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stolenband 24th March 2011 07:08 AM

What amp head
Ok. I have two ideas of amp heads that I want to use. I might want an ibanez tone blaster amp.150 watts at 4 ohm. Planning on using it in full stack, or a line6 spider amp head. I do not recall the exact model. Which amp is best for reproducing low end sound and distortion fromm an electric guitar? I am upgrading from the cheep amp that came from wall mart to an entry level type thing. Please let me know which amp is good for this. I am set on spending my money on one of these amps, and don't want advice on other amps. Thanks.

geraldfryjr 24th March 2011 12:36 PM

I haven't heard the ibanez amp, But I was completely impressed with the line 6.

I jammed on one at an outside party with it just sitting on the ground.
It had more volume than one could stand 6 feet away,and it wasn't even half of the way cranked yet.

It had alot of different and versital sounds for such an inexpensive amp .
From a nice sounding clean vox type to crunchiest crunch.

Prior to that night I hadn't played in quite some time and it sure brought the jimi out of me with ease and it sure felt and sounded good while doing it!

I plan getting one my self and I am a diehard marshall fan.
You can't beat having so many different sounds in a powerful portable package,IMO.

But go with what sounds best to your style of playing and needs. jer

stolenband 27th March 2011 12:03 AM

The line six is a hd150 model, and it was the ibanez toneblaster 150. I am unable to play both amps.

geraldfryjr 27th March 2011 04:38 PM

Personaly I'm sold on the line 6.
The hd150 was the one I was considering for myself.
Due to the fact that it is stereo and that I already know what it's sound capabilities are.

Having a stereo setup with reverbs and delays creates a whole different mood and feel without having to have a p.a or another amp setup.

I have always wanted a Roland chorous 120 because of this.
I was floored when those came out.

It is very hard to make such a decession, I know, without actualy hearing one .
The other thing is versatility.

When I first started playing (10 years old) I had a tesco guitar and a 4 watt sears silvertone amp that hummed like hell (I wish I still had those today).

Then I got a stratocaster, then a fender vibro champ and when played in my first band(at 13 years old) I used a fender twin.
And from my earnings I picked up up a sunn concert lead with a sunn 610 cabinet (back then that was the bee's knee's).
Then I finaly got my marshall 8100 when they first hit the streets 1990.

I each time I got better equipment my playing got progressively better and the versitality of my style increased as well.

That was a progression of 16 years and if I had an amp like the line 6 back in the days of when I first started, my playing probably would have progressed much much quicker than it did.
I could have gone a whole lot farther much sooner,but I am still a very good player and enjoy it very much.

In order to learn to play properly you must have the proper equipment.
This holds true with any and all instruments.

If you learn to play with one style of sound that is the only style you will ever be able or know how to play.
Just a little advice so please take it for what it is worth.

Now, I'm not saying that one is better than the other, it is very much a matter of personal perference.

The Ibanez appears to me as your basic clean or crunch high power amp like my sunn was and I'm sure it is a very quality amp by reading most of the reviews.

I forgot to mention that in between the sunn and the marshall I had a Peavy Renuon 400.
It was an incredibly versital amp and was when I really learned to jam.

I used it in stereo with the sunn setup and a korg SDD-1200 dual delay unit with a crybaby wah and wow did I have some fun.

All of these functions (except for the crybaby) are built right into one sweet little package with the line 6 at 1/5 the cost (at least) of my whole setup.

As well as the fact that the peavy and the marshall eventualy got stolen ,$1100 out the door and down the drain.
I have yet to replace them.

If there is any chance for you to try one I would do it, as well as a few others too.

It is your decision, but, that amp with a pair 4-12s or even 4 4-12 marshall or crate stacks or any other cabinets to your liking would be one sweet setup.

And won't cost you your limbs like full blown marshall stack would($5000).
And then you would still "HAVE THAT SOUND, YEAH" as well as several others, good luck. jer

P.S keep me posted on your choice and how you like it.

stolenband 29th March 2011 04:44 AM

I Emailed Guitar center to see if they would send it to a store in my town. I mean the ibanez amp. They have a similar mohel of the line six.

geraldfryjr 30th March 2011 01:06 PM

Cool! jer

P.S. Let me know what you think of it when you test it out. jer

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