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inuyasha44320 17th July 2006 05:35 PM

getting sound into a Hammond series 10 tone cabnet...
my dad gave me this tone cab and it looks awesome in and out.... no scratcheds on wood and only a very thin layer of dust inside.... i dont have an organ, i do hoever have an electric guitar and a yamaha keyboard that sorta has an organy sound to it...
i need to know exactly how to get an audio signal into it... (between line level for the keyboard, and about magnetic phono level for the guitar.... is this even a good idea?

i also belive this model has circuitry for a reverb but relies on one
mounted in the organ (am i right?)

if so i want to put one in because i happen to have a reverb spring...

attached is the circuit for the beast... any ideas on how to fire it up?

---i hope this is in the right spot....
....i looked for threads containing info on this...
.... please bash me in the head if theres one i missed....

inuyasha44320 17th July 2006 07:35 PM

ok wait a minute... i got the thing figured out... not is it possible to bridge it? (ps it sounds really good on one channel...

inuyasha44320 18th July 2006 12:34 AM

ok after a little more experimenting i see that one channel is the hi-range and the other goes to the speaker on the bottom
(the subwoofer is super sized!!!)

im happy with the input level... line level input is quiet (sorta) and my guitar is loud if i use a footpedal preamp (loud enough to bug a neighbor :) also i love the fact that distortion is close to 0%
no hum no nothing... only thing i hate is the size.... its like well huge!!!

can i just tie both channels (hi and low) togheter and use it as a single amp or do i have to split the signal with caps or something to prevent dc frm getting between channels?

i know i sound like a nerd right now and this is the third post in like 2 hours but im excitesd so im sorry ill try to stop this....

jerishi 19th July 2006 04:25 AM

Don't worry about it- in the informal world of lookin' for a good-sounding piece of equipment... how you get there is what it's about. I'm interested in what you're working on, so would be interested in more info. -

inuyasha44320 19th July 2006 09:52 PM

thanks for some feed back turns out this thing is a really big speaker with an amp inside... acording to what ive read this thing has 2 channels... one for the left tweeter and one for the right

each input (theres 2 ) aparently goes to a filter that separates the lows and highs

the lows from both channels are fed to a single subwoofer

the highs go to an independent tweeter per channel...

at least that is what the specs say...

i havent studied the schematic too detailed yet but i have got this thing to fire up and i have got sound out of it...

on mine one channel seems to go to the subwoofer more than the tweeter

and the other channel seemn to go to the other tweeter more than the subwoofer

i dont rightly know why at this point if its suppose to do that or not

this was built for hammond organs... i dont have one (although i wish i did :) )

it has at the back 2 connectors... and no power cord

; power was drawn thru cable connected to organ;

the other connector is a mirror of the first
(i guess for daisy-chaining)

since there was no way to get it to turn on with out a hammond i decided to take off the back and rig something up

i did and it worked

turns out this is a solid state rig
but its got a monster chassis and power supply

i traced the cables...

5 coax cables went from the input and tone selector on the panel to the amp

since they were color coated i removed the rca plugs from the amp to get to the panel better

i didnt want to decrese the value (in case i ever sell it)
i also wanted it to do something (since w/o hooking it up its just a table)

so instead of cutting wires and ripping it up i simply stripped some of the existing wires back a little and wrapped new around and taped them in place

i figured out which pin was what

it goes :

2-input 1
3-input 2
5-120 ac cold
6-ground (audio and chassis)
7-120 ac hot

i passed new wires thru the existing pins (they were hollow)

it worked the first try!

the fact that the ground for the audio was between the line voltage pins made me nervous so i spliced into a ground farther away from it for the audio

i tryed the following setups

since it was the first thing i saw capable of outputting a low level audio signal i hooked my guitar up to a channel...

it worked but was quiet...

then i took one of my foot pedals
(a Boss hm-2 heavy metal pedal)
and turned the distortion all the way down and used the pedal as a pre-amp

lets put it this way

my cousin heard it outside on the corner of the block...

it can get loud...

i tried the other channel and relized that i was only playing thru a single tweeter before... cause now i was coming thru a 15 inch sub and the other 8 inch tweeter

louder still... but it didnt seem to be enough

i got curious and started wondering how to play thru both channels at the same time...

now i know this is usally a no-no but i figured what the heck

i twisted the inputs together BOOM (just kidding)

it worked! now i dont know if thats proper

i know that there could have been a dc offset between channels

and i probly should use some kind of capicitor to couple the channelas togheter just in case
what do you think?

(sorry if im a little on the technical side... i had a couple years of electronics technology class)

btw schematics and info were found here:

thanks for any info


inuyasha44320 19th July 2006 09:52 PM

sorry for the long pots but i forgot this
this is the link to the schematic (its not actuall on that other page)

inuyasha44320 24th July 2006 06:10 PM

does any one know if the signals should be like they are?

input 1 comes thru the sub about 60% and comes thru the left

tweet about 40%

input 2 seems to come thru right tweet about 90% and about

5% seems to go to sub and 5% more seems to goto the left


i hate to continue bugging you fine people but i would just like to

know if this is right... i dont want to risk blowing something out

due to something not being biased right or being shorted...

the sound i do get is Very clean though...


fmw63 24th July 2006 08:20 PM

Hammond Series 10 info
These should get you started.


inuyasha44320 13th August 2006 02:35 PM

case closed, works great, anooys the neighbors (and parents)
sounds great,

any idea what tis is worth?

it is in VERY good shape no dings, mildue,

completly stock (although i did strip a few wires inside i didnot cut them)---to actually hook it up

i might sell it (but im reluctant cause it makes such a great amp)
:xeye: i dunno any suggestions? :xeye:


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