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nigelwright7557 9th November 2011 08:35 PM

Advice needed but not if its not what I want to hear !
I find myself getting a little frustrated at times with people who ask for advice.

On a couple of occasions people have rubbished my advice becasue they had already decided it was something else, only to find out later i was quite right.

On a couple of occasions I have almost burst into an abusive reply but I value my membership of DIYAUDIO a bit more than that so refrain and unsubscribe from the thread.

On forums we cant see people and so dont always appreciate someones experience. I have 32 years experience of software and hardware design but do appreciate I will always be learning. It does hurt a little to get rubbished when I have put some effort into replying to someones disaster.

simon7000 9th November 2011 08:44 PM

Well what do you suggest to do about it? :)

DF96 9th November 2011 08:46 PM

I remember reading somewhere that one of the characteristics of wise people is that they recognise wise advice from others even when it is not what they hoped to hear. This statement has a converse, which I am sure you can work out.

nigelwright7557 9th November 2011 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by simon7000 (
Well what do you suggest to do about it? :)

Absolutely nothing.

I usually charge 3000 a month for my advice and work so if its not accepted for free I dont lose out financially.
It just seemed a little sad.

simon7000 9th November 2011 08:54 PM


I charge $2000 per day for my time and get it. I pretty much will answer a decent question once. Sometimes they follow the advice and are surprised to see it works!

Then there are those who prattle on and don't understand even my acerbic answers.

But of course if you had any suggestion on what to do I would have ignored it! :)

DF96 9th November 2011 08:54 PM

A related issue is people who ask a question and then it quickly becomes clear that they lack the knowledge to understand the answer but don't realise this and won't be politely persuaded otherwise.

revboden 9th November 2011 09:28 PM

The ego is a monster in some, especially where deeply held belief comes into play i.e. "my mentor told me X and you say that's wrong... you're wrong." as defense mechanisms kick in. Defense mechanisms will also protect the ego from accepting something is beyond their capabilities. As I've been teaching for a long time, it is easy to spot the person who is about to drop out to protect their ego, it's a waste really.

sofaspud 9th November 2011 10:04 PM

Advice is much easier to give than to receive. That isn't news.
I could write more, but I'm not sure anyone wants to hear it.;)

counter culture 9th November 2011 10:33 PM

Never mind, Nigel, cheer up.

Tell it like you see it with all the force at your command, apologise if it turns out you were wrong, give as good as you get, remember that moderated forums make it impossible to reply to an insult to the intelligence with the blunt insult it deserves and when all is said and done, don't become too attached to an alias. Remember (or look up if you don't know about it) RocketScientist's (nwavguy) treatment at Head-fi.

Ohhh... nobody said it was going to be fair, nil illegitimus carborundum.

jneutron 10th November 2011 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by sofaspud (
I could write more, but I'm not sure anyone wants to hear it.;)

I'm sure. they don't:D


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