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SemperFi 1st November 2011 07:54 AM

Here's a one in a lifetime chance for a bargain!
Check this out...hurry up and order before it is gone!

1981 Dumble Vintage Amp | ODS 100/40W Steve Farris | Maverick Music Vintage Guitars

Funny how some products simply become legendary b/c some lucky connection. The insides in these amps is about the same as any other decent amp of the era.

gingertube 1st November 2011 11:50 PM

Actually Dumble amps were a little different from most other amps of the era.
He was a early proponent of the Overdrive sound developed in the preamp and then run into an almost HiFi'ish power amp with stiff power supply and plenty of head room.

This was opposite to the other famous maverick of the time the Trainwreck which was an "anti-master volume" design where much of the tone was developed by overdriving the power amp section.

The Dumble preamp is similar to 2 off Fender clean standard preamps chained. His trick was to replace the tone stack pots on the 1st of those with presets to establish a "pre-distortion" tone.
Howards big skill was in adjusting that pre-distortion preset tone stack to suit individual players which means that that amp was "tuned" to suit one players taste. This of-course is a simplifed view of the reality but gives you the "jist" of his designs.

You could easily clone it for 1/50th of that price. That would come with 1/50th of the brag rights but probably 95+% of the sound.

There is actually quite a bit of information on the Dumble circuits around the web, it was covered in one of Kevin O'Connors TUT series books and has been discussed on a few forums. Cloners should be able to find enough info to do a reasonably accurate copy.


Trout 2nd November 2011 01:06 AM

Pretty much everything you really need to know to pull of a fantastic Dumble or trainwreck build is over at TAG

not saying the mystical influences of either builder could be a factor, but hey the circuits are around.

Printer2 2nd November 2011 02:07 AM

Yeah, but will it fit in the back of my Ferrari?

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