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leadbelly 9th March 2003 05:53 PM

Well, I've been reading and posting for a few months, so I guess I should say something...

My name's Tony and I'm a control systems engineer living in Calgary.

I've been a DIY guy for years, but never audio. As a matter of fact, I only found this forum after I had completely finished my 1st DIY sub, and my motivation for that was I couldn't seem to find something commercial that was what I was looking for but didn't cost more than my budget.

I do lots of hobby stuff, just at a brutally slow pace (low attention span). Along with audio DIY, where I've got an ML TQWT on the go, and source tweaks after that, and an Aleph-X after that, I'm about to tackle building a 5' x 8' HO/HOn3 layout, and then detail an MDC Shay after that.

Anyways, keep up the great stuff. This forum rocks.

planet10 9th March 2003 08:54 PM

Re: Hello

Originally posted by leadbelly
Tony and I'm a control systems engineer living in Calgary
Welcome Tony.

Where in Calgary do you live & work (i grew up in Stettler, and my parents (and grandparents) lived in Calgary for sometime.


MJK 9th March 2003 09:32 PM

Hi Tony,

Tell me about your ML TQWT. What are you working on, what driver(s) are you using? Straight or folded?

leadbelly 9th March 2003 10:22 PM

Hey guys,

Dave, I live in Tuscany (very northwest part of Calgary). I work in the northeast, around 64th ave & deerfoot trail. I grew up in montreal and moved here about 5 years ago. It hurts a little to think of how much easier getting diy parts was in montreal than here, but I never had the cash then to attempt the projects I do now.

Martin, it's your FE164 straight ML TQWT design that I'm building. I hemmed and hawed about starting it when I read that the FE164 was discontinued, but I found that Madisound had stock left and they cost me less that FE167E's. I'm building the enclosures out of 3/4" MDF. About the only new-to-me thing I'm trying is to take the effort of filling all screw holes with MDF plugs, so I can stain the enclosures with a black gel stain before I clearcoat. I'm hoping to get something that looks better than simple paint with less effort than veneer. I'm still somewhat shellshocked by veneering my sub, it was not easy and didn't turn out to my expectations.


planet10 9th March 2003 10:45 PM


Originally posted by leadbelly
I live in Tuscany (very northwest part of Calgary). I work in the northeast, around 64th ave & deerfoot trail
My parents lived in NW, so i did the drive you no doubt do every day when i came to visit.


MJK 9th March 2003 11:17 PM

I hink that you will really enjoy the FE-164 ML TQWT speaker. I have received many positive feedback e-mails on this design. When you get done I would love a picture for my gallery. If you have any questions while you are working on the enclosures, please do not hesitate to ask me directly or on this forum.

Good luck,

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