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mista2 20th April 2005 02:31 AM

Hello from Houston, Texas!
I registered some time last year to see the pictures, and I figured it was high time to finally post something on here!

With that said, I'm currently 17yo, enrolled in highschool (nahhh, really?) and along with various odd jobs enjoy being the go-to guy for audio in my community (Kingwood). Doubtless, there's a ton I have left to learn though!

I've been messing with audio (mainly speakers) since I was around 13yo, and recently (as in around 15 mins ago:D ) completed a pair of open baffle full range speakers with the TB W4-1052SA. Very happy with the results, but I'm very much in need of a way to measure them! Anybody know where I can get some software and a mic on the cheap (<$150)? Or where in Houston I could get them measured?

...but, I'm rambling. That's me I guess. If i can figure out how to show a picture, I'll show my OBs...with the vintage Sanyo 3ways behind them, hehehe :smash:

SY 20th April 2005 03:18 AM

Mista, I'm delighted to see you involved in audio at the perfect age- everything is new and your ears are still in great shape!

planet10 20th April 2005 08:16 AM


Those OB look nice


SY 20th April 2005 10:55 AM

BTW, as far as cheap measurement goes, the preferred method of many (I'm one) is Speaker Workshop software. This is usable with a good soundcard and a cheap electret mike, and the whole package will come in under your price limit. Do read d'Appolito's book on testing loudspeakers so that you can get the most out of your rig.

mista2 21st April 2005 01:26 AM

thanks for the welcomes!
SY- thanks for the great welcome...but I'm afraid my ears aren't in "great" shape -- too many live concerts :cannotbe: Also, where can Speaker Workshop and a mic similar to yours be obtained? Internet order, or is there a place locally that might carry it? And I do have d'Appolito's loudspeaker design cookbook, I bought it when I first got serious about attempting to build my own speakers. Is this the same book or is there another dedicated to testing? If its the same, I guess I'll have to dig it back up!

planet10 - thanks! guess you're a fan of OB as well?

planet10 21st April 2005 01:27 AM

Re: thanks for the welcomes!

Originally posted by mista2
guess you're a fan of OB as well?


SY 21st April 2005 01:45 AM

Speaker Workshop can be downloaded for free (hard to beat THAT price!). Do a forum search and you'll see LOTS of discussion about SW and the Wallin Jig which helps you get the most out of it. There's also a pile of discussion about the Panasonic electret mike capsules. And some discussion about the long-awaited user manual...

mista2 21st April 2005 09:38 PM

planet 10 -- very nice! $7 per pair ain't bad at all! I think I dropped around $50 for mine (plexiglas and aluminum aren't as cheap as one might think!).

SY - double thanks, gettin on that forum search ASAP!

planet10 21st April 2005 11:10 PM


Originally posted by mista2
very nice! $7 per pair ain't bad at all! I think I dropped around $50 for mine (plexiglas and aluminum aren't as cheap as one might think!).
Value will skyrocket when i add the $20 phase plugs :)

BTW: just subbed in a set of Dynaco A50s... the cheap baffles are better.


mista2 23rd April 2005 04:43 AM

:D nearly 3x value!

agreed, cheaper is better unless its gonna be in the middle of the living room of someone more visually than auditory oriented...then its gotta "blend in", if you catch my drift :cool:

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