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Da5id4Vz 10th September 2003 03:25 PM

Electronic Church organ Without Restrictions
This article ran in the NYT about a church suing an electronic organ in the interim of restoring their pipe organ that was damaged by inborn grime from the WTC.

I think you have to register w/NYT to view the article, I donít think there are any strings or fees attached to the registration.


The resulting prototype relies not on one computer but on 10 of them. It also deploys 74 large speakers ó set in ranks, like organ pipes ó and six refrigerator-size subwoofers.
The article doesnít mention if they are using tube amps.

guitargully 23rd February 2004 04:20 AM

do old electric organs usually have tubes? just curious.. we have one at our cottage and it'd be cool to take the cover off and see what's inside if it did.

Da5id4Vz 23rd February 2004 07:28 PM

I guess I was thinking of the Hammond B-3, because it has such an enduring sound. But that sound is more that of a B-3 than of a church organ, so my thoughts, as reflected, donít seem to apply.

There were scads of home organs made by all kinds of manufactures. Peeking inside you are likely to find just about anything.

eStatic 24th February 2004 05:12 PM

tubes (glass) in organs
My first organ was the first Wurlitzer electronic (really an Everett Orgatron with a Wurlitzer name plate). It was an electrostatic-pickup reed organ. Most interesting feature was that the speakers used electromagnets. The amps were tube of course. Transistors had not been invented when the orgatron was designed.

The first organ I ran into that had tube oscillators was an Allen.

Rogers Organ's had an interesting feature. Their early combination action presets used computer magnetic core memory. All discrete semiconductors at that time. But I digress..

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