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BROKEN THIRDS 18th April 2004 06:48 PM

New member

I live in Canada and music has always been my main hobby. From playing the guitar in bands from age 11 to listening to music, watching concert dvds and chasing down such artists as Miles Davis, Corea, Di Meola and Metheny in the USA at clinics as well as countless hours searching for dvds and cds not available in North America. I studied electronics technology (three year course) in college in the early nineties, however, I eventually becoming a toolmaker.

In my early years and present I loved Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. However, through music education my listening preferences began to evolve and mature into a love for fusion and jazz. Fast, tight, articulate, and percussive rhythms and melodies that expose inferior sound systems and when played through an accurate controlled system can be the most relaxing thing to do in my leisure time.

I don't do anything half speed if I have a choice. To me accuracy of sound and control are paramount and effeciency takes a back seat because there is a difference. I've auditioned Linn, Meridian, Krell, B&W, JMLabs etc. and my conclusions are Class A, and sealed rule. Consequently, this is why I have joined this forum, to learn to build what I cannot afford.

Looking forward to this experience!

Broken Thirds

EC8010 18th April 2004 07:46 PM

Welcome to the forum. If you're a toolmaker, metalwork etc will be easy for you. Are you going to make a pick-up arm for vinyl, or are CD-only? Valves?

BROKEN THIRDS 18th April 2004 09:18 PM

Thanks for the interest EC8010m,

At present I want to build a solid state amplifier. In the future I would like to do something with tubes for some old brass solo on vinyl. I currently have a Rotel 3 x 200 and a Denon Receiver 5x105 and 5 Monitor Audio silver Series speakers with mathching 10" sub. I use the Rotel to power my center and front channels and the Denon for the rear channel pair the sub is powered.

Magura 18th April 2004 09:33 PM

Hi Broken

A fellow toolmaker, thats a rare pleasure.

You will have to take a look at Pass Zen V. 7.

Im currently working on such and as a toolmaker you will not find it too much trouble to make a reasonable cabinet for such.

Do you have acces to some machinery?


BROKEN THIRDS 19th April 2004 03:22 AM

Hi Magura,

I'm a licensed tool and die maker and mold maker. As you know these trades require perfection and I feel that we toolmakers can be great at anything we set our minds to considering the amount of detail and perfection we have been trained to work with.

I've got access to a jig borer, vertical and horizontal milling machines, wet grinders, hand grinders boring mill, engine lathe, honing machine, punch press, injection press, CNC milling machine etc.

I'm very interested in hearing about the good and bad of any amp, speaker, or crossover projects you have built. I'm getting ready to build two woofer cabinets to house one 15" woofer in each and I need feed back to decide if I should utilize an electronic crossover or passive. Music is always the priority! These will then be powered by mono blocks performing at either 200 or 250watts per channel.

If you have any info or experience with L-mosfets as compared to BJTs let me know.


EC8010 19th April 2004 07:42 AM

No question, put the crossover before the power amplifier. In the days when power was expensive, passive crossovers made sense. But a good bass amplifier is cheap. Amplifiers that wouldn't pass muster for their midrange and treble make perfectly good bass amplifiers. MOSFET amplifiers tend to have a slightly softer bass than BJTs, possibly because of the negative temperature coefficient of the device. You could also consider an evaluation board for one of those digital things (Tripath).

BROKEN THIRDS 19th April 2004 04:10 PM

I've heard that sub par amps for mids and his were more than adequate for bass but I've got to tell you I heard my friends two 15's with a different amp than his usual and there was a huge difference in the control of those woofers. ANy thoughts?

EC8010 19th April 2004 04:15 PM

Bass control tends to be down to the power supply. It's easy enough to make a silicon amplifier that has adequately good bass. What's expensive is making a good enough power supply to support it. Large transformers, decent rectifiers, and low ESR capacitors all cost money, so that's where the corners are cut. I expect that the better amplifier you heard had a better power supply.

BROKEN THIRDS 19th April 2004 04:27 PM

You suspected right. There is a 800VA toroidal and a capacitance of 80000 micro farads for an output of 2x200watts.

Magura 20th April 2004 12:06 AM

I can only agree with you about the fact that a well educated toolmaker is having an easy time making the stuff that most will have to leave for their wildest dreams. I have access to a fully equiped modern machine workshop as well, so we may have some fun ahead of us. In a while Ill start a thread about my Pass Zen V7 project. I have machined most of the parts by now (including the heatsinks), and im just waiting for the day Im getting excited to go out and buy a digi camera. The thread will not be interesting without the pics.


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