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bishka 9th December 2010 03:31 PM

Uher m534 switches need replacing
I have just got 5 Uher m534 mic's all rather tatty, but they were cheep!
Some of them need the switches replacing, but I can't see how to take them apart. I have done a search but could not fine anything usefull.
Anyone got any idea where I could find out how to take these mic's apart?

Regards Bishka

indianajo 9th December 2010 06:08 PM

I thought Uher was a tape recorder company. I hope these mikes are higher quality than the ones that came free with my Sony TC250 recorder.
I would feel around for a seam with a knife , then unscrew there. When camara repairmen want to unscrew something exceedingly fragile like lenses, they take a sheet of 1/4" garolite/textolite/micarta composite (canvas/phenolic), and cut a hole in it the diameter of the round device they want to unscrew. Then they cut a 1/4" slot out to the edge, at least 2" long. Then they around the slot about an inch away to make little handles. They cut around the hole to make a 3/4" wide web. Now, this is a round compression wrench. Put the device in the hole squeeze the handles, the wrench makes even pressure all around, twist to unscrew.

bishka 9th December 2010 07:28 PM

Thanks for the reply.
Uher did make tape recorders, some of them very well respected. The mic's I bought were ment to go with one of their portable reel to reels' so they are very solid. I could be wrong, but I think, the capsules were AKG's.

There is what looks to be a likely seem near the top of the mic, but sofar I have not had any luck unscrewing any of them. I know threads can seize-up with age, but surely not all five mic's?

Regards Bishka

indianajo 9th December 2010 07:55 PM

Give-away devices may not be designed to be repaired. Sony made great reel to reel recorders, but the give-away mikes were just good enough for demonstration. Drip penetrating oil on the seam (not spray, don't hit the diaphragm), wait a week, try again. It may be press fit, which, since you cannot use a propane torch on the metal part because it would destroy the diaphragm, leaves you nowhere. The quality of a name brand device has a lot to do with the effort spent on quality assurance and final testing.

Sorscha 30th December 2010 09:32 PM

uher 534 mic
You got 5 ?
Oh wow :) Can I have two ?
Those microphones are not 'giveaways'. You are right that they belong to their report series of reel-to-reel recorders. As I own the 4200 report monitor and use it more often than my cd player I am very interested in getting a pair.
Capsules are quite good. Those mics are very good for voice and nearby.
Measure them first please. That switch on the microphone is not there to turn the microphone on or off . It is there to pause the recorder if needed.

Best wishes for 2011 !

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