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WaVeInFoRm 10th March 2012 01:14 AM

my wife and my speakers
ok i am not being sexist here. but i have observed on many occasion comments from people on this site, like:

to please the wife:o
out of sight:(
matching her decor:eek:
atseticly pleasing
small tiny invisable.....:bawling::bawling:
why is this? why do men love 2 huge boxes in a room:), and are proud of there dominating and well finished appearance....

where as women seem to want them out of sight, and tucked away in some dusty corner

ok this is not sexist, and is just a rule of thumb. it is possably a mild eggagaration also... but still... it does apply to some extent it seems

Tubelab_com 10th March 2012 02:02 AM

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I have been asked how I have stayed married for almost 30 years. My answer:

Women do not understand why men NEED 500 watts or 500 horsepower.
Men do not understand why women need 7 pillows on the bed that you can not sleep on and why they must be carefully arranged every morning. Accept these things and get on with life, it's far easier than trying to figure them out.

My wife deemed the last pair of speakers that I built "FUGLY". I put casters on them and wheel them out when she is not home. One day we were wandering through an antique flea market when she spotted an old Zenith console radio made in 1941. She said "why can't you make speakers that look like that?" I bought that old radio, searched for an exact match on Ebay, stuffed some OB drivers inside them, and now have an approved set of speakers in the living room. I still wheel the home made horns out when she is not home.

Can you guess which ones are approved, and which are not?

Wavebourn 10th March 2012 02:17 AM

Georgeous consoles! ;)

I like them.

That dials are asking for banana pulp speakers.

a.wayne 10th March 2012 02:41 AM


I usually wheel my wife out when I want to listen , wheel her back afterwards..

tauro0221 10th March 2012 02:59 AM

Really does are the must ugliest speaker cabinet. I agreed with your wife. If I were her I used them as boats in the pool.

overtheairbroadcast 10th March 2012 04:12 AM


Ugh... yeah those are ugly speakers. Just look at them! One speaker has four screws at the top of the face panel while the other speaker only has three!

That is audio blasphemy! Acoustically AND visually imbalanced and because of that one missing screw, those horns must sound just simply terrible. No wonder your wife doesn't like them. But this is your lucky day, since I am such a nice guy, I will sacrifice some of my space in my house (the room I listen in is kind of dark, no one will notice) -- so go right ahead and send them over to me. And to show you just understanding I am -- I won't even charge you for taking them off your hands.

Best part? My wife won't mind one bit. She knows she is lucky I have this hobby as there is worse I could be spending my money on (like cocaine and fast women).

fabricated 10th March 2012 04:17 AM

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones then.... My wife is actually all about me building a nice set of 3 ways..... that's untill they are cranked up to something she doesn't like then I guess they'll become "garage" speakers lol

oh oh oh I think they are even fuglier! I'll give ya 5 bucks!

tvrgeek 10th March 2012 10:20 AM

Consider it another set of engineering constraints. I actually like my living room to look like a living room, not a dorm room. I got over the "mine is bigger" a long time ago. Tubelab has the right idea. Some things can be explained, some not. My bigger problem is getting speakers and amps with low enough distortion she can stay in the room when they are on.

My subs and room treatments are hidden, my mains sit on ceramic elephants because that is the decor. I need to build a box to drop the TV out of sight, which will help the sound a lot too. The problem is the box the TV sits on has three amps, crossver sequencer, filters, and center speaker in it.

Cal Weldon 10th March 2012 04:03 PM

Personally I really like tubelab's speakers. The consoles are nice but a little too polished for me.


Originally Posted by tvrgeek (
I got over the "mine is bigger" a long time ago.

I thought men carried that with them their whole life.


Originally Posted by a.wayne (
I usually wheel my wife out when I want to listen , wheel her back afterwards.

Now we're talking. :)

dirkwright 10th March 2012 04:14 PM

Ah yes, a sometimes delicate subject.

I include my wife in the design process. She's very open minded though and goes along with what I create. I know what she likes so I make stuff that way. (blond birch or pine wood, Scandinavian style, etc) Maybe I'm more fortunate than others.

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