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ellishk 11th March 2006 01:38 PM

DI box -> mic in port??
hi, i am new here :)

i wanna record my guitar playing into the computer but i found that the line in of my computer got problems

so i eventually thinking of buying a DI box,
i wanna know can a DI box directly be connected to the mic in port of the computer??

it is because there's no problems when i use my computer mic...


Nigel Goodwin 11th March 2006 03:32 PM

The main purpose of a DI box is to connect an unbalanced signal to a balanced input, often a bass guitar - and it may not do what you want?. You really need a preamp to connect a guitar, as it requires a high imedance input - unless you have an active guitar?, in which case the preamp is built in the guitar. You could perhaps use an active DI box as a preamp?, this would convert the high impedance from the guitar to match the line in socket on your computer (NOT the mike socket).

ellishk 12th March 2006 03:52 AM


about the Behringer DI, because i read the manual that there is an output in the DI and can be connected into the mic input...

here it is
"Output. This is the balanced micphone level output of the ULTRA-DI. Connection to the microphone input should be made with a standard high quality balanced cable."

is that means the DI can be connected to mic in??

also, is there any other device that can help recording that's no need to connect to line in port ?? because the line in port may be broken

M-audio sounds expensive to me


thanks again!!

imix500 12th March 2006 04:36 AM

Hi ellishk, a di box will not allow you to connect to the mic input of the sound card.
The type of mic input on sound cards is very different from what di boxes put out. The soundcard "mic in" is designed for an electret microphone and is not compatible with a standard mic level input without an additional preamp to addapt the signal.

neutron7 12th March 2006 05:01 AM

they are talking about a balanced mic input on a mixer or other studio gear they dont mean mic input on sound card.

DI box usually is taking the phantom power from the mic connection on a studio mixer (or a battery) and converting bass or whatever to a balanced signal so it will not pick up noise.

mic input in behringer studio language is for a studio mixer which is a balanced input completely different from a sound card.

what about your line input? is the signal too low for it? what are the problems it has?

ellishk 12th March 2006 08:07 AM



so do i need to replace the sound card??:bawling:

because i installed cool edit pro and sonar, so i only want to find the way to record the sound into the computer and then do some mixing.


ellishk 12th March 2006 08:07 AM

oh my god....

thanks for telling me,
i tried this
guitar -> multieffect -> line in

i changed the head of the jack to a small one to connect to the line in, and i use the window recorder and a cool edit pro to record.
but there are absolutely no sound of the guitar but a loud and steady "dee....." sound, that's static sound <--- i dunno what the sound called...

so....i just think that maybe the port problem or the sound card problem...

also, becoz the mic in port is alright too when i use a computer mic, so i just thinking of using it for recording.... but i need to get something to connect the guitar to it

ellishk 12th March 2006 08:07 AM

I did it!!
well, i am so sorry to brother u all so long, the problem ESP jack is not suitable with the small head, after i changed a fender jack and use the mic works!!

thanks all~~

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