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bob4 11th October 2002 12:05 PM

Greetings from the black forest, Germany
Hi evreybody!

I've recently been mocking at a friend of mine, who is posting nonstop on a forum about CPU watercooling. :D

Unfortunately, I've now also ended up posting on some stupid nerd forum :bawling: :headbash: :)

but seriously, I decided to join your community because the atmosphere is quite open and friendly, and there are a lot of skilled and experienced people who don't hesitate to share their knowledge. :grouphug:

But perhaps I should add some personal stuff:

I'm 19 years old, :male:,
live in Southern Germany in a town with approx. 80 000 inhabitants.
I've been playing classical guitar since I was 8,
I started strumming on a :eguitar: 5 years ago,
and now I've started learning :Piano:

My diy career started off with two 10" woofers I found on the street (yes, that's true!!!!). In germany we have something called "Sperrmüll", that's a day on that big pieces of waste (e.g furniture, lawn-mowers, and, yes, also HiFi speakers etc.)
are fetched by the waste service. You can't imagine how many people throw away their old stereo rigs or speakers, although they're still working well.

But back to the story, I found a sub with these two woofers, that some unlucky guy had tried to get working.
The cab was awful, made of plywood, and the X-o 's wiring was totally f#*$%d.
So I went to the local HiFi / electronic parts etc shop and asked the vendor if he could tell me how big the enclosures should be an which HF driver I should use.

Then I knocked up two cabs made out of MDF and mounted the woofers and two Piezos in them.
Since then I've upgraded them twice, and built a pair of bass reflex subwoofers using Eminence Kappa 15LF.
My next project will be a pair of scoop bins with Eminence Kappa 15 (see also my post in the thread "Help! With a rear loaded scoop….." in the "loudspeakers" section)


chris ma 11th October 2002 12:51 PM

Once I walked pass a throw away broken computer monitor laying by the side walk, something caught my eyes, so I turn back and had a better look. The back cover was broken open I saw some nice heatsinks 6"X3" inside it so I just slapped them off the pcb. To buy them cost around $5 or more each. They may come handy some day. Some of the pcb mounting fixtures are useful too. Got to find ways to control cost now a days.

Welcome to the forum bOb4.

Wombat 11th October 2002 02:11 PM

Hai bOb, i once worked for a service Team in Villingen some years ago.

Nice places over there and wunderfull people, never boring.

Have much fun in here!


bob4 11th October 2002 03:31 PM

Hi Wombat, :bigeyes:

I live in Schwenningen. That's also a nice place.

And yes, it never gets boring, especially during the "fasnet" :drink:

PS: let me guess: you worked for Thomson, right?

dice45 12th October 2002 01:30 AM

Schwertfisch bob4 :wave:

if you play classical guitar, and like Bach,
tell me, who is your preferred guitarist? :)

bob4 12th October 2002 11:46 AM

preferred guitarist
Hi Dice,

I suppose by using the word "guitarist" you mean some artist who plays "classical" guitar (You've probably read the discussion about the "abuse" of the term "classical"), e.g. transcribed lute music (Bach, Weiss) and the works of the spanish romantic composers (Tarrega, Segovia).

Am I right?

btw, do you play an instrument? ;)

oh, and what does "Schwertfisch" mean ??

bob4 13th October 2002 09:04 AM

preferred guitarist?
OK, I've thought a little about that.

regarding "classical guitar:

about two months ago I had the opportunity to see John Mills and Xuefei Yang in concert. Mills is a english master guitarist , who was the first guitarist ever to play in the queen Elisabeth Hall, London.

He performed on that evening the Cello Suite no.1 by Bach, and some central/south american pieces by Jorge Morel and Maria Esteban de Valera. I must admit that I haven't been to many concerts, but it was a joy and pleasure to listen to him.

Xuefei Yang is a chinese guitar whiz kid :wiz: , and has an incredibly well developed playing technique ( She seems to be even more skilled than Mills (who has taught her, btw) regarding the sound. You can hardly hear any fret noise or buzzing when she plays.
She played Joaquin Rodrigo's "Invocation and Dance".
Together with Mills, she played Bach's "Liebster Jesu, mein verlangen" and a piece by Astor Piazolla.

That was a quite touching concert. :happy1:

I also have two CD's with classical guitar pieces I like very much:

The Assad brothers ( ) playing rodrigo, Gnattali and Piazolla, GHA #126.021

Eduardo Fernandez playing Albeniz, Tarrega, Segovia.....
DECCA records, 433 820-2

both recordings feature some real masterpieces for the guitar, and the sound quality is also very pleasant.

Regarding rock/blues/whatever guitarists,

I like Hendrix, but there are a whole lot of brilliant guitarists out there, and I haven't had the time until now to listen to their music. E.g. , I have heard hardly anything by SRV, although I guess it's a must. I have read about a lot of interested guitarists, but haven't checked them out yet. :( :bawling:

dice45 14th October 2002 04:38 PM

Hello Bob4,
adressing people as "Hai" (shark) ... :grumpy:...:) sharks are badtempered, mean creatures and always look like not having the faintests sense of humour :) and always a very bad breath :D .... close to insulting, greeting "Hai" :cheeky:...;)

But swordfishes! Ahhh, they look soo elegant, so graceful, beauuutiful creatures ! :)

Instrument: in school, i played clarinet, loathed it. Today, i play turntable and judging from my TT's sonics, i'd say, i play TT quite ok. Yanno, building, adjusting, knowing which record to put on the platter :)

Would i have another chance to start learning an instument, i would choose harpsichord, no question. I am hooked on J.S.Bach played on the harpsichord. 6-voice Ricercar from the Musical Offering, or Art of the Fugue, or Goldberg Variations ... wow!

Classical/Acoustic guitar:
Never heard of them both.
Today my buddy Manfred raved about a female Juillard professor he say in TV yesterday. Her name is Sharon Isbin. has some samples to download. I listened to those, and they made me curious. Her play really has something.

I am surprised you do not know Julian Bream. He is not technically perfect, nevertheless he is my most preferred guitarist and lutenist. Admitted, Pepe Romero is technically perfect. But his play does not warm my heart.
And i am even as surprised you do not know Andres Segovia. I also like him very much. He was the one who re-discovered the guitar as a concert instument for composed music. He uses to play in an utterly romantic manner.

"Classical" and abusing the term: i always get started on that topic :)
While i am typing this, a record with classical Japanese Shakuhachi music is spinning ... Katsuya Yokoyama is a true master. :cloud9:

bob4 15th October 2002 06:45 AM

nautic nausea
............(fill in the name of a random fish) dice45 !

Nice insider- joke for all the germans out here


Originally posted by dice45
Hello Bob4,
adressing people as "Hai" (shark) ... :grumpy:...:) sharks are badtempered, mean creatures and always look like not having the faintests sense of humour :) and always a very bad breath :D .... close to insulting, greeting "Hai" :cheeky:...;)

But swordfishes! Ahhh, they look soo elegant, so graceful, beauuutiful creatures ! :)

(you're not serious, are you????? :spin: )

and hey, it was wombat who greeted me like that!!!!!!!! (third post in this thread)

I won't have the time to post much today, I'll give you a full reply later on.

btw, are you a turntablist? Or just DJing in general? Which style(s) do you play?

PS: I'm allergical with fish!!!:ill:
and hey, the only odd thing about sharks is their bad reputation, that you increase with posts like that. :grumpy: ;)

sikkek 15th October 2002 07:12 AM


Nice insider- joke for all the germans out here
Works for Dutch people also (Haai = Shark)

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