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kelticwizard 8th March 2003 06:56 PM

Cannot Delete Temporary Internet Files
I cannot delete Temporary Internet Files on my computer. I have a 200 MHZ Pentium with Win 98SE, a 20 gig hard drive, (nowhere near half full), and 32MB memory.

I can delete the Temporary Internet Files perhaps 5 files at a time. But I have hundreds.

Finally, I see quite a few cookies in the Tmporary Internet Files. Shouldn't these be in the folder named Coookies?

I am considering re-installing Win 98 SE, without reformatting. I am having some problems with the computer, and emptying the Temporary Internet Files I have always found benefical before. I will re-install Win 98SE if it comes to that, but I want to delete the Temporary Internet Files first, just to see how it goes.

Any help would be appreciated.

gigatron 8th March 2003 07:14 PM

Hmm I remember those days... out of honesty you should move to win2k or winxp.. preferably winxp because of compatibility issues and such. The Win9x platform is... for lack of a better word CRAP. Even microsoft admitted this in a speech lol... sure could be winxp propaganda but at least this once they are right heh. It's true.. though... you won't be able to install those operating systems with 32MB of RAM though hmm... Upgrading your system is a nice choice to go to these operating systems. To erased internet temp files i had to go to DOS and delete them.. otherwise through explorer It just wouldn't let me, I'd DELETE but they'd stay there! If you go right click on internet explorer icon and clear history, clear the temp files, clear the cookies etc... they still stay for some ******* reason on win9x.. try getting some software that cleans up internet temp files there is plenty just go on google. I'd advise upgrading though. I remember seeing full built computers 233MMX machines being sold for 30-50$cdn lol (full system, everything).. That's Canadian Dollars... no one wants them, for like 300 dollars you could get a pretty up to date computer now a days.

jean-paul 8th March 2003 07:19 PM

Maybe closing Internet Explorer and then Control Panel-Internet-Clear cookies + Delete temporary files will work ?

If not : What version of IE are you using ? Do you have an anti-virus program installed and is it updated regularly ? Did you use Windowsupdate to install the patches required for optimal and safe performance ?

Do a Scandisk before and a Defrag afterwards for optimal system-results.

32 mb for even W98 is not enough for good system performance. Your harddisk will swap too much. Try to find extra SIMM's ( check if it really are SIMM's ! ) or replace them all together. I suggest at least 64 mb of RAM, 128 is recommended. That won't break the bank since it is "old" memory. If you are using the system only for browsing the web you'll be fine. The machine is adequate enough for that purpose.

A re-install can solve a lot of problems. But re-install only makes sense if you format the disk !!! Otherwise you'll end up with exactly the same polluted registry and system as before.
If you're prepared to do so make sure that you update the system with the newest versions of the software you use and do a Windows-update. Then make a disk-image with Norton Ghost and burn it on cd. Making this cd bootable will make life easier.

Saves you the hassle of hours of reinstalling the next time. Installing the system from this image takes 30 minutes ( depending of how much programs are installed ) of your time and all your favorite programs will be there too.

gigatron 8th March 2003 08:03 PM

I seriously advise moving away from the win9x platform :/ Yes win98se is the best of win9x.. (urgh don't dare mention WinME), however moving to NT will be a great solution.. however like the above writer.. 32MB is barely enough for win98se :/ Computers are relatively cheap now a days, you could use a slight upgrade :/ You will really feel a jump to say a P3 600MHz and 128MB SDRAM (like 20bux canadian... again less in US$) machine... really huge drastic jump and it's relatively cheap :/ That would be enough to enjoy web browsing and not have your disk jurgle and let you install winxp (yes its quite resource intensive.. HOWEVER you can disable all the 'features' that eat up the system, and basicly get an updated win2k if you will) It will seriously cost you more (in ratio terms) to upgrade your old system :/

Wombat 8th March 2003 08:16 PM


Try to go to the MS-DOS Command Prompt and change to the directory the
temporary files are in -> del *.* The command prompt reacts different than

The files that can´t be deleted are coruupted maybe so a scandisk is worth
a try.

jleaman 8th March 2003 08:23 PM

do this.

openy my computer.
go to c:\windows\tempoary internet files. select them all then rght click on them and unwrite protect them then Delete them all.

peranders 8th March 2003 08:32 PM

kelticwizard, I beeing a Mac user, have discovered that XP on a PII is painfully slow in many tasks. PIII or P4 is recommended.

This is the same thing as Mac OS 9 on a 6100 Mac.

Use the PC with W98, ME as long as it works.

jleaman 8th March 2003 08:34 PM

i run windows 2kserver on a Pi 233 with 256megs ram and it runs fine. windows xp will run good ona 233 also just put atleast 256megs ram into it. that is all..

fdegrove 8th March 2003 09:05 PM



go to c:\windows\tempoary internet files. select them all then rght click on them and unwrite protect them then Delete them all.
The attributes won't prevent you from deleting them.

And I agree with Jean-Paul that reinstalling W98-SE only makes sense if you do a fresh install.

Reboot the machine, invoke the DOS prompt, go to the IE cache and delete the lot using del *.* .

BTW the cookies are in the right place, the Cookies directory is only a holder for the database.


kelticwizard 8th March 2003 09:53 PM

Thank you all for replying. You all had very helpful advice.

Until now, 32 MB has been adequate for my needs. With the price of memory, used and new computers going ever downward, it is only a matter of time before I upgrade one way or the other. Which direction, I am not sure.

I have tried a freeware program, but all it deleted was the cookies in the Temporary Internet Folder.

I have elected to go ther DOS route.

I hit Start, Shut Down, and Restart in DOS Mode. When the machine restarts, up comes the Command prompt.

I write DIR and hit "Enter"-I knew that much.

The screen spins through many directories until it hits bottom. Near the bottom I spy a directory. It says"TEMPIN~1".

I suspect that is the one.

Now what? :scratch: :scratch:

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