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fergs1 6th May 2007 05:50 PM

GIBSON GA-79RVT Stereo Cab plans or dims
Greetings brethren, I am considering cloning tthe Gibson Ga-79rvt, that totally droolable stereo guitar amp( that is as rare as hens teeth) and was wondering has anyone had a go and also if anyone has either the cabinet plans or at least the dimensions available.Also ant photos inside and out would be greatly appreciated
peace and goodwill fergs

Trout 7th May 2007 12:35 AM

That is a tough one!

I have only seen 1 in 40 years.

Found a couple pictures @ Blue Book

You might end up estimating the cab sizes based on things like Knobs, Jacks and speakers. Tough but possible.

Maybe someone on the Gibson forum might have further info, there is not much on most known collector web sites


fergs1 8th May 2007 08:41 AM

Greetings Everybody, thanks Trout. I actually contacted Gibson and they sent me a page from an early 60's catalogue and the dimesions read as follows
25 3/4'' at back 11'' at front 18 3/4'' high and 10 1/2'' inch deep at centre

Lets see what happens.Some top shots would be helpfull.Anyone?

peace and goodwill fergs

Trout 8th May 2007 03:51 PM

I Think I just found what you might be looking for,

Great multi angle photos.

The guy at this site may even have further information.


fergs1 9th May 2007 07:17 AM

Trout your a champ, thanks for the help. Theres ceratinly enough to start reverse engineering the cabinet.Looks like the cabinet it redwood which I guess is cedarin Gibsonville.
Not sure what all the controls are on top as all the photos I have are not quite clear enough.
peace and goodwill fergs

Trout 9th May 2007 01:52 PM


Not sure what all the controls are on top as all the photos I have are not quite clear enough.

Yep, not exactly a perfect photo, But I figured after looking at the schematic it should be fairly easy to determine what knob is what and what the input jacks are.

Im not done looking for more info on this one though, It seems to me that the amp was also released under another name also. I searched Kalamazoo to find those last photo's.

One thing that was common of Gibson back then was farming out electronics and amplifiers to other companies. I suspect it might have even been a Chicago made amplifier, Though there is little documentation on that specific amp.

That one interests me a lot, Enough to build one!

Lets keep in contact, Compare notes and see if we can come up with a couple nice sounding units for ourselves.


fergs1 9th May 2007 06:10 PM

greeetings, hey trout given the number of 5e3 's youve built i'd say youre going to knock this onne up quicker than i will, but I think we owe it to the diy community to nut this one out as it is a very special piece and is virtually unobtainable just like the 5e3 and so its a perfect diy candidate. Let the fun begin
peace and goodwill fergs

Trout 10th May 2007 02:31 PM

The only thing I think could be a problem Is the 7199 driver/recovery Valve in the reverb circuit. That as not an easy tube to locate cheaply. No known exact subs. Though it should not to be hard to alter it for something easier to locate.

Hey, I'll tell ya what. A couple years back darn near every amplifier I built was better suited as an oscillator LOL

I sought the help of some of the guys on this forum, and spent hundreds of hours reading threads on this forum. These guys taught me a ton!!

Easily these guys are some of the best DIYers on the planet!


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