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Grasp 11th December 2008 08:08 PM

I Found You!
Actually I found the creator of the Curvy Chang! :)

Hi everyone! Here is a little background:
I've always enjoyed music and sound - tinkering to get the best clarity, or more responsive bass etc. I've installed in many a car, and set up quite a few home theatre systems - but none all that great, just using whatever I can get my hands on - perhaps my current system will give you a clue

Yamaha HTR5760 7.1 (Matrixed) (around 80 - 90 w per channel I think)
Fronts - Cerwyn-VEGA AT-12's and a Cerwyn-VEGA center channel (don't know the model and not timbre-matched to fronts)
Rears - some old TEAC bookshelves
BR's PSB Alphas

Getting the picture? The cobbler! :)

I am interested in the DIY because I'll never have the budget to do what I want - which is an imposing, all tower, all aligned, 7.1 system that finally has matching speakers! :)

This is where it gets crazy... I'm thinking of making some Curvy Changs - definitely 8" Fostex 206's up front, and perhaps one for a center channel, and then a design similar for maybe some 6" for the 4 surrounds... or I could go really crazy and do all 8".

I should mention that I have a pretty small room in the basement for this all too... maybe this is the part where I go crazy? :)

Hmm... well, what I hope to do is find a nice way to set up my system and build some excellent sounding DIY's. I really appreciate all the work that has gone into design/sound channeling etc by those intelligent enough to do it, and the willingness to share plans etc.

I plan to consider my design options for a few months... since I'll be using the great outdoors as my woodshop, and it's cold in Edmonton till at least May. I will hopefully have the parts ready and my woods picked out in late may.. then the build...

I used to do some architectural modeling (I notice others here have been using SketchUp!) and rendering, and still have all the software etc - so feel free to hit me up with requests if you need too, I'll do my best to contribute on the graphics side!

planet10 11th December 2008 08:31 PM


I went to U of A (a long time ago :))

Curvy Chang really prefers the FE207 (i just shipped a set of FE207eN + FT17 that will be going into Half-Chang (IIRC)), might be possible to arrange to hear those.

FE206 would be happier in Sachiko.


Cal Weldon 11th December 2008 08:33 PM

Hello and welcome to the forums. Dave's definitely the man to help you get a grasp of things.

Oops, that just slipped out.

c2cthomas 11th December 2008 09:04 PM

Hi Grasp - and Welcome to diyAudio! :D

David can EnABL you to build some great sounding speakers - any size you care to squeeze into you man cave. ;)

Grasp 12th December 2008 07:54 PM

Dave, I will have to get in touch with you at some point, I've tried to give myself enough time to absorb the vast amount of information here, and I really appreciate the suggestion of model choice. I'm vacillating between speaker configs/designs and honestly going on looks and hopes buoyed by the excellent sounding reviews that I've been seeing all over for this type of design/speaker. I've really got to nail down my wants and the restrictions I've got to decide what would be the best way to go.

I have a smallish room, I'd guess about 13 ft wide by about 16 feet long, 7 foot unfinished ceiling, 2 couches and a 42" LCD. I've always thought it would be really cool to have 6 towers pumping the surround for movies, and I do really like 7 channel stereo as done through Yamaha. I like the double horn designs, but perhaps this would be a little too large in my little room - also I have couches to contend with too - so not sure how the back rears would do behind a couch - driver would be free and clear, but the bottom horn wouldn't.

Anyhoo... I'll have lots of time to ruminate on that.. and Dave - I would like to check you out for some speaks.. and this enABL process is definitely interesting...

Well - thanks for the warm welcome!

(side note - I did some searching and didn't come up with anything - if anyone knows of some search terms I could use - I'd appreciate it.. I'd like to know about the different Fostex fullrange models and basically peoples opinions on a side by side comparison etc.. The only thing I found on the net was a sellers site, and it didn't look too trustworthy, I didn't find any full comparisons here - have they been done? Where can I find 'em? Thanks)

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