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50AE 5th December 2011 09:50 PM

Annoyance from certain noises - audiophile related?
I'm just curious if this phenomenon is related with the loving of nice sound. I'm just nervous when I hear certain noises and I feel like murdering someone. They have to be at a certain repetition and tempo to make me angry. If I'm calm and jobless it's more acceptable, but if I'm concentrated on working or listening to music, I get insane.

I dislike noises like:
-fast mouse clicking (someone playing)
-spoon hitting a dish repeatedly
-loud eating or breathing.. aaargh
-hammerdrill through concrete
-certain voice frequencies and especially high pitched stubborn barks from small dogs, i feel like smashing their heads on concrete.

Usually I'm very tolerant, but the more the noise continues, the more rage I build and finally when I let it all go, it's very bad :D
On a recent hi-fi expo while listening, I was about getting mad to a guy who blew his nose every few seconds. Thank God, his friend made him a remark and they quit the hall.

You may think I'm insane.. But I just need silence when concentrated or something. I don't mind the lovely sound of birds, wind or riverfall though ,I would love their presence.

I will appreciate any similar comments from you :)

Ron E 5th December 2011 10:02 PM

Hyperacusis: Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment. - Soft Sound Sensitivity Syndrome

50AE 5th December 2011 10:15 PM

Hey, thanks from the nice material. I've read about this case before. I suspect I might have a low level of this syndrome, because well.... I'm not antisocial, you know. I can stand eating and drinking people, but at a certain level.

By a certain lever I mean, I have to be with them, enjoying like they do. Then I don't mind table sounds. One exception - I can't stand eating with open mouth sound, maybe then the syndrome comes into play.

In the same time I can do similar activities related with the noises. If I was a dog trainer, I wouldn't mind the bark so much than if I was sitting on my desk and soldering.

GloBug 6th December 2011 04:48 PM

Your normal, there' some good articles out explaining the negative effects of car mufflers.
Some of the aftermarket ones are "tuned" to a note (A), so they don't **** you off so much.

PreSapian 11th December 2011 07:59 AM

i'm with you on the mouse clicking, along with everything else on the list. I mod all my mouse to click silently since they bother me so much when I'm listening to music on my pc. it's a bit tricky and the button does become more sensitive but if you bend the metal in the clicker certain way it does adjust the tension to where the mouse 'clicks' silently. now if i can get a low profile apple keyboard and cover it with a thick silicon sleeve i'll be in heaven :)

sbrads 11th December 2011 08:10 AM

How old are you and has it got worse with age? I read an article that said our ears can't handle loud sounds as we get older, basically they start distorting as the dB level rises and this level threshold gets lower as we age.

50AE 11th December 2011 12:21 PM

I'm currently young, 20 years old.
Not sure if it got worse, it god a little better, I try to be more tolerant now. But the noises still annoy me.. The first question I get popped in mind is : "Okay, WHY the **** has he/she to do this noise?!" :) I can't understand why my best friend breathes so loudly sometimes, but I'm used to, it still annoys me though.
I tell him about it when we are watching a movie/listening to music, he's kind and he stops, but not for long and then here I go again :P.

I thank it may be partially related with my way of thinking. When doing certain activities, the brain just doesn't want the addition of some sounds. For example I don't like anything to interrupt my music listening - just everything annoys me. My mind seems to perceive other noises as parasites and is only focused on the music parts. I'm very concentrated when doing certain activities like working, reading, music listening and my mind is 100% on the activity. The same goes for movies - I especially dislike someone commenting while watching. Just keep your mouth shut and watch, aa'right?

But when I participate in an action with its own sounds - drinking, eating, partying for example, the sounds don't annoy me, I'm in the action too and my mind is on the same activity as are the others.

Pano 11th December 2011 12:51 PM

Mouse clicking noises aren't too bad for me, but the rest of your list is right up there. They are classic annoying noises. But where is the crying baby?

djQUAN 11th December 2011 01:44 PM

and people talking loudly in cinemas. - I encounter that often. others just don't have consideration.

jrenkin 11th December 2011 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by Pano (
Mouse clicking noises aren't too bad for me, but the rest of your list is right up there. They are classic annoying noises. But where is the crying baby?

He is only 20, so has yet to have the pleasure, perhaps.
From my perspective as a neurologist, but not a hearing specialist, I think it is normal to get annoyed with sounds like that. It is the reaction that is different and that is largely based on several factors such as sensitivity to sounds (hyperacusis), our ability to focus, tune things out or multitask (possibly difficult for the OP), socialized associations, and possibly most important is personality.
The violent themes of the OP belie his youth, and are reactive expression, based in current culture and his own personality. His self stated tolerance for other things helps him keep the lid on, as I suspect his excellent introspective abilities do.

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