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stolenband 9th March 2011 05:03 AM

Cabinet Construction
Hello all, And i am sorry for overly posting, but i just remembered my password. I have been plotting the conbstruction of a speaker cabinet, and wondering how would i wire it if i wanted any other cabinets connected, to not add a impedance load on the amp

such as if i had a 9X12 cab with imputs and outputs, with the output = 8 ohm, how could i wire the output jack so if i plugged another 9X12 cab, the total impendance would remain 8

so i could hook up multiple cabs just to show off:D

is there a way to do this?? i am thinking of using this meathod for individual cab wiring (see pic)

I want to wire it so i could hook up another cab, but keep the impedance of the first cab

is it possible??

so here it is in text diagram

amp out 8 ohm --> speaker cab 8 ohm --> speaker cab 8 ohm --> speaker cab 8 ohm

could this all equal the 8 ohm output??
This is not what i am going to need right now, but maybe for a little expansion.

Also, is a 3X3 speaker configuration practical? like 9 speakers of 12 inch diameter, 8 ohm each, wired in the magic square.

chris661 9th March 2011 06:25 AM

There is no way you'll ever need all that. Guitar amps sit behind you on stage, so having all that power and speaker will mean sure, you can turn it up loud, but you'll get lots of feedback, all the time.
It became a problem for me using ~50w with a couple of speakers (1x10" and 1x12"), stood 2m away from my amp, I got feedback as soon as I lifted my hand off the strings.
Get a smaller, quieter rig, DI or mic into a PA - then you've got monitoring on stage (direct from your amp), and the volume of a well-placed PA, which will avoid much of the feedback.
The only reason for speakers that big is your ego: you will never get to use them to their full capability. Plus, they're unlikely to fit through doors very well.

If this was my project, I'd build a couple of 2x12" cabinets, and take the minimum I can get away with: if you can hear it over a drummer, bassist etc, it's enough.


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