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bob4 27th October 2002 12:41 PM

Call for Musical Instruments forum board

### edit dice45 ###
the question for a Musical Instruments forum board arose out of another thread. I decided to split it off and to put it on the Everything Else board to get appropriate attention :)
### edit dice45 ###

Hi fdegrove,


Originally posted by fdegrove
Anyone remembers the moog and mellotron?

Yup, both are interesting instruments.

BTW, I wonder why there isn't any DIY analog synth section.
As I searched the net, I found quite a lot of sites and a mailing list on that topic...........

So if any moderator is reading this: Why don't you open up a new section for those freaxx?



Jason 28th October 2002 12:44 AM

I don't imagine that there wld be a high enough demand for a dedicated forum on that topic. We have tried splitting forums down to niche areas before, and it just doesn't work - people don't look around. You could say that that is a navigation or UI problem but it's generally better to lump everything in together. The lesser of two evils.

Feel free to start a thread on it / more threads and see how they go.

By the way, I am a very enthusiastic techo man myself (psy, breaks, techno, tech-house) so I would love to see people talking about it, but I can't see it happening.

dice45 28th October 2002 11:25 AM

Musical instruments forum: yes!!
i am not that sure there would no be enough interest.

I heard rumours about more than one forums related to DIY music instruments and closed down by the site owners not due to lacking demand but other reasons.

Methinks it is hard to predict if there will be enough interest, only a tryout will tell.
Think of the Analogue board, it seemed to end up as ghost town for quite a while and look at it now. Not a bee hive like Speakers, Pass Labs, SS, but lively and
healthy. Methinks, if we could manoeuver some musical instrument experts to our new Music Instrument forum then it is more than a newbie's platform, i am convinced it's mere existence will attract people.

And i know atleast one of them: my other best friend, Papageno. He has built two harpsichords. Back in the 60ies, he has built 3way speakers with a backloaded horn for the bass and from todays POV i still consider them to be remarkable speakers. At the moment he is building an electronic organ meant to sound exactly like one of those gorgeous ancient Arp Schnitger organs (like the one at St.Jakobi church Hamburg) and for that purpose he records the organ ton be tone, all different registers. He stores the recorded samples in EPROMs and a key stroke then triggers the readout of the sample, attack, steady tone, decay depending on how long the key was pressed, in better than CD quality.

Recently Papageno asked me if there is any knowledge on our board concerning digital hall units, as he was reluctant to use and analog hall spiral. Could be experts like Jocko have no knowledge but a sudden idea how build such, who knows?

Back to topic,
i could see what other forums exist and tell members we opened a musical instruments forum board, i could ask JoeNet members who are into guitar amps or similar, i could ask Dieter Ennemoser, the C37 guy and violin maker to come and see if there is some interesting stuff for him. What i have in mind: the knowledge of different, completely differnt fields would suddenly be in the same pool and accessible by all particiapants.
And then: patience: not close it down the day after tomorrow because of not enough posts. Instead wait until the critical mass is reached. :)

You know, I believe in weird things like free flow of knowledge and a common knowledge pool. And i believe in a not so weird concept: quality. A working Musical Instruments board would help to raise quality. I would heartily encourage a Musical Instrument forum board. :yes:

fdegrove 28th October 2002 11:40 AM

Hi guys,

Sounds like a good idea to me,the musicians may also bring along some guys from the recording business and so on.

We could learn from them,they form us and at the end of the day we may get a bit of crossbreeding too.
Wouldn't hurt to try?

So that one vote from me.;)

See you,:)

Jason 28th October 2002 12:23 PM

well you guys have your finger on the pulse much more than me so Dice of course please do what you think is best :)

BTW and FWIW I was referring to the asked question of opening a dedicated "DIY analog synth section", not a whole diy instrument section. I should read a thread cover to cover before I put my foot in my mouth again.

dice45 28th October 2002 01:46 PM

no foot in mouth. I have the separation of the Video board in mind: noone appreciated the separation. So i would not dream of having an analog synth board. But analog synths are Musical Instruments and discussions on this topic would wel fit into a Musical Instrument board. And Musical Instruments is a general topic biggenuff to attract people. :)

dice45 29th October 2002 08:07 PM

Noone else commenting? :confused:

bob4 30th October 2002 08:38 AM

Nobody answering
Seems like that............
All my threads seem to be ignored anyways...:( :bawling:

But they have reason, nor would I answer a person with a screw clamp on his head :D ;)

sangram 30th October 2002 08:44 AM

Bring it on!

I also might add you may want to consider musical instrument amps, DIY stompboxes etc along with DIY instruments themselves. Or am I looking at it from another angle??

bob4 30th October 2002 08:56 AM


Originally posted by sangram
Bring it on!

I also might add you may want to consider musical instrument amps, DIY stompboxes etc along with DIY instruments themselves. Or am I looking at it from another angle??

Nope you aren't, as I play electric guitar, the DIY stompboxes would be an interesting thing to me .
But I must admit that I'm not too much into electronics (honstly said: I don't know s#it about it).

Dice: You could first of all open open the board without any sub- categories and wait until there are some threads, and then start splitting it into different sub- cats.
I know that there are at least some musicians on this forum, who might be interested in it...........



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