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Fred Dieckmann 27th May 2003 09:25 PM

This is all going terribly wrong
And here is the point that it got out of hand. Go back and read your accusations and mischaracterizations and tell me all this is my doing

Peter Daniel 27th May 2003 09:32 PM

Re: When they become inflamed, hemorrhoids can

Peter, I thought the point of moderation was to prevent such exchages not inflame them. If a moderator has a problem with me come to me to talk about it instead of letting someone else get in the middle of it to make things. Jocko is not the one to to go to the sin bin. You sat are your but and let this whole thing get out of hand and still are dealing with it. this is The biggest case of double standards I have ever seen. Nania deserves twice the stay that Jocko does if Jocko deseves any at all. If the moderators had shown any spine at all, it never would have got the point of him having to stick up for me.

Perhaps you can put me in the sin bin as well. I would go gladly just to see a moderator do something, even the wrong thing.

For the record no moderator has Emailed me about any of this or responded to my Email on the subject. [/B]

Maybe you should fix you e-mail address? I've been trying to contact you on many occasions, but it always came back.

In the exchange like that, it's really hard to predict how it will turn out. And when it gets too heated, it's sometimes too late to do anything, unless a mod gets blamed with taking sides or censorship. And I'm not sure if it was totally personal attack that goes under forum rules. You could always reported it to us and we would act differently. You have to agree that you took the matter in your hands, by starting discusssion (or rather an exchange), and again, I didn't want to interfere. But I learned my lesson too.

pinkmouse 27th May 2003 10:15 PM

Fred, I also tried to contact you as well on another matter, and my mail has been bounced too.

I have also not seen any mails from you, via the board or otherwise, and if you wish to mail me privately to talk this through, as I was not involved in these events, please do so.

In fact if any member wishes to do so, then feel free, the door is open;)

Fred Dieckmann 27th May 2003 10:45 PM

My Email is Can someone in the DIY team fix it please as it won't work for me. I have contacted the moderators
BTW as well as at least one other person on my behalf.

fdegrove 27th May 2003 11:07 PM


Fred, what's to fix?
It always worked for me...

While I'm at it:

No sinbinning please, and hats off to Peter Daniel, David Dllugos and all the others for handling it so well.

I guess that with my temper I might have popped an entire fusebox already.:rolleyes:


jam 28th May 2003 01:01 AM

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Meanwhile back at the forum....

jam 28th May 2003 01:03 AM

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Sorry Peter, I could not resist.....:D

Not to be confused with Hairy Holler.

fdegrove 28th May 2003 01:07 AM


Can't help but wonder what Mark Twain would have said...;)


roddyama 28th May 2003 01:17 AM

Thanks guys,

I needed something to drag me away from the television during my convalescence. This is far and away more entertaining.

Rodd Yamashita

planet10 28th May 2003 01:19 AM


Originally posted by roddyama
my convalescence.

Hope you are OK.


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