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snaggletooth 24th October 2012 03:58 PM

Fender Ultimate Chorus noise at power off
I have a Fender Ultimate Chorus that makes a sound when switched off. It pops and then whines down, is this a typical sound on these amps? The pop is not loud, neither is the breif whinning sound. The amp was blown when I got ahold of it. I replaced the output devices and a few bad diodes and one speaker. It works fine, and the owner said it made the whinning sound before it blew. It had blown before, and he took it to a repair shop where they replaced one output device. Should I hunt this noise down or just call it good?

ouimetnick 5th November 2012 01:14 PM

Is it a high pitched wine? It could be oscillating. When in use, does it get hot?

snaggletooth 5th November 2012 02:46 PM

I scoped both speakers at power off and isolated the noise to the one side that had previously blown twice. This is a stereo guitar amp, so this indicates the issue is not in the power supply. I'll have to dig deeper with the o-scope and schematic. There is a faulty part that caused an output device to blow. A repair shop replace the bad transistor, but didn't address the fault. The output blew again and took out the speaker. That's when I got ahold of it.

turk 182 5th November 2012 05:06 PM

you did say it was an Ultimate Chorus not the Ultra Chorus
either way if the service shop it was at didn't replace both outputs (pos / neg) and the capacitors on the emitters i'd look there first not to shotgun it but for the cost of parts vs recurring failures i'd replace most if not all the caps in that output stage
it might also be prudent to replace the send return effects loop jacks with something other than original oem parts as a matter of fact as a quick test stick a stereo plug into the return and power down and see if your noise is still there if it is start subing caps

Paulus01 17th November 2012 03:41 PM

I was looking for a solution for the loud popping sound of my Fender and found this topic. My Fender Ultimate Chorus is making this very loud popping sound at switchng off for years now. The wining sound is also there. But the really annoying thing was that very very loud pop. Sometimes it was there and sometimes it was not. I couldn't find the solution on the net so I just figured out that it had to be some sort of an inductive problem at the primary side of the transformer. The transformer is switched at the primary side (of course). When I put a capacitor of 0,1uF (400V) over the transformer leads, the popping sound isn't there anymore at switching of. The capacitor is preventing a inductive surge or spike while switching of the primary coil of the transformer. And because the spike isn't there anymore it couldn't get picked picked up by the amplifier circuitry causing the loud pop. Try it for yourself. Put the capacitor over the transformer leads, not the wires that go to the wall socket. A little bit long this story but it hope it's clear. Best regards, Paul The wining sound is still there at switching off! So there is more work to do.

Paulus01 18th November 2012 05:03 PM

And another one. If you want the wining sound at switching off to be as little as possible, adjust the chorus bias potmeter (R75) for exactly 8,0 Volt on TP19. That is pin 1 of U6A. The setting in my amp was about 0.8V to high causing a very loud wining sound at switching the amplifier off.

snaggletooth 19th November 2012 05:31 PM

I had some time to spend on this amp. I plugged a cord into the effects return to find the noise is coming from the pre-amp. I scoped around and the whining sound is in the chorus blending circuitry, I just couldn't pinpoint it. I'll perform the adjustments documented on the schematic and call it good. I take it these sounds are typical of this model. Thanks.

Robert Kesh 20th November 2012 12:36 AM

OP, one thing to check is if you have digital circuitry powering down noise.

Digital circuitry makes god-awful poppy weird sounds when the digital circuitry's voltage regulator powers down and can no longer provide the 5V required, but is still feeding it a little from the reservoir caps.

If you turn chorus and reverb and any other DSP effects full down, is it as bad?

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