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Geenius 17th January 2006 09:49 AM


Originally posted by Le Basseur

...and another bass player reporting on duty,Sir!:D
I don't want to rain on your parade,but your project is highly probable not to give you the desired's why:
1.A three-way bass cab is a little too much either for bass guitar or double-bass.The existence of a 18'' woofer might ensure a psihical confort but IMHO it's way too big and slow...except if you want that "Acoustic horns" sound of the 70's.For almost every situation,a 15''+2x10'' or a good 2x12'' is OK.
2.I'd not expect "wood & strings" from a 3-way box because you'll need to use some passive filters for the mid and tweeter,wich means different phase responses between the three drivers...hence,more "mud".(...been there,done that....too many times).
3.Are sure you want a heavy,60+ kilos cabinet to haul around?Just think about your maybe you can and are willing to perform such a sport,but look a little farther....when you'll be 50,you'll surely feel all the consequences,being good or bad.
If I were you,I'd go for a good pair of coaxial 12s (as someone already suggested here).In a well-built/proper cab,they perform wonderfully,especially with a double-bass.
...or,go buy a Roland Bass Cube 100 or one of those fancy AER amps!:D

Hi Le Basseur,

Thanks for the input but I must disagree. :D

1). I have played on many 12" and 15" systems and the physical presence of a double bass just doesn't come across on "small" woofers. That's why I want to try an 18", at home for my hifi system I use two 21" woofers and they give the sound I am looking for, unfortunatly 21"-ers are less portable than 18". The 18" driver I have in mind has an acceleration factor of 178, comparable with many normal 15" woofers.

2). I am looking for a natural tonal balance, i.e. a flat frequency response. There are two ways to achieve this. Either using a single driver which has to be equalized or via a hifi approach using multiple drivers and a passive crossover. Both add extra phase shifts. My current system uses one 12" woofer, two 7" midranges and a 1" tweeter connected together with a 2.5-way passive crossover. I am often complimented about the good sound quality.

3). All the drivers have a neodynium magnet, even the 18" woofer weighs only 6,6 Kg.

I've tried a Roland Bass Cube 100 and it sounded like ......(fill in your favourite four letter word).:D
I also have a simple light weight combo with a single 12" woofer, fine for mild amplification but it also sounds like the Roland.

Zeleuo 31st January 2006 06:41 AM

Hey Tony,

Have you considered the recent Carvin BRX 1x18Ó? Although youŐre only wanting to go to 40hz sheŐs tuned for 24hz so youŐd have MORE than enough room for proper attenuation,& youŐd be LOADED for Bear should you change your mind,or taste latter on.

Better to have it than not.

I donŐt relate to the Double Bass thing,but then again I donŐt Hunt with a Muzzleloader,wipe my Tail with a Corncob,or take my Deceased pets to the Taxidermist either.

However you are ABSOLUTELY correct in regards to FULL Bass transmission,in relation to Driver size.ThatŐs why so many Bassists are pleasantly surprised at the true FULLNESS,(that theyŐve never heard before) of the humble Gstring once they play through one of the 12Ó Aguilar CabŐs,(1x,2x,or 4x) for the first time.

The same holds true for the Larger strings.What the 12Ó does for the G,a 18Ó does for E.

4x10Ős are popular because Fender made them popular eons ago,& 15Ős are so popular because 10Ős are SO lacking.For some reason a LOT of people choose to live in the past,in spite of clear advancement.

The reality is 10Ős simply donŐt cut it!

So Buy,or Build your 18Ós.Run some SERIOUS wattage through em,Rearrange the Drummers Kit while he attempts to play it,Shake that SNOT Nosed Guitarist,(and his rig) clean off the stage,& unbolt ALL the seats in the first five rows.

