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BassAwdyO 15th November 2005 12:08 AM

DIY guitar
So the other day my dad came home with a big peice of oak which was roughly shaped like some sort of a guitar body and told me that his brother had been making it many years ago. I thought hey thats a neat idea, I could make my own guitar, no problem.

I was only really going to make the body though. I have a neck which was a leftover from when my dad and his buddy replaced my telecaster's neck with a longer tenor neck.

I figure making the mounting hardware for the strings shouldnt be entirely too difficult, but I'll plan on buying pickups nobs and the jack for now.

Anyone made their own guitar before? Any tips?

I "searched" the forum, but didnt see anything in the oh so weak 23 threads here.

I was thinking MDF wouldnt be too bad to use for the wood. I think I will finish it auto style with bondo and auto paint(for a glossy and durable finish).

I'll keep you all posted.... Any comments are welcome;)

P.S. this will be a solid body electric(if you couldnt tell)

BobEllis 15th November 2005 12:43 AM is your friend. They have all the parts tools and finishing supplies you need. Also look at warmoth and Carvin for parts.

Also see for some other finishing ideas and equipment.

I built a Carvin kit bass, and enjoy it a lot.

Enjoy your project

BassAwdyO 15th November 2005 01:40 AM

Thanks bob

ruerose 15th November 2005 01:55 AM

I have been wanting to buy a electric guitar kit from carvin for some time, but I would rather source from a canadian supplier rather than cross-border ship and pay exchange.

Does anyone know if there is a guitar kit distributor in canada?

Puggie 15th November 2005 12:16 PM

I've built my own electric guitar, go for it!

I went for a nech through body style so the neck is one piece from the headstock right down through the body.

I used Canadian Rock Maple for the neck, sawn into 3 strips then the middle one turned over and the 3 glued back together with mahogany veneer between them giving me 2 funky pinstripes down the length of the guitar and making sure if the maple warps with age the centre strip should warp the other way to the other 2 reducing any over all neck warping.

the fingeboard was ebony and bought as a pre cut item, I then fitted the biggest damn frts I could find.

the guitar body was made from rock maple again to match the neck as it goes through the body, even hollowing this out to some degre it still weighs noticable more than a les paul!

finally the body top and headsock were capped in cocobolo (3/4' thick on the body) and the top sanded into a slight arch top, the body is roughly based on a rickenbacker 4001 bass. hardware is all gold plated gotoh stuff because it was cheap at the time. floyd style trem (it was a good few years ago) and locking nut.

its a great guitar to play if you don't mind something with a very fat neck, the electrics were ultrasonics single coil sized humbuckers and it works a treat.

I still have a Hofner tele neck to make a guitar for my Mrs, been meaning to do that for years, it will need a lighter body for her though, I quite fancy Zebrano for that one.

Go for it and it should turn out great, I made some real **** ups on mine, I thinned the neck too much and had to cut the whole guitar down the length throug the pinstripes and fit thicker pinstripes before gluing the top on to widen out the neck a it, turned out ok though.

pinkmouse 15th November 2005 12:42 PM

Re: DIY guitar

Originally posted by BassAwdyO
I was thinking MDF wouldnt be too bad to use for the wood.
No it would be appalling! Guitars, even solid bodies, are exactly opposite to speaker boxes. You need resonances! Hardwood all the way!

What's wrong with the oak your brother had? If you have to do it on the cheap, then think about laying up any hardwood you can get. I don't know what it's like where you are, but over here, there are plenty of mahogany type hardwoods available in four by two planks, cheap as chips...

Puggie 15th November 2005 02:57 PM

My efforts
2 Attachment(s)
sorry the pics need rotating, I kind of think the upper horn may be a bit excessive and visually not that well balanced but it is comfy to play. pics really dont do the wood justice, if I get any better ones I'll post them.

Puggie 15th November 2005 02:58 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Am I right in thinking you can only attach one pic per post?

Puggie 15th November 2005 02:59 PM

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And only one post per minute :(

Puggie 15th November 2005 03:00 PM

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thats the lot for now.

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