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Diginerd 2nd August 2010 11:33 PM

Hi there,

Signed up after following a link on a user's site. New to here, but I've been building and repairing studio gear and Synths on and off for nearly 20 years now.

My last project was fully restoring a 40 module (80 input) Soundtracs Solitaire. That took a while! Unfortunately it was damaged and a good chunk of my studio was recently destroyed by a lighning strike that jumped onto the Cat 5 network running throughout my house.

No on was hurt, and rather than being depressed I see it as an opportunity to do a ground up refurbishment.

My day job is centered around networking and systems administration so I think you'll be seeing posts from me all over the shop.

As for esoteric HiFi, I'm not much of a believer in it once I learned that my AtC SCM-50As used regular power cable between each of the amp blocks and the drivers. They're about the best speakers I've ever heard and if snakeoil beats good design it's time for me to give up.


Rob. Aka Diginerd

pop4richard 5th August 2010 10:26 PM

Hi from NZ
Hi Chris, I have just been reading your posts on digital sampling/bit depth and found it all very interesting.
I work recording musicians in a studio but know very little theory in the field of digital recording. My knowledge comes from practical experience and my experiences as a musician in the recording studio, so I will look forward to reading your posts
Thanks and welcome.

Cal Weldon 6th August 2010 04:05 PM

Hola again.

Diginerd 6th August 2010 09:06 PM


Glad to be contributing to the community. I Have a strong studio background, but I have some electronics background too. I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering in college, but that was a long time and no preparation at all for the real world. I've certainly not used much of what I studied since Uni (way to many moons ago!).

I'm here because like you I'm looking for answers to simlar questions about "Why" things are better, not just that they are. I have to struggle hard to overcome my internal biases and mislearnings created by practical exposure to the issues described here.

I'm big into digital theory and it's practical applications to recording. The sonics of my work have improved dramatically once I really started paying attention to details that most folks are unaware of. If you know the limits of your tools you can get the most out of them, which also helps me stave off gear lust!

Great examples of this are dithering on my mix bus outputs and not recording at too hot a level into my ADCs. Both are now more common knowledge, but considered as heresy back when I started doing it. When PT HD came out it held nothing of benefit for me as a properly flown Mix system can do some impressive work. That saved a few $!

The other thing that studio work has done is make me very pragmatic about technically better and actually more pleasing. I've learned I LIKE the sound of things that on paper look awful, and technically ARE awful in terms of HiFi, so I''m no audiophile, but I need to beable to get audiophile grade results if that's what the situation warrants.

Anyway, please to meet you, I'm definately finding this board to be a significant step up in terms of community and knowledge than the regular "Pro Audio" boards. Lots of things to learn from folks who know infinately more about the inner workings of things, and hopefully our experiences using gear to make music returns the favor for the knowledge shared.



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