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billywhizz 10th April 2009 03:28 PM

could my boss gt6 blow up a 1200w beringer PA head????
hey here and in a predicament...

I play guitar and I was around my friendes last night having a rehearsal when all manner of strange things happened...

He's got lots of electronic PA equipment, some of which was his dads, and we're getting things together for a gig we have coming up in July. We were both going through Boss GT6's into his Beringer PA head... I think it's an E5000, but not certain of the exact model. I'm playing an Ibanez S470DXRM with a MoJoe bridge humbucker. He was using his Gibson Explorer. There were only the guitars and 2 Mic's going into the PA and then into a Peavey speaker.

The set up was no different to any other week and I'd been using my gear earlier in the day with no problems.

My guitar wasn't quite loud enough so I changed the setting from combo amp to PA/Phones and the PA shut down. There was no power so we checked the fuse which was blown and tried another fuse... and smoke came out of the PA with that horrible smell of burning electronics.........

We plugged into his old Peavey PA and carried on but after a couple of minutes that cut out as well. It's not known to be the most reliable PA though so we left it and it came back on later. Then we plugged into his dads PA which is very old but totally reliable and again, after a few minutes it tripped out.

I unplugged all my gear and he carried on for a good 15 minutes with no problems.

So...could it be my gear that is causing the problems and if so what kind of output should I be getting from it in terms of amps, volts etc? And is there a simple way of checking it? Is there any way a Boss GT6 could blow up a PA??? And will it be safe to plug into my Marshall??

Many thanks guys


picopos 10th April 2009 03:52 PM

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check dc volts in all outputs of ur gt6 and in all different modes of output(u should lower volumes on amps when switching devices on off even inserting jacks or changing modes on pres)but the amp dont seem to have the best behavior about protection) it going thru a mixer??hmmmmmmm,are u telling all the details?

guitar drums bass synths programming sequencing capturing looping blah blah blah

i use a crown power base two on a peavey 1810 black widow and a peavey tnt 130 as pre amp and mid/high amp for bi-amping the peavey 1810,,,,but all the cares with ground loops have to be checked or else even if the amp dont fail i'll have to get new speakers........


Nigel Goodwin 10th April 2009 04:20 PM

One possibility is that your pedal may be oscillating ultrasonically, and sending a very high level of inaudible signal through the power amp.

This could easily overload and kill a power amp.

picopos 10th April 2009 09:17 PM

and probably u r more right cause dc usually those amps filter it,until a point...but yeah,i guess that's more it specially when u starting to add effects on that gear.....



billywhizz 10th April 2009 11:26 PM

It was a Behringer (sorry about my misspelling earlier) Europower PMP 5000 mixer that we were going through and that burnt out.

I was playing through my GT6 and my marshall MG50DFX amp today and nothing blew up...

Any ideas as to the sort of volts I should be getting from the GT6?

Thanks again guys

billywhizz 10th April 2009 11:26 PM

also sorry for not being up on the technology front.. I'm fairly new to all this equipment and leave it to my mate who's been involved with it all his life. I just plug in where he tells me to.

Billy W

picopos 10th April 2009 11:40 PM

well,my pre amp i consider it bad in dc value,after one hour swings beetwen -0.007 and +0.011 mv,if i recollect....i guess the power supply of those mixers aren't so great(i've read around)....u take dc values on your gt6 without any signal on it ,on bypass mode.....around here i guess there's something about problems with those mixers,boards are not so perfect( i own some gear of them)...hey but if ur interested searh here and you'll have much better comments then mine.....i'm just a curious around here still...........

Kevina 11th April 2009 10:21 PM

could my boss gt6 blow up a 1200w beringer PA head????
Most definitely HF oscillation, I heve this fault dozens of times each year.

Any local tech will be happy to repair your Boss for you.

picopos 12th April 2009 02:01 AM

hey greetings ur experience is that common on effects gear or more of the gt6?
i ask u this althoug i never had burned an amp cause of that,maybe some speakers....and always with synth sounds feeding the effect gear.



billywhizz 12th April 2009 09:00 AM

and how common is this problem? and is it easy to rectify?



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