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LOBOHERIDO 22nd February 2012 01:14 AM

Guitar amp to Karaoke system.
I want to convert a Guitar Amp to a Laptop based Karaoke system.

I saw a Guitar amp with an Aux input that had two connections. Can I buy a cable that take my Earphone output split it to a Red & White connection into the Guitar amp?

Most Guitar Amps don't have Aux inputs, but this one did. It's a 38 watt amp according to specs on back of amp.

ingenieus 22nd February 2012 08:05 AM

Do you have any specification regarding the input impedance and sensitivity of this Aux input? It might be OK, but it's best to check before putting money down.

Another consideration is that the frequency response for a guiter amp is not exactly suited to playing music. Guitar amplifier cabinets do not have tweeters because they are not needed. At best it will reach 5kHz, i.e. your music will sound like it comes down a telephone line.

If you already have the amp you can make it work, but if you are going to buy it there are better solutions for portable karaoke.

LOBOHERIDO 22nd February 2012 08:17 PM

Thanks, I never thought about the 5K bandwidth limit.

A related question: Are amps different for ACOUTIC and ELECTRIC guitars?

Enzo 23rd February 2012 12:04 AM

Yes. Of course ANY amp is OK to use if you like what comes out. The electric guitar amp should be considered a part of the instrument. The last thing a guitar amp is designed to be is flat or high dielity. They intentionally have a sound of their own. COntrast that with a PA system or a home stereo. Those are intended to be neutral and add nothing to the original sound. Thus guitar amps all sound different - guys prefer a Marshall or a Fender or a Peavey. PA systems all should sound alike. We may have preferences for whatever reasons, but PA systems all should sound similar.

One of the largest factors in the sound of a guitar amp is the spaeker, changing the speaker can totally change the character of an amp.

They make "acoustic amplifiers" for acoustic guitars with pickups. In general, these are small PA systems in a box, for want of a better description. They tend to have a fill range. In fact, many of them include a microphone input.

I am sure you could connect your karaoke setup to the guitar amp and get sound. And if you do that, and it sounds OK TO YOU, then go with it. It may be the "wrong" way to go about it, but results are results.

But in general, to amplify music - full range music, such as karaoke recordings - you'd probably prefer a full range sound. SO an "acoustic amp" might be better suited, but if you are looking to purchase something, why not consider a small portable PA system, or a "powered speaker"? Powered speakers come in all shapes and sizes and powers. It is really just a speaker that includes a power amp inside. SO your karaoke could plug into it in the same way you plan to use this guitar amp.

By the way, most guitar amps do not have an input marked auxilliary, but many many have an effects loop, and the effects return works as an AUX.

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