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mozartsghost 3rd November 2012 01:56 PM

Hi from The Netherlands
Hi !

Ok, I am from Hilversum, The netherlands, I have been a member here since March 2009, but I have never posted anything, just been browsing and observing :)

I decided to introduce myself because I want to get more involved with the building of some Krell clone amplifiers .. I am originaly from South Africa, I moved to The Netherlands on 21'st august 2012, this year. Just before I left South Africa my workshop and office got broken into and almost all my equipment was stolen along with my audio equipment .. so I was left with nothing, this was part of my decision to move to the Netherlands.. I have owned my fair share of audio equipment but was mostly my friends who had the really nice stuff since I could not allways afford the best ;) .. so I am familiar with the marantz's and B&W's and B&O's and even some krell's

Ok, so I am starting new, but this time I decided I want to build my amplifiers and speakers and everything from scratch, I have built a lot of other things before and I do some micro electronics, but its more digital electronics like PIC microchips and assembler and such.. I would really like to get more into audio electronics and I think this is my chance.

Well, I hope to become a household friend here soon, Greetings to everyone !


DUG 3rd November 2012 04:25 PM


jrenkin 3rd November 2012 04:55 PM

Welcome! How hard was it to learn Dutch? I have been interested in moving to Holland myself, but to work there, I need to speak Dutch.

mozartsghost 3rd November 2012 05:05 PM

Hi jrenkin :)

Well, I am from South Africa .. so my native language is "Afrikaans" it's like 75% the same as Dutch ... but the accent is WAY different .. so I can understand most of what people say here but it is still a little difficult for my to talk back .. haha ..

although I have a work colleague here who is from lebanon and he is learning dutch at a really fast pace .. he talks better than me allready .. so I guess it is not really that difficult and dutch lessons are generaly quite cheap ! ..

It is quite a nice place to live .. but not so much space as I am used to back home .. I am sure in the USA it is the same .. lots of space .. but other than that I really enjoy it here ..

@DUG, thanks ;) greetings to you too !

planet10 3rd November 2012 05:50 PM

Welcpme to the forum Wolfie. Probably the hardest part of building your own hifi, is deciding what to build from the myriad choices :D


mozartsghost 3rd November 2012 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by planet10 (
Welcpme to the forum Wolfie. Probably the hardest part of building your own hifi, is deciding what to build from the myriad choices :D


Haha .. Thanks Dave !

Yes indeed, there is a galaxy of information on this forum it seems .. so far I have a decent idea of what I want .. but the road to getting there .. well, lol, it changes along the journey ..

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