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paku5535 11th September 2011 06:50 AM

solid state amp project on trademark 30-please help
hello all diyaudio members

i have decided to build a 30watt(maximum) solid state guitar amp.
i will use sansamp gt2 as the preamp section (as i am trying to make a clone of the tech21 trademark 30 SS) .probably i will add a reverb effect.

now i need the schematic of a good power section(for 30 watt max).
i have decided that i will use eminence governor (75 watts 12") speaker for
my project.

is this a right speaker to use it for a 30 watt amp??

you guys are experienced in the cabinet construction. can u help me with some doccuments on the requirements and procedure of cabinet construction(open back is preferable).

please help me please please!!!!!!!!

Minion 11th September 2011 05:01 PM

There are a couple poweramp chips that will do arround 30 w .....


These chips are cheap and easy to use .....
yer speaker seems like it would work fine but will probably sound better with a higher powered amp as a lot of a good guitar sound comes from speaker breakup , maybe a 10in Blue Marvel would be better suited to a 30w power amp ......

As for building an Open backed cab I believe that since it is open backed the dimentions of the cab aren"t nearly as important as in a closed back Cab .....

I just finnished building a 2 channel guitar amp head, it has a 2 channel Tube preamp (4 tubes in all) with a 3 band tone section per channel with a footswitch to switch channels and led"s to indicate what channel is in use , it has a FX Loop and a 50w poweramp and sounds great .....

Good luck

paku5535 11th September 2011 06:28 PM

hey thanks for the reply, can u show /upload the schematic for your 50 watt power amp project.

actually in my country i have 2 available eminence speaker.

1. eminence legend 121
2. eminence guvnor.

legend 121 is even of more power, like 150 watt and preferred for the country blues player. so i have to select the last alternative.

actually i was wondering that too much watt is useless for my home purpose, because i will never gonna use it with full volume.

is it the case that the power dissipation is a factor of output volume or gain or it consume near about 50 watt every time irrespective of the volume and gain dial(considering your 50 watt project).

can i copy entirely your power section(of course if u share ) irrespective of your preamp section.(i am saying because tubes are totally rare, so no chance of getting it, hence solid state is the only hope!!)

another question i want to ask.
if you are given to give marks on the several key parts on the solid state amp(pre amp,power amp,wood,speaker) then how much percentages you will give to these sections?


Minion 11th September 2011 07:02 PM

The Power amp is the exactly the same as the schematic in the LM3886 Datasheet ......

Look under Figure #1 .....

The Power supply I used is the most basic and easy PSU you can build , it was just a 10A bridge rectifier and two 10,000uF 63v capacitors and a 300vA 22v ,0v,22v torroidal transformer ......

a LM3886 will only draw as much current as it needs so if the volume is really low it will draw less current than when the volume is up high ......

paku5535 11th September 2011 07:03 PM

thanks man.

Minion 11th September 2011 07:15 PM

Ohh ... tubes shouldn"t be rare where you are ..... Every music store here sells them as most good amps still use tubes , you can probably find tubes on e-bay in your own country .....

paku5535 11th September 2011 07:16 PM

yea i will give a try and thanks for the recommendation

if you are given to give marks on the several key parts on the solid state amp(pre amp,power amp,wood,speaker) then how much percentages you will give to these sections?

Printer2 11th September 2011 10:45 PM

It really depends on what you want for a sound. A overdriven preamp as compared to a power amp is going to sound different. Then if you like clean you have different requirements. Wood would be at the bottom of my list. On top, probably 50% or more would be the speaker.

kikey 18th September 2011 09:17 AM

I would recommend that you build a 5e3 cabinet.:)
I have built a few using shelves in pine as building material.
Here are the plans.

pecamuzicar 19th September 2011 12:35 AM

Hi paku,

I see, you here ask with many - please help, but I saw your previous thread "Building new amp" where I am, between many others already explained all what you now ask here again.

See again your first introductory post there, and you will see also my detailed answer on the end of that your thread. That my post are specially recommended for Indian guitar amps builders.

But also, if you really need amp for home use, for guitar training, you really not need at all to build any amp, because guitar amps are needed where you would play guitar at least for training with band, or of course on the stage. In such circumstances you need guitar amp, because you need that your guitar sound volume will be equal first if all with drums, than other amplified instruments, vocals ... So, when you here asking for guitar amp, you will get answers like you already got: mostly about serious guitar amps, preamps and speakers. With almost any size of such amp at your home, you will for sure disturb your neighbors.

For home guitar training I would recommend to you just to install on your PC, to try Native Instruments Guitar Rig. There you have anything what you can to imagine about guitar sounds. By my experience even better solution is to use many of unnumbered guitar VST effects you can find on the net (see KVR site).

For just playing at home, I use even my small notebook ASUS EEEPC 4G surf, "Chainer" VST host software, different VST effects like: guitar compressor, JCM900 (two overdrive/clean channels amp with equalization and reverb), cabinet speakers shaper, delay, chorus, phaser ... Than I connect this notebook on my middle size 2.1 speakers, set up the sound on the VST effects, and enjoy completely.

There I use also fast external USB small sound card with ASIO driver to connect guitar with notebook, but if you have any normal PC with normal sound card like Sound Blaster you not need it.


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