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Drumhead 11th April 2012 09:20 PM

Hello from Denmark
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I thought I might as well sign up, since I've been browsing the site on and off for the last weeks. This seems to be the place where I get answers to all my questions about sound equipment. I've learned a lot already. Thanks for that!

Until recently I thought I lived happily in harmony with my 3 sets of Behringer Truth B2030A active studio monitors and B2092A active subwoofers. Then I happend to listen to a pair of 15" newly recoated Tannoy coax and fell for the wonderful dynamics and presence of such speakers.Wow! A snare drum sounded like, well - a snare drum. And felt like it, too.

So now I'm working on building a pair of 400 liter tuneable speaker cabinets for 15" P audio coax units (Tannoys are hard to get and expensive, so I chose those more or less at random for an alternative. Besides, they can take a lot more punishment - an important virtue IMHO). I'm also trying to fix my old Denon PMA 1560 Which suffers from old age and clics on and off with irregular intervals. I plan to bi-amp the system and try to use the Denon for treble/midtone and a Sure class-D amp for the bass. I may or may not even use the Behringer sub in conjunction with the new speakers. I'll see how it goes :-). I may post some photos and cabinet drawings once I get there (If my cabinets turns out to sound well).

planet10 11th April 2012 09:54 PM

Welcome to the forum.


sreten 11th April 2012 10:04 PM

Hi, 400L !? for a 15" ? what driver ? something is amiss ..., rgds, sreten.

c2cthomas 11th April 2012 11:12 PM

Hello Drumhead -and Welcome to diyAudio!!!! :D:D:D

Cal Weldon 12th April 2012 02:54 PM

Hello Drumhead, welcome aboard.

Drumhead 14th April 2012 04:46 PM

Thanks everybody

Originally Posted by sreten (
Hi, 400L !? for a 15" ? what driver ? something is amiss ..., rgds, sreten.

..for making me feel welcome.

sreten, it will be P-audio BM-15CX38 drivers. And the boxes are going to be something like what I have seen described as 'onken'-cabinets. The difference is that the slotted ports are shaped like little horns (approximately 10 mm wide openings inside and around 30 mm outside). There are a few geometric ratios that have to be kept fixed. The design is something a friend of mine has done a lot of experimenting with and they are supposedly scalable such that, to a certaint extent, bigger is better.

I have heard these boxes with Tannoy 15" Gold drivers (not sure exactly which model) and they sounded amazing. I make the slots adjustable with respect to the inner width of the openings so I can tune the boxes, realising that, eventhough the P-audio drivers come close to the Tannoys in many of their parameters, they are different after all. There are a number of reasons why I did not choose Tannoy drivers. First of all, availability and price. But also the fact that the P-audios can take a lot more punisment, which is important for me. Should they, contrary to my expectations, turn out to sound terrible as hifi-speakers I can always move them to my practice room, next to my drums, where they can make great monitors :o

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