Ignore the Micro Minded.YouŐre a Bassist,not a Tenor so play Bass Tones!!!:devilr:

Geenius 14th February 2006 12:03 PM

Update: I have bought a Ciare 18.00Ndw , a Ciare 10.50Ndw and a Monacor MHD-172 tweeter and mounted them in a closed test box. Last Sunday I had a gig with my new 5 string bass-guitar. I still have to design a crossover and the tweeter was connected by a simple 3rd oder crossover set to a high 5kHz but the result with fresh out of the box drivers is quite promising. Deep solid powerfull bass even being a closed design and nice attack and articulation in the mid-band. Now its time to start on a real crossover and maybe some reflex ports to bring out the low B a little better.:)

Brion55 20th February 2006 12:58 AM

Have you thought of going with an active crossover feeding two power amps?

Geenius 20th February 2006 12:39 PM

Yep, too expensive.:)

phase_accurate 20th February 2006 01:13 PM


Yep, too expensive.
Maybe - but waaaaaaaay too cool to dismiss !!



Geenius 20th February 2006 01:24 PM

All donations would be highly appreciated!:D

Brion55 21st February 2006 10:13 PM

It's not as expensive as you might think and the results are well worth it.

You can build a nice 18db/octave crossover for less than $30. and run it into a stereo amp, using one side for the highs and the other for the lows. Stereo sound reinforcement amps aren't all that expensive these days. The "high" end could then have a passive crossover to run the tweeter.

Just a thought...

elementx 13th March 2006 05:13 PM

2 Attachment(s)
This is for standard guitar, the standard tunings...the picture might help too...

164.81 E3 6-0
174.61 F3 6-1
185.00 F#3 6-2
196.00 G3 6-3
207.65 G#3 6-4
220.00 A3 5-0
233.08 A#3 5-1
245.94 B3 5-2
261.63 C4 5-3
277.18 C#4 5-4
293.66 D4 4-0
311.13 D#4 4-1
329.63 E4 4-2
349.23 F4 4-3
369.99 F#4 4-4
392.00 G4 3-0
415.30 G#4 3-1
440.00 A4 3-2
466.16 A#4 3-3
493.88 B4 2-0
523.25 C5 2-1
554.37 C#5 2-2
587.33 D5 2-3
622.25 D#5 2-4
659.26 E5 1-0
698.46 F5 1-1
739.99 F#5 1-2
784.00 G5 1-3
830.61 G#5 1-4
880.00 A5 1-5
932.33 A#5 1-6
987.77 B5 1-7
1046.50 C6 1-8
1108.70 C#6 1-9
1174.70 D6 1-10
1244.50 D#6 1-11
1318.50 E6 1-12
1396.60 F6 1-13
1480.00 F#6 1-14
1568.00 G6 1-15
1661.20 G#6 1-16
1760.00 A6 1-17
1867.70 A#6 1-18
1975.50 B6 1-19
2093.00 C7 1-20
2217.50 C#7 1-21
2349.30 D7 1-22
2489.00 D#7 1-23
2637.00 E7 1-24

hyperpsyched 4th August 2007 11:53 AM

and I quote...

"The AVERAGE human ear perceives frequencies from 20 to 20,000hz.

Audiophiles hear even more.One right here."

- Zuleuo

OMG Zeleuo... that is the funniest thing I have ever read.

I had no idea most audiophiles were DOGS!

Why then must audiophiles be dogs? Simple logic really:

IF dogs can hear frequencies above 20 KHz,
AND all audiophiles, regardless of age, can hear frequencies above 20 KHz,
THEN all audiophiles are dogs.


So to improve my hearing I can simply buy a 3000 Euro power cable. Hah, I too will acquire this elusive super-hearing and thus join this exclusive club of audiophile... uh, well... super-hearers!

It gets better! It is also a well known fact that audiophiles have much greater sexual stamina and are generally able to jump over tall buildings in a single bound, even if they tend to lack an understanding of the fundamental basics of both biology and physics. But then who cares when you have a Shakti "The Stone" on every audio component in your home! Me, I have to resort to common kitty litter on my equipment.

Really... just teasing! But please, post more more of the same :)

As for the whole Bass guitar frequency range thing... no idea.

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