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Ed Shapiro 24th November 2012 05:19 PM

Ed from Ottawa, CANADA.
Hi Folks! My name is Ed and I just signed up here last night when I cam across it while searching for some information regard some old loudspeakers that I have acquired from the local charity shop- my man sours of components nowadays- surprisingly enough I fine some real OLD goodies there every now and again.

I am a professional photographer for over 50 years and I am still active and working at the age of 68. My dad was a very talented electronics technician and owned his own business. I was spoiled at an early age because he always brought home the best in audio, hi-fi and later on stereo equipment the likes of Mac Intosh, University triaxial speakers housed in Briggs enclosures and even an early stereo set up which entailed another Mac Intosh amp and 2 Fisher pre-amps and a fancy turntable made in England- possibly a Garrard unit. There was a Ferrograph reel to reel deck in the mix as well. ALL OLD TUBE TECHNOLOGY.

We also had the first TV on the block back in my former home town of Brooklyn, New York. It was an RCA unit with the famous 6-30 chassis and the picture tube was aimed at the ceiling and the image reflected back toward the viewer by way of a mirror- people feared the “harmful rays” that the thought came from the CRT! I learned to repair those sets by observing my dad at work- there was enough voltage to fry an elephant.

My interest in audio nowadays is sparked by my love of music of all kinds and I like to hear it pure and simple- the way it sound when I attend a live performance. I like bass but not enough to rattle the entire neighborhood and I like my high ends too but not enough to drive the cat out of the room. I ran AR equipment for many years because I found their systems had lots of authenticity. My 30 year old Radio Shack 200 Watt amp in my studio malfunctioned after years of good service but I fixed it- a bad IC.

Despite my early childhood and teenage introduction to audio, I am not an equipment snob and I pride myself in the fact that I know how to phase and place my speakers and “tune the room” if there are acoustical problems. I think that is half the battle in creating a good set up especially in quad or surround sound.

My other interest in electronics is building high voltage power supplied for my photographic lighting equipment (electronic flash) and creating custom lighting systems for other photographers. I know my way around such circuitry and have managed not to electrocute myself as yet. This is part of my business. Audio is mainly my hobby and I love tinkering with old gear. My studio also produces custom slide shows for our commercial clients and some savvy with sound helps with those assignments.

I think I am gonna like it around here and it looks like a well organized site. I post almost every day on a photographic forum and I appreciate the moderation y’all do for new members. I call it the “troll patrol” and it works ot well wnen we get the odd troublemaker on that photographic site..

Thanks for the opportunity in posting here. I am still getting used to current trends in quad systems where my old experience has become almost obsolete.

Ed Shapiro :happy2:

planet10 24th November 2012 08:26 PM

Welcome to the forum Ed.

What were the old speakers you just picked up?


Cal Weldon 24th November 2012 08:37 PM

Hello Ed, welcome to diyAudio.

Ed Shapiro 24th November 2012 09:45 PM

Hi Dave!

They are a pare of old Sannsui speakers model S450C and are, according to the label on the back of enclosures, are made in Canada, The condition of the speakers is good but the finish of the enclosures is not cosmetically perfect.

I have been on the Internet for a while today and can't seem to get a line on them as to value- they may be too old and of the charts as it were.

There is a damaged terminal on one of them so I am going to get out the screwdriver and the soldering iron and connect a pig tail directly to the internal wiring There seems to be a cross-over control on the front panel but I have not found out if it is in working order.

The set only set be back 10bucks so if I have to fix the crossover network the cost will not be too expensive. The 2 of them weigh a ton!

I am going to check them out and make sure I have the correct model number- all the ones I have seen on the net have different alpha-numeric configurations.

If you know anything about theses please let me know- I would greatly appreciate that.

Guys- Thanks for the welcome and the comeback.


planet10 24th November 2012 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by Ed Shapiro (
They are a pare of old Sannsui speakers model S450C and are, according to the label on the back of enclosures, are made in Canada,

If you can post some pics... i might be able to help.

Unfortunatly Made on Canada with a Japanese face plate is usually a sign of a low quality product meant to fill a low price point. Sometimes there are surprises thou.


Ed Shapiro 25th November 2012 02:02 AM

Hi Again Dave and thinks for your effort!

Attached are a picture of the units. They are built like brick outhouses but as for the sound??? I am going to hook them up tonight to get some idea.

The woofer is 10 inches- the mid-range is 6" and the tweeter is 4". Power handling is 55 watts.


PS: The attachment button does not work- perhaps because I am not fully approved to post as yet- moderation etc. :confused:! I will try again now or I will post again after my approval,

Ed Shapiro 25th November 2012 02:23 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Pictures- I will try again. Thanks

6speed 25th November 2012 02:27 AM

Welcome to the forum Ed! :wave:

planet10 25th November 2012 02:56 AM

I hare to say this ed, but i'm pretty sure i've burned a couple pair of those (when we see what is underthe decorative covers i'll know for sure). If they are what i think, worth the entry for the 4 L-Pads


Ed Shapiro 17th December 2012 01:38 AM

Hi gang!

I finally got those speakers hooked up to an old Harmon Karden surround sound amp and the, surprisingly enough sound pretty good. The speaker themselves are no dried up or damaged in any way and the crossover networks seem to be intact.. I am getting good lows without rattle or buzzing, nice mid-range and clean highs. There is a center channel in the system and the phasing and placements of the speakers seem to work. The back speakers are some old Goodmans speakers of the bookshelf size and everything seems to be working, acoustically speaking. A Sherwood sub-woofer is also attached. If you look at the system from a matching up of components point of view-it's gotta be the most rag-tag set up your have ever seen. Some of my real old stuff has long seen better days and I love experimenting with quad systems. The above system is in my studio (camera room) and serves as a nice background music rig when clients are in. If I am in there alone working on a product shoot, I crank it up a bit and listen to opera.

Another similar system is set up in our home with some older Al tic-Lansing speakers and a RCA quad amp.

My recent place of acquisition has been the local charity store- it seem s like old audiophiles are dumping the old gear there and some of the stuff is high end and pretty decent. I have picked up A Danon changer there and other good stuff and never pain more that 20 bucks for a component or a set of speakers. The last ting I picked up is a set of smaller surround sound speakers by Pioneer of 15 bucks with about 50 feet of 16 gauge wire. I am going to set this up for one of mu grown kids as soon as a fine an amp. I have no ideas what theses speakers sound like as yet bur there is a seriously heavy center channel speaker in the set.
Any comments on this equipment would be appreciated.

Thanks for you assistance so far!

Ed:hohoho: The best of the season to all.

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