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sirzune 18th February 2009 03:53 PM

I have a 120v/50hz guitar amp and I need to know...
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Will it work on 120v/60hz. I'm quite sure it was made in the UK. But I know they use 220v/50hz. So, I guess it was for export to the U.S.

But I'm confused: If it was made for export to the U.S., why at 50hz instead of 60hz?

It's an old one (I think 1995), Marshall Valvestate VS30R Amplifier. Will this unit work here in the U.S.?

Again: it's 120 volts/50 hz and has no switch for power changing.

Hope you guys can answer this one. NO one on the internet has the answer.


psychosteve 18th February 2009 05:13 PM

as far as i know, the extra few hertz either way will only make a difference if the power supply caps are low value (low uf not voltage) and even then you will only get a bit more, or less, hum.

some times it will make a difference in some digital circuits that rely on the input sine wave for timing.

ive used U.S. 120v drills and tools in U.K. with a 240 / 110 volt step down transformer, so US will work on UK htz.

just my opinion, should be fine, but dont quote me on it.

hope that helps some, steve.

jaycee 18th February 2009 08:36 PM

It should work. The main criteria here is the core used in the transformer. 50Hz units work fine at 60Hz, some (over tightly specified) 60Hz units will overheat at 50Hz.

My opinion is they have used the same core, and it will work fine at 60Hz.

bear 19th February 2009 01:32 AM

I agree should be fine...


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