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bullpeters 25th September 2012 04:48 AM

My Trainwreck pictures
Third try at posting Pictures of my wreck
Regulated everything
6sn7 output stage
Variable capacitor bright switch
Its quiet and the decals go on
Pictures are here! Cant get them to load on this site:(
Trainwreck pictures by bullpeterson - Photobucket

doozerdave 25th September 2012 03:38 PM

Nice work. How does it sound? What did you use for a chassis and combo box? Is it home made, scavenged from some other amp or purchased as a kit?

AuroraB 25th September 2012 04:26 PM

Hm.....nice! :)
Not exactly a standard TW.......... care to enlighten us some more? :rolleyes:

cyclecamper 25th September 2012 05:53 PM

Now there's a guy who's really serious about his bright switch! A variable-capacitor bright switch; I don't see those in an amp every day! Talk about a cool retro look, it looks like my dad's HAM radio in there. Any trouble keeping it clean? Is the chassis sealed against dust? Do you think you will want to add a plastic enclosure box someday? Do you have to keep those plates physically some distance from other circuitry to avoid hum or is that not an issue? I've been out of the innards of guitar amplifiers for several years and a lot has changed in my absence. Is that something fairly common on boutique amps, or something you came up with?

I've always modified my Alembic preamps to have two sub-mini 3-position center-off toggle switches instead of the stock bright switch, so the first switch made gross changes and the second made fine adjustments, so that provided 6 imperfectly-spaced settings. But the switches were road-reliable and impervious to dirt. I used the Alembic's two channels in series, with a bright switch on an early stage and a deep knob on a later stage, so that the guitar treble got pre-emphasis and de-emphasis, but the distortion generated between those stages only got the treble de-emphasized. Ever since then, I've needed two sets of tone controls on a channel, so that I can alter the tone of the distortion somewhat independently from the tone of the guitar itself.

Is it across a fixed or variable resistance, or is it across the volume pot like traditional Fender circuits?

Can something similar be used from signal to ground for a "deep" knob on a later stage?

bullpeters 26th September 2012 12:47 AM

Its basically the 4-4-0 from It sounds like a wreck, great creamy distortion, very touch sensitive, load but not call the police. Its a great little practise amp. I wanted to try to etch my own boards for the power supply, as i hadnt done it before. I ended up drawing the circuit with a sharpy and etching that. The chassis is from the local metal guy and then powder coated. I also dont like wiring the noval sockets so thats why the sockets are in separate eyelet boards. I have since got a small CNC mill and want to try a combined Turret/PCB type thing for my Daughters 13EM7 Ipod dock. Recessing the Valves into the Chassis should help stop them getting broken etc.

cyclecamper 26th September 2012 08:44 PM

The 4-4-0 has more like my take on a Fender, a center-off 3-position bright switch to select 100p or 500p across the volume pot, but not your variable capacitor. Is this a common mod or did you come up with this yourself?

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