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JimRodgers 11th December 2005 08:18 PM

This looks like a nice place you have here.
I am Jim Rodgers, and I am an audioholic.

Physically 52, mentally 18, I've been designing and building loudspeakers since I was fifteen (>35years). I had mostly moved on from audio by the time I finally studied it again in the late seventies as a graduate EE student at Georgia Tech under professor Leach. Yet, I still own and listen daily to my favorite designs: bass reflex boxes with Altec 414-8C 12" woofers, Altec 405A midrange pairs, Philips AD0160T8 tweeters, and still some models with FE-103 (40-1197's).

Currently, I am a Registered Professional Engineer and own a practice that does mostly IT projects and some management consulting -- although recently I have been working on some business development involving electroacoustics. This is how, of course, I wound up on this forum. (Nice place.) It's wonderful to be involved in electroacoustics again! And it's great reading up on the improvements in DIY Audio and in the field in general. Finally, it good to see Marshall Leach is still producing. (I noticed he became an IEEE Fellow last year.) Gives me hope.

Also, I noticed that the Young and Restless still firehose their passions over theories of Audio Engineering. That can be challenging sometimes. However, my response these days is oftentimes just to wander off to the green pastures and still waters. I remember how hard it was to get good grades and graduate with degrees in Physics, EE, etc. Everyone should respect this tradition of defined terms and mathematically-formulated theories. I also remember, especially in my really productive early years before the degrees, how I was squelched and criticized because others, who were armed with theories, simply wanted to be disagreeable... As if my making a point was a threat to them somehow.

Engineering is like dancing in many ways. It is often a personal expression with many feelings invested -- although the expressions are structured to the beat of a scientific context. And since we are all trying only to raise something beautiful from the chaos, we should welcome the company. It is the nature of this pursuit that we ALL are wrong some fraction of the time... And that errors are more easily detected that corrected. If you think I dance like a fool, please be kind anyway. I came here to be with you; not to fight anyone. To those who might be appalled by my technical assertions, I say "Thank you for your interest in my work."

Okay, now. Where'd I put the matches? :devilr:


Jim Rodgers
Atlanta, Georgia

Cal Weldon 11th December 2005 08:30 PM

Hi Jim,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the run down on your life. I think you'll find this place a lot less threatening than other forums. We ask that members behave as if they were face to face not hidden behind a screen. Works quite well. If it doesn't, the moderators are there to help quelch the bickering.

If all else fails, the mods are all very large men packing assorted pieces. We take no guff and we have contacts around the world. We will find you. We will make you comply ;)


jan.didden 11th December 2005 08:46 PM

Hi Jim,

Welcome! You sound like an interesting fellow. And about that other post of mine on yours, ehh, ahum, err.. forget it, OK ?

Jan Didden

DSP_Geek 11th December 2005 09:40 PM


Originally posted by Cal Weldon
If all else fails, the mods are all very large men packing assorted pieces. We take no guff and we have contacts around the world. We will find you. We will make you comply ;)


And if you misbehave in Canada, Cal is authorised to come on over and discuss Constitutional issues since 1984, including Meech Lake, Charlottetown, and the rise of the BQ. That threat alone is enough to keep in line members from the Great White North.


JimRodgers 11th December 2005 09:41 PM

Thanks, Jan.
I have a lot of respect for the fact that so many people around the world bother to communicate in English. I don't suppose this will last forever, so I am planning to die before I have to learn any dialect of Chinese. I remember trying to order in a cafe in Paris: the whole room got up and went next door! What did I say?! :clown:

Thank you for your gracious way.


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