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argonrepublic 25th January 2006 01:22 AM

Late introduction
I have frequented Diyaudio for about a year now. I can't rember how I found it. Something broken I think. I am a self taught recording engineer. I buy my gear broken when I can. Sometimes I can fix it, sometimes I can't. My successes are increasing thanks to Diy audio. I the last year I have bought plenty of new recording equipment that turned out to be junk. Through Diyaudio and audiophiles, my recording and mastering has changed dramatically. I bought a Joemeek mic preamp for $700. To my amazement, It was a pretty box with a bunch of caps, ICs, resistors and a transformer. I have almost everything here to build a dozen(except skill, but it's slowly coming). My ultimate goal is to build a modular mixing console of very good quality that is delicate to touch yet near bulletproof. I want it to have transformer channels as well as discrete channels. I would like it to have digital outputs but have analog quality and control.
I know I ask a lot of dumb questions but promise to answer the same questions if ever given the oppourtunity.
You have no idea how greatful I am.

anatech 25th January 2006 01:59 AM

Hi Joe,
We are glad you like it here. Most of us are learning as you are, so we will hold you to answering some questions! ;)


argonrepublic 25th January 2006 02:13 AM

Hi Chris
I see the alias "anatech" connected to some incredible experience. Even better.... Georgetown is not too far, If your services are for hire. Some things I want sooner than many learning curve will allow.

anatech 25th January 2006 02:18 AM

Hi Joe,
PM me. I'll see if I can help out.

The way I see it, the more you can do well, the better.

When I had to pick a user name, all I could think of was ANAlog TECHnician off the bat. :rolleyes:


poobah 25th January 2006 02:21 AM

Chris, (anatech)

I bet your employees had some different names for you.


anatech 25th January 2006 02:28 AM

Now, how did you know! :bigeyes:

I know they did. It goes with the terrritory as you know. When acting as a project manager the same thing happens. I am determined the project is completed on time. Subcontractors don't like that too much! :yes: They also know I'll be on site to check on the work often.


poobah 25th January 2006 02:41 AM

How did I know? ... because your not full of nonsense or yourself, and you have been "poor" (that's where smart/thrifty comes in) at least once in your life.


anatech 25th January 2006 02:47 AM

That's my current status! Has been for years! :rofl:

Most people here are very down to earth. I respect that in a person. I don't have time to stroke the "other" kind. I suspect you're the same.

So what do your guys call you? (now that we are way OT, appologies to argonrepublic AKA Joe)


poobah 25th January 2006 02:55 AM


A little training in humility goes a long way. When I was very young; I wanted to be filthy rich. Sometime later I was very tired; I just wanted to be "comfortable". Now I just wish to be; comfortably filthy.

You're alright... let's drink someday!

anatech 25th January 2006 02:58 AM

Hi poobah,
Tell you what. I'll come down there if I can afford it. It's warmer!! Maybe we can drop in on some others, including SY. I want to sample the man's cooking! ;)


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