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Roadking 4th April 2004 09:45 PM

DI Box, Need serious HELP
Hello Everyone
First of all I'm not an electronic guy at all! I'm a Drummer in a
headphone band and in dire need of HELP.
I hope I'm in the right place!!
First off, I have a JVC 8 channel mixing board. It has 8 XLR inputs
for the mics and 4 balanced xlr plugins, there are also 4 sets of RCA inputs on this board. Now the problem!
I want to use this board for the submix of my DDrum module and
the manual says to use only unbalanced inputs for the outputs of the module. I guess I could go to Radio shack and buy those
Lo-z to Hi-z transformers but I'm on a limited budget. I would need 8 of those transformers and they cost 16 bucks each. Thats
out of the question!! Now I'm looking at building a DI box to convert the signal.
Does anyone have any diagrams for this or am I asking to do the impossible? I feel that I can buy and build a DI box for alot less money and have exactly what I want for a whole lot less money!
Besides, those transformers look like hell!!
I sure hope that someone can help me and the help would be HIGHLY appreciated.
Thanks ALL Norm

moamps 5th April 2004 08:51 AM

Re: DI Box, Need serious HELP

Connecting unbalanced line out from some source in balanced line input in console may be done without any transformers or DIboxes. If your mic inputs have good gain control (attenuation), may be posibble to connect any line in mic input too. Look at
Which model of console and drum module you use?


Roadking 5th April 2004 08:37 PM

re: DI Box
Right now I am using a Roland TD-7 and a DDRUM4 SE Module
My console which I presume you mean my mixer ( not sure of all the terms yet) is a JVC 2000U. It only has 8 xlr balanced mic inputs and 4 balanced line inputs. As for the gain control, I don't know jack about these things, but there is a control for each channel that is called input level.
The more I get into this thing, the more I'm confused. Must be the drummer in me!
Need all the help I can get.

moamps 5th April 2004 11:21 PM


I have some info about ddrum and 2000U. Input module on 2000u can be set in position "line". From JVC archive:
"* selectable ( line,-20, -40, -50, -60, -70dB ) input gain
controls for matching input sensitivity"
"Balanced Mic/Line Inputs
This means the MI-2000U is applicable in a greater variety of
installations without the need of transformers or adapters.
The input or output you need to properly connect the piece of
equipment in your studio is available ( XLR/Balanced or
RCA/Unbalanced )."

Connect ddrum4 and 2000U with
"jack-mono to XLRmale" cables (buy or make). Set input sensitivity on "line"position. Be sure that phantom power switch is off.


sreten 5th April 2004 11:29 PM

Simply seems to me you don't have the right box for the job.

A line level 8 into 2 mixer seems ideal, and is commonly used
by keyboard players. Each channel typically only has volume
and balance (Left/Right) controls.

I'm one for the right part for the job.

:) sreten.

jklein 18th April 2004 02:54 AM

If your drum module and mixer are plugged into the same power source you should be able to buy some 1/4" unbalanced to XLR male cables and be fine. You may or may not be able to find them for less than the Radio Shack transformers. Radio Shack's cable is $25 but they tend to be expensive, try an internet search for Hosa or Horizon cables for starters. You could make your own based on the previously mentioned Rane Note 110 (cable 3) and may save some money but don't buy cheap connectors unless you like trying to solder onto chrome (get your sandpaper handy, especially with Radio Shack connectors).

If your drum module and mixer are plugged into different power sources you run a good chance of developing a ground loop hum. Transformer isolation would fix this (i.e. a direct box) or you could use the Radio Shack XLR-1/4" transformer adapters, but you'll have to open the shell up and cut the shell to pin 1 connection wire (shouldn't be there anyway).

A line mixer would be a good idea, but if your JVC works okay there's no need to buy one. Rolls has a decent 10 input line mixer (RM203x) but it's still going to run you $200, more expensive than 8 of the Radio Shack adapters or getting adapter cables. If your JVC ever dies, though, pick one up; it's pretty standard equipment for drum modules and synth modules.

Hope this helps,
Jeff K.

jklein 18th April 2004 01:46 PM

There's a typo in that last one, the Rane 110 reference should be cable 13, not 3. Sorry guys, thanks to Norm for calling that to my attention :rolleyes:


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