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cancon 13th August 2012 12:12 AM

Fender clone mashup help (6G3 + 6G6)
Good day!

I've had such good luck with my champ/herzog project that I'm keen on making a Deluxe style combo for my friend's touring band use. His current setup is a Epiphone Sheridan or Fender Tele through a reissue '65 Fender Deluxe with minimal pedals (reverb and boost). Loud rock/pop music.

The plan: another 1x12 combo amp. My ideas to take the brown-face Deluxe 6G3 circuit and strip out the vibrato and both channels up to the phase inverter, and then drop in the "Normal" channel of the 6G6a or 6G6b Bassman. I've played the 6G6b bassman and it is drop-dead gorgeous rock/blues tone. I know that isn't entirely due to the preamp per say (not forgetting its 40W of bliss) but i'm into having more tone those are the two reasons.

At this point I'm seeking advice about that idea, as well as how to frankenstein the two schematics together.

original 6G3:

original 6G6a:

original 6G6b:

my hack attempt (using the 6G6a):

and questions that lay within:

- did I do it right? Did I? Did I? Kidding...
- The deluxe has the extra 16uf filter for the vibrato 12ax7 plate (i think). Should I keep it in the design for extra filtering?
- I left both the 0.05uf and 0.01uf caps between the preamp plate and phase inverter that good or bad, any suggestions about how to mate the two?
- I know the preamp plate voltages don't add up. 270V is sent to the preamp plates in the deluxe design, but the bassman circuit delivers 355v (hence the 220 and 240 plate voltages after the 100k and 220k resistors, respectively). Do I leave 270 going to those plates and reduce the aforementioned resistor values or do I reduce the 27K resistor before the 8uf filter to achieve something closer to 355v? I know it won't be that close because the previous filter stage is putting out 325v.
- lastly...forgive me but what is the function of the 12AX7 (the other half of vibrato tube) in 6G3 design?

I know I'm a noob, but i'm learning. Sorry if I got anything really wrong and I thank you in advance for your answers and patience :)


jjman 18th August 2012 03:05 AM

Bias is missing, as well as grid leak resistors for the output tubes.

cancon 19th August 2012 09:57 PM

Thanks for the input. How's this?

I'm learning here, hope I got it right. I also added grid stoppers, 470 ohm / 1w, I read somewhere that this is a good idea for safety. Thoughts?

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