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JRGuitarGuy 20th October 2012 05:05 AM

Post your Horror stories of getting lit up by Filter Caps anyone?
Just curious if anyone else almost died from them suckers?

Enzo 20th October 2012 06:52 AM

Nah, but the litle ones can pop, sounds like a 22 rifle. And those little 6mm or 7mm or whatever they are guys can pack a punch. I had one go off once and it blew the can up against the top cover of the amp. Bent a couple of the vent slots.

Closest I ever came was I was working over an open chassis, when one went off. It sailed past my ear at high speed. I don't know if it actually nicked my ear, but I at least felt its breeze as it sailed by. Seems like a long time later I heard it come back down to earth in the far corner of the shop.

JRGuitarGuy 20th October 2012 07:01 AM

I got lit up bad from my Stealths filter caps the the 47uf 450v ones I almost died dude had the amp out chassis was checking bias and just visual inspection of components and I got careless and my arm got too close to the edge of PCB there's a trace for the main filter caps about half inch from edge of the pcb on right side well **** grabbed me man held me there for about 10-12 seconds finally let go I slumped to floor man almost black out so yea that **** can kill you it hurt like hell too I still have a burn mark on my arm its just amazing how lucky I am if that **** would of went across my chest no doubt it would of stopped my heart and that trace has at least 3 of the big 47uf 450 caps tied into and a few smaller 100v caps so god only knows how much I got zapped with like I said I don't know how I am still alive after that

JRGuitarGuy 20th October 2012 07:06 AM

yea heard and seen them small ones blow up too for sure would startle you if you were in the line of fire like you said lol

TonyTecson 20th October 2012 07:06 AM

happened to me a lot of times when i was younger, some on purpose........better to use clear safety glass...

JRGuitarGuy 20th October 2012 07:07 AM

I just would never want to see a big one blow up lol

picowallspeaker 20th October 2012 07:20 AM

I threw in the air an old Hangstrom when touching the strings ,
being attached to an old Dynacord .
The caps were soon replaced with some 68uF caps from an Epson printer.
Later, they were downsized because I didn't know of the characteristic
of the rectifier tube at the time .
I'm not a musician, but that Dynacord is the most musical thing I have at
home...amazing female vocals (& acoustic guitar ) :)

Vrystaat 20th October 2012 07:24 AM

When I was at college many years ago we used to make fun and jokes in the electronics class. Once we wired two minilab power supply's in series to get 80v DC and we had a big Siemens capacitor about the size of a Coke can that we connected to the power supply's. We then took an empty ferric chloride plastic container and placed it over the capacitor. We actually wanted to see how high the cap would shoot the container into the air. We waited for quite a while when the tutor suddenly entered the classroom and he went straight to the workbench leaning on it with his back to it. There was no way to switch the power supply off. Suddenly there was a morose big bang with lots of smoke and stinking smelling goo all over the place ! Over the tutor as well. He jumped with straight legs right over a table and out of the classroom he went. Luckily there were a stopsign at the end of the college, otherwise he would still have been running today ! We got a final warning but never tried it again. The cleaning against the ceiling was the worst. Have to admit, it was fun !

teemuk 20th October 2012 09:48 AM

I once got zapped to my thumb by the terminals of a SMPS filtering cap. Some 325VDC in there. Made a burn mark that looked like a snake bite.

Had it been a live circuit - not a lifted off board still holding charge - the damage might have been far more gruesome.

Cassiel 20th October 2012 06:25 PM

Well I don't know. Been zapped numerous times, across the chest too, but no marks just a 'higher vision of things' and a lasting impression in my mind. Shocks were kind of fun* for me I have to admit and not really painful. OK I remember one that put bad words in my mouth. Anyway I was younger, now that I know what shocks are about I have no desire of getting shocked anymore.

Some people have died messing with a computer power supply - you never know when your time will come. So called professionals die of shocks too. It is too stupid to die in such a fashion anyways, I guess I deserve better. True, I long for a cardiac arrest but close to my loved one not messing with electronics. Well, anything but cancer.

* Hey, this is a new strange feeling.

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