with the Pro-CD-player.
Jörg Stahlhut treated themselves, listen to music every day. With iron discipline, he forces his damaged left brain right "to contact". What succeeds by his testimony. In small but discernible steps improves his situation, he can speak more and more, always better. Or how he describes it: "When I hear music and the phone rings, I can easily go and speak." Only after I realize how I verkrampfe more and more. "For me a crucial experience." He also has, if he listens to music with a Gettoblaster: "Da my leg and my arm begin to spastic twitch." Whether it is a case by case basis, do not know Stahlhut: "This therapy helps me anyway."
That this therapy can help others, is it at least but convinced his therapist Elke Bernstein operates its practice in Bückeburg, Germany. She of the House's a second specimen of his amplifier build Jörg Stahlhut, inserts now into their practice to the sound therapy there. As she explained, it comes by the sound of overtone music to an increased secretion of the hormone dopamine in the body. This hormone promotes the urge to exercise, "the urge to do something". It's an ideal support in stroke treatment. Old, lost movement patterns such as walking, gripping or holding could be shaken again awake, patients easier stimulates. Also treatments for tinnitus, ADHD or too much stress are conceivable: "A whole new track."
Jörg Stahlhut will not join in any case in the series production of the booster, although are still two more under construction. "Can't I also, because the one-hand soldering and Puttering difficult me and take a long time."
Further information: Elke Bernstein invites on Thursday 9 August, 17: 00 to an information day. Bookings by phone (05722) 906147 are absolutely necessary.

Rundmaus 3rd August 2012 07:33 PM

Difficult to start, so much audiophile ******** in one place. And my god, it's practically my neighbour, less than 40km away o.O

Things to laugh about as hard as possible without falling off the chair:

* sandstone for the magnetic shielding, yeah :)

* quartz for the harmonization, whatever that is

* music from CD containing significant amounts of 200kHz harmonics

Common sense gets more and more rare in my country, I am afraid...


rdf 3rd August 2012 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by Rundmaus (
Difficult to start, so much audiophile ******** in one place. ....

* music from CD containing significant amounts of 200kHz harmonics

Or it's what an untrained journalist hears when told about playing 196 kHz sampled audio with a 'pro' CD player.

Rundmaus 3rd August 2012 08:42 PM

According to the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, a sampling frequency higher than 2*f_max is needed to correctly sample and reproduce a signal with the bandwidth f_max.

So even 196kHz sampling frequency is only good for a bandwidth slightly below 100kHz.


Rundmaus 3rd August 2012 08:48 PM

Off topic:

Question to the mods, why does the forum replace a well-known, very useful word describing audiophile nonsense (starting with bull and ending with a four letter word that gets also replaced) by a series of *?


I think a clear language can be favourable sometimes - without this silly censoring stuff :scratch:

rdf 3rd August 2012 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by Rundmaus (
So even 196kHz sampling frequency is only good for a bandwidth slightly below 100kHz.

Thanks, yes, trivial and obvious to those of us who have been doing this for decades. Interacting with reporters for decades however, I can assure you they almost to a person would think Nyquist-Shannon is a foreign television celebrity.

My point was about journalists, not sampling theory.

payitforwardeddie 3rd August 2012 09:17 PM

If it looks like something a horse might have dropped in the middle of the road, if it smells like something a horse might have dropped in the middle of the road, if it has the same effect on your roses as something a horse might have dropped in the middle of the road, then, I'm sorry but, it IS something a horse has dropped in the middle of the road. Or was it a Bull? :drink:

I did check my calendar and it definitely is not April.

underwurlde 3rd August 2012 09:31 PM


I will remortgage the house and sell the wife and kids.

jt1 3rd August 2012 11:01 PM

Upon magification it appears that the two white objects near the drivers are the magic crystals....

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