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scottder 8th December 2002 11:45 AM

Another Newbie
Greetings All,

I am new to the world of DIY Audio and electronics. Currently I am working on a Cmoy headphone amp (nice simple project to start with, just to get used to electronics in general).

I am looking for good books on electronics and DIY Audio, something introductory in nature would be great. I picked up the basic electronics book from Radio Shack by Forrest Mimms, so I am looking for something that expands on the ideas presented there.

I'm also interested in speaker design, so any help in this area would be great too.

Thanks in advance,
Scott :)

pinkmouse 8th December 2002 11:48 AM

Hi Scott, and welcome:)

Just fire away Scott. As soon as you have a specific question, ask it, and we will be more than willing to answer:D

Just check out the other threads on this page for details about books (or do a search!).

halojoy 8th December 2002 12:27 PM

Welcome scottder

Originally posted by scottder
Greetings All,
-Currently I am working on a Cmoy headphone amp (nice simple project to start with).
-I am looking for good books on electronics and DIY Audio.
-I'm also interested in speaker design.
Scott :)

Cmoy is a very good guy!
He knows a lot, and "his site" HeadWize is one of the best in the world. Good articles and projects.
I see you have taste in your choices.

Also see you have a nice little site:

:cool: Scott's Electronics Newbie Site :cool:


By chosing diyAudio as "your forum" - started by Jason -
you confirm that you have good taste.
Ask those who can answer you - that "speaks your language" -
the ones that level with your mind.
Do not bother too much with things noone can understand.
It is simply no use. Life is too short for that.

At least that is my opinion, scottder

fun sweden :cool:

scottder 8th December 2002 01:22 PM

Thanks for the quick response! Right now I am trying to get a better grasp on Hi-Fi in general, getting to know the terminology. Looking for sort of a Hi-Fi for Dummies. Digging around for basic Electronics books as well.

